HexH20 Pro v2

Renowned for their waterproof multi-rotors, QuadH20 has just unveiled its all new HexH20 Pro V.2 drone -and it’s absolutely incredible. Armed with a state-of-the-art DJI N3 intelligent controller and an advanced propulsion system, the newest HexH20 Pro version is poised to completely disrupt the drone industry.

Aire Self-Flying Robot

Imagine with just a simple voice command like, “Hey, Alexa – ask Aire to take a picture,” you activate a self-flying robot to lift off from its charging dock, hover above your family, and capture a 360-panorama HD-quality aerial shot all from the comforts of your living room. The same robot can send a live streaming 4K video of each floor in your apartment while you’re away on vacation. It honestly just sounds too good to be true to me.

Dreamoc HD3

If you are looking to differentiate yourself from the competition, 3D holographic display advertising is the answer. Introducing the Dreamoc HD3 display by Realfiction – a modern day display that overlays your product behind an animated scene using mixed reality technology.

uArm uFactory Test Kit

The uArm uFactory Test Kit is an entry-level open source robotic arm that is easy to use and affordable. With repeatability under 0.2 mm and armed with a state-of-the-art stepper motor, Swift Pro is a highly precise, yet super smooth robot.

Super Boost Wifi Review

Super Boost WiFi is a device that works in any home or business. You can use Super Boost WiFi to extend the range for your signal and use it all through your home. This little gadget then connects to your internet signal and amplifies it to reach more space within your home. You can then use the repeater to get a signal that works with all devices, including tablets, computers, cell phones, music players and streaming devices.


Known for introducing the first touch screen ultrasound system and considered the brains behind the first PC-based platform for ultrasound research, Clarius Mobile Health created a device that is both easy to use and affordable. With an image quality comparable to any point-of-care system, Clarius operates as both a convex array and a virtual phased array probe.

Ehang 184

The Guangzhou, China drone company Ehang, Inc. turned a lot of heads at Las Vegas’ 2016 CES (Consumer Electronics Show). With its single-passenger Ehang 184 AAV (autonomous aerial vehicle) on display, the company stirred up a lot of buzz around the future of drone technology and more importantly, whether or not international flight authorities would even allow this drone airborne.


Kello is an advanced sleep trainer created to help you tune your body clock to snooze less, wake up earlier, fight jet lag, and take productive power naps. Looking like the love-child of the BOSE sound system and a modern day alarm clock, Kello is a sleep aid device that not only connects to other smart devices; but more importantly, comes with sleep aid programs that help regain control of your out-of-whack sleep patterns.