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  • Jacob Wilson, iReviews
  • September 19,2022
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The world is flooded with strange and interesting tools that are meant to help the human body in countless ways. Many of them do wonders for consumers, but others I find are placebos at best. That’s why it’s important to find the core of what makes a product work before you ever make a purchase.


Jawzrsize is one such product with large claims that it wants to back up. With a tiny piece of equipment that’s meant to fit in the mouth, how much help do I think this little product can offer? Before that though, what even is Jawzrsize?

  • Claims to strengthen facial muscles
  • Simple workout method
  • Easy to store
  • Not good for damaged jaws
  • Many risks involved with prolonged usage
  • Expensive for each level involved
  • Many claims inconsistent results

The world is full of exercise fads that make all kinds of claims and it’s hard to tell what’s good for what. Jawzrsize is a standout product for how strange it is with its focus on a unique facial workout method.

Product Features:

  • Portable blue chewing equipment
  • Small container to hold equipment
  • Necklace-like addition to hold equipment around your neck
  • Basic instructions on how to use the product
  • Easy to clean

What is Jawzrsize?

Jawzrsize is a workout tool that claims to sculpt your jawline along with several other bold claims. Their website says this is thanks to the twenty to fifty pounds of resistance that Jawzrsize gives against the full range of a person’s bite. The benefits of this they claim comes from this include giving your jaw a stronger and leaner look.

I’ve heard of products like these before that make big claims about working out a specific part of your body. How far do Jawzrsize’s claims actually go, though? I’ll be taking a look at the product myself as well as digging into the opinions of others out there to see just how much help this interesting workout tool truly is.

Jawzrsize Unboxing

My first impressions of Jawzrsize were neutral. It’s hard to get a good read on a product this strange without getting an in-depth look at it. That only makes the full inspection and test of it all the more important.


What I will say is the small size of Jawzrsize caught me off guard even when I knew how big it would be already. It’s almost humorous to look at a tiny thing like it and think of all the potential benefits or risks that could be involved. Of course, it has to fit in the mouth, but it’s still a funny thought.


I’ll be taking my time with this one. I want to be careful when using it so that I do everything right as the company describes. A jaw is a sensitive place, and it’s all too easy to mess it up by improperly chewing on anything the wrong way.

Jawzrsize Features

Jawzrsize is basically a piece of exercise equipment. The main feature of it is the benefits it can offer, but I’ll be going more in-depth on those later. For now, how does it even work?


To start using Jawzrsize I’d look to the instructions that come with it. Boiling water is required to get the product working, but it should not be placed in it for long periods of time.

The main functioning part of Jawzrsize is the blue strip which is the main area for chewing. It’s tough, it’s where the resistance is, and it’s what gives the product its workout nature. Lots of chewing is involved, so bad teeth can be a bit of a problem with this.


When time is short Jawzrsize can be used in a pop-in-go method without boiling water. The instructions do recommend that it get cleaned thoroughly still. Overall the features of this product are simple, and most of what there is to talk about with it are in the potential benefits.

Jawzrsize Test


My testing of Jawzrsize went about as well as I expected. It felt rough to chew on the surface and get through the basic parts, and I couldn’t keep with it for long. This is a product that simply does not work well for me thanks to a long dental history of issues.


I don’t want this particular issue to weigh too much on Jawzrsize, but I can’t ignore it either. It’s not a product for people with a history of weak jaws, dental problems, or any other sort of sensitive mouth issues.


That said, I did get some help with this thanks to a friend of mine. After getting the product properly cleaned and fixed back up I gave it to them for a while to see what their experience would be.


The results had a lot of the word ‘uncomfortable’ coming up. It’s a hard product to get a feel for, and that seems to be universal. It could be how strange of a method it is to exercise a jaw out, but that doesn’t make it useless.


It’s a niche product and these tests have only made that clearer. I would say you need to have a history of strengthening your jaw a bit already to feel comfortable using Jawzrsize.

Who’s Jawzrsize For?

Jawzrsize’s big claims of a healthier jaw mean it’s for people that want just that, a better jaw. That may seem simple on the surface, but I’ve found that there are a couple of real issues that need to be addressed about this.


I don’t think people with a history of medical issues related to their jaw or generally bad teeth should try Jawzrsize. I’m not a doctor and make no claim myself on the medical nature of Jawzrsize, but I think’s clear why some people wouldn’t want to be chewing down on a piece of equipment that is designed to push back with dozens of pounds of resistance.

The claims themselves are also hit or miss with a lot of people. It might be worth trying if you’ve got an alright jaw but want to try anything to get a more chiseled or healthy look, but I would go in with the expectation that Jawzrsize might just not work for you. My ultimate opinion is that use caution when getting Jawzrsize because even if it doesn’t work for you it can still cause damage to the jaw if misused.

What are the benefits of Jawzrsize?

The benefits of Jawzrsize are the main selling point. Like any piece of exercise equipment it has bold claims about the health of people who use it, but what do I think about this? For that matter, my personal experience only goes so far, so what do others think about it?

Should You Buy It?

Jawzrsize is an interesting product, that I can say with certainty. Interesting doesn’t mean it’s going to be a fit for everyone though. I think there are groups that could get some use out of it, but there are others that shouldn’t touch it.


If you’ve got an already healthy jaw, lack a history of dental issues, and are looking to strengthen your jawline then I don’t think it can hurt too bad. I’m not a medical expert though, so take that with a grain of salt.


Keeping your mouth healthy is important. If you decide to buy it, do ensure that you follow the instructions on how to handle it closely. Keep it clean, keep it neat, and don’t leave it out.

How To Buy Jawzrsize

If you’re at all interested in Jawzrsize then the best place to buy one is right from their Amazon page here. There you will find the full selection Jawzrsize has to offer as well as all the tidbits that the company has to say about its product.


Their main offers are a smaller pop-in-go set or the full transformation set. With their products being FDA approved there isn’t much of a problem with using them as long as you follow the instructions and keep your prior history in mind.

How Does Jawzrsize Compare to the Alternatives

Jawzrsize is the big name in the industry of jaw strengthening, I’ve found. That doesn’t mean that they’re aren’t other options there, just lesser-known ones. I would like to preface this by saying that all of these products have similar risks to Jawzrsize and you should do research on your own into them when you are making a decision.


First, there is Chisell, which is similar to Jawzrsize. It uses a similar but distinct design means to also aid with jaw strengthening and is UK centered. It has all the potential problems I’ve listed about Jawzrsize, and with fewer reviews backing it up, but it could still be an alternative choice for people who can get their hands on Jawzrsize.


There is also Facialflex, another FDA-approved product. This product claims to be clinically proven and has a design that looks far removed from either of the other two competitors listed. It’s got more of a ground history, but still produces some of the same basics that they’re all involved in.


All together there are options when it comes to facial exercise equipment. They all need to be handled with caution though, and all have different levels of results.

Final Verdict

Jawzrsize is an interesting product with some baggage that makes it a product not for everyone. Jaw pain and other degenerative issues have been linked to improper exercises done with methods like these, so if handled incorrectly you could cause more harm than good to your mouth.

With that said, there are still potential benefits to be had with Jawzrsize. I can’t give it a full recommendation, but I’d say it’s still worth at least checking out. You will know better than anyone else what your jaw health is, and what benefits you might have to gain from using this type of product.


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