Blade720 Review

Drones have turned into amazing tools over the last few years. You may have looked at a few drones before but decided not to buy one because of the high costs that can reach over 1000$. That’s a worry of the past now with more affordable options than ever available. One of the best budget options is the Blade720. This drone isn’t just cheap as it comes with a sensor that keeps it in the air and a mode that allows you to set its flight path. These little additions make it astonishingly easy to control.


Rokid’s Melody is a stationary family robot capable of omni-directional voice recognition, facial recognition, with a multi-dimensional interactive display that can show moving graphics. Similar to Amazon Echo or Google’s Home with its ability to integrate with home automation systems, Melody separates herself with powerful voice and facial recognition technology. Melody has the ability to distinguish you from other family members and at the same time, can act as a hub for the internet-of-things at home.

Parrot Bebop 2 Power FPV Drone

The French company, Parrot, continues to launch new and improved FPV (First Person View) camera drones. This time around, Parrot has unveiled its upgraded version of its Bebop 2 Drone. Introducing the Bebop 2 Power Drone FPV by Parrot. As the name indicates, it’s a more powerful version than its predecessor, giving pilots a full hour of flight time. With the option of four different pre-programmed flight movements and four selfie modes, this is an enthusiast’s dream drone.


Pioneer of Social Robots and MIT Professor Cynthia Braezeal calls JIBO, “the world’s first social robot.” Designed specifically to help everyone out in your family throughout the day, JIBO is a three-dimension socially communicative device. This friendly, helpful, intelligent robot snaps family photos, acts as a digital concierge, reminds grandma to take her meds, reads a bedtime story to the kids, you name it. Since JIBO is a platform, there’s no limit to the skills a third-party developer can create. In other words, JIBO is a customizable robot with tons of upside.

Taclim VR Shoes & Gloves

Taclim are “the world’s first VR shoes and gloves with built-in tactile devices”. With two prototype versions on display at CES 2017, the full-immersion VR gaming experience just received a major upgrade. Designed by Tokyo-based Cerevo (Consumer Electronic REVOlution), Taclim is capable of “detecting user movements as input and translating in-VR action to real world haptic output.” In other words, Cerevo’s VR technology is groundbreaking.

Tektronix 5 Series MSO

Built around a new ASIC, the 5 Series integrates ADC, demux, trigger, and all digital acquisition technology into a highly intuitive device. Starting at $12,000, Tektronix designed one of the largest displays (15.6″ HD) and gives users the options of 4, 6, or 8 FlexChannel inputs. From the capacitive pinch-zoom-swipe touchscreen to the 350MHz to 2GHz bandwidth, the 5 Series is “more than a remarkable interface.” It’s an all-in-one system designed around the user’s touch.


Whether you want your robot to dance anytime your smartphone buzzes or have it give you a full weather forecast/traffic report the moment your alarm goes off, Vincross’ Linux-based MIND system gives beginner programmers an open-SDK platform for creativity. Equipped with a full suite of sensors that include voice activation, Hexa is only limited to the programmer’s imagination.

KOOV Review

According to the Bureau of Labor & Statistics, there will be 4.4 million computer and IT jobs in the U.S. by 2024. With a mission dedicated to giving access to STEM learning tools to all children, Sony Global Education has created KOOV.

Turtle Rover

With up to four hours of continuous driving capability and a Wi-Fi range of up to 220 yards (200 meters), the Turtle Rover is a highly versatile open-platform mobile robot designed to explore caves, water reservoirs, and ruins. Equipped with a remote-controlled robotic arm, the land drone is rugged enough to tackle harsh conditions here on Earth.

DJI Phantom 4 vs. DJI Phantom 4 Pro Quadcopter

When it comes to drones, DJI has an option that is sure to be perfect for you – whether you’re a pro or a beginner. The Phantom 4 Pro V2.0 is a great drone that has many useful features, but, they have gotten more expensive over the years.