Jawzrsize Review

Jawzrsize is a workout tool that claims to sculpt your jawline along with several other bold claims. Their website says this is thanks to the twenty to fifty pounds of resistance that Jawzrsize gives against the full range of a person’s bite. The benefits of this they claim comes from this include giving your jaw a stronger and leaner look.

Healthwatch Review

One of the hottest new electronic devices on the market today is the HealthWatch. This watch goes beyond what other smartwatches do to help you actively monitor your health. It can keep track of the steps that you take and calories burned or the distance that you walk. This watch also monitors your blood pressure to let you know when it’s too high or too low.

V Shred Review

V Shred wants to help anyone get in shape. It’s a product line that makes bold claims like any other, and I’ve aimed to find if those claims are valid. You can answer a short quiz to get the best diet and training program for you, which includes apps loaded with exercises and workouts you can do at home.

Fitbit Ionic Watch

With more than 400 million people around the world living with diabetes, it’s time that a leading global watch brand incorporates glucose monitoring into smartwatch technology. Dexcom’s CGM (continuous glucose monitoring system) is a revolutionary sensor that measures glucose levels subcutaneously (just beneath the skin) and wirelessly transmits data to Fitbit’s iOS/Android compatible smart app.

Calibrate Weight Loss Review

Weight loss is a magical prospect to a lot of people today. Most start their journey looking at either diet plans or exercise routines, and while these do work, countless people have trouble either sticking to them long-term. Even if they do, sometimes they still never see any results. That’s where a product like Calibrate Weight Loss comes, attempting to tackle the problem of weight from a different angle.

Xero Shoes Review

Xero Shoes is a shoe company with its own online presence, marketing, and strategies that they use to stand out. There is a good chance that the first place you heard about them was from an online ad. Xero has gotten around in the industry and understands marketing like few other companies.

Garmin Forerunner 935

Although marketed as a premium GPS triathlon watch for athletes, the brand-new Forerunner 935 by Garmin is the perfect device for any everyday fitness enthusiast. Equipped with a wrist-based heart rate monitor powered by Elevate, users are equipped with an action-packed, sophisticated, personal trainer strapped to their wrist. It just so happens that this trainer only weighs 48 grams – making them highly portable.

OnCourse Goggles

Designed specifically for open water swimming, OnCourse Goggles help triathletes stay on course and by doing so, boosts their performance by 15%. OnCourse Technology’s patent-pending point-and-click design stores a compass heading, whether it’s a buoy or channel marker, with a simple press of a button. By using sensors to alert you when veering off course, the goggles create a virtual swimming lane.


I love bikes, they’re good exercise and they make for a cheap way to get around when you don’t want to worry about the general costs that are involved with a car. That’s why I feel picking one that fits you and will last a long time is important. Today I wanted to look at a more unique option out there on the market with the uniquely designed Halfbike.