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  • Jacob Wilson, iReviews
  • January 08,2023
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There are a lot of aspects to weight loss. There are also a lot of reasons that some might find it more difficult to achieve than others. While the goto for losing weight as far as products are concerned is a new exercise routine or some new equipment, sometimes that’s not the issue.


Diet plays a massive role in weight, and everyone’s body is different from one another. Especially with how metabolism can vary, it’s important to figure out how your body personally works before you can figure out what the best way to lose weight is. Lumen is one product that claims to help with this process, but how does it work?

  • Easy to use
  • Helps maintain consistency in diet
  • Good for tracking some basics of personal health
  • Small and easy to carry around
  • Have to keep it on your person all day
  • Requires a big breath that people with breathing issues might find difficult
  • Expensive
  • App requires a subscription

Weight loss is something that a lot of people want to achieve, but that’s hard to do on your own. That’s why having companion tools that can help you keep track of some aspects of your health can do wonders in getting you to meet your goals.

Product Features:

  • Claims to help users optimize their nutrition
  • Claims to help users understand their metabolism
  • Companion app with subscription
  • Small slim design that’s easy to carry around
  • Plenty of interactivity to help users get a hands on understanding

What Is Lumen?

The Lumen is a metabolic tracking device created by two doctorates in physiology. They took a process that was traditionally limited to just athletes and attempted to simplify the process for average people to use. The result was the Lumen product they have on offer today.


The basics of how the Lumen works starts with breathing into it. The Lumen device will take in an individual’s breath and attempts to break down what their body will need from there. Some of the details it tries to track down are how many carbs they need, how much fat they should have, or how much energy their body should burn.

Lumen Features

To be more exact about the methods of how the Lumen works when you breathe into it the device has a CO2 sensor and flow meter that analyzes your body. The device then shows you the types of energy your body is using to generate energy for itself. The way it works basically boils down to telling you what you’ve eaten, how you should adjust, and how to be the most efficient with your energy that day.

The device doesn’t work just on its own though. The biggest downside to this product is that the big upfront cost is tailed with a constant subscription fee. There are multiple subscription options that I’ll go over later, but just know that this product is a big upfront investment that will have smaller payments over time.


As for how the rest of the product works, there isn’t much more to say. The app is simple enough to get through and lays out all the information cleanly.


The main idea behind this product was to take something that has historically been complex and hard to get your hands on, and to simplify for the average person. It does a good job of doing that as there are no extreme bells or whistles attached that drag down the product. It has a specific goal in mind, and it achieves it in the simplest way that current technology can allow.

Who’s Lumen For?

Lumen is for everyone. That was the main goal of the product at least, but is it actually for everyone?


If you have any reason to be tracking your metabolism, but it’s never been a serious enough issue in the past that you’ve already got other methods of doing so then this will be a great product. Anyone that wants better knowledge about their own body and its metabolism will get the full benefit of this product.


Really, I think anyone that either wants weight loss or wants to try and be an athlete of any type would be well off with a product like this. It helps to know how your body works, and there is only so much working off a baseline not specific to your body will help.

Where Can You Use Lumen?

Lumen’s best feature is probably how portable and easy to use it is. You can effectively use Lumen anywhere without needing to worry about hauling something cumbersome around.


The device itself is small, easy to carry, and quick to use. Anywhere that you can take a moment to stop, pull it out, and take a deep breath is somewhere that you can use Lumen. You just need to make sure you have the product on you at all times and that you’re in a place where you can effectively have the companion app out.

Should You Buy It?

Everything I’ve said about Lumen paints a picture of a great product, and from what I’ve seen of other customers plenty of them agree. However, there is still the issue of subscription fees that I brought up earlier.


At its cheapest price, Lumen is probably going to cost you more than 200$ upfront. For a piece of technology like this, that cost is not surprising, but it will be enough to scare away plenty of people who are unsure of the product. If that was the only cost I would say it’s a no-brainer for anyone that has a need to track their metabolism.


The subscription fee is what makes me hesitant to outright say everyone who falls into this group should buy it. I’m always hesitant about subscription fees in the modern day because it feels like everything is trying to sink their teeth in with them even when they really don’t need to.


Lumen makes it simple enough to cancel their subscription though. If a subscription styled service is not enough to scare you off, then you might still get plenty of good out of buying one. Just look through the multiple options they have available to find what will work best for you.

How to Buy Lumen

The only place that I would recommend purchasing a Lumen device from is directly from the company itself. You can find their website here and it’s easy enough to navigate through it.


They offer multiple tiers that will cost you a different price and come with a different sub. They also on occasion offer deals that might cut the price down by a healthy margin. Shop around their website a bit before you settle on anything to find the deal that will work best for you and your personal needs.

Final verdict

Overall, there is a lot to like about the Lumen and I’m not the only one that thinks so. Plenty of people that have gotten there hands on it have great things to say about it, and the fact that it works at all is something of a modern marvel.


The fact that it works though doesn’t mean that everyone should be out trying to buy one. It’s an expensive piece of equipment that you will want to make sure that you’re going to use before you go to their website and make a purchase. You will also need to keep in mind that the app that comes along with it runs off of a subscription service, and that alone I know is going to be a deal breaker for many.


If you are looking for a way to figure out your metabolism for any reason then this is probably one of the best options out there. People who would want to know their metabolism are those who are aiming to be athletes of any sort or people that just want to lose weight but are having trouble with their diet.


I give the Lumen device and companion app a tentative recommendation. You should have a good idea at this point if the product is for you or not, but if you’re still unsure I would recommend giving it a shot. If you have the money and are looking for anything that relates to tracking your metabolism, then this is a good first step. At least it’s better, and cheaper, than any of the other older methods that would be afforded to you for finding out what your metabolism is.


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