uArm Swift Pro

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  • February 22,2017
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uArm Swift Pro

The uArm Swift Pro is an entry-level open source robotic arm that is easy to use and affordable. With the repeatability under 0.2 mm and “armed” with a state-of-the-art stepper motor, Swift Pro is a highly precise, yet super smooth robot.

“We created uArm with the goal of making robotic kits more accessible to the public and brought robotic arms from factory to people’s daily life.”


Whether it’s 3D printing, laser engraving, writing, or painting – the uArm Swift is an Arduino-based desktop robotic arm with a 12-bit encoder. In its offline mode, users are able to “teach” Swift by controlling its arm with repeated movements. Swift Pro is then able to mimic the movements and repeat them with high precision.


With standard extendable end-effectors that include a suction cup, a metallic gripper, and a universal holder, programmers are able to control uArm with its highly intuitive studio software. Using Blockly-based graphical programming, Swift Pro is a gesture-based robotic arm capable of bartending, laser engraving, chess playing, light painting, and 3D modeling.


Swift Pro comes with an action-packed assortment of Seeed Grove modules that include: Grove-Mini Fan, Grove-Electromagnet, Grove PIR Motion Sensor, Grove-Temperature and Humidity Sensor, Grove-Color Sensor, and Grove-LCD RBG Backlight. The OpenMV Camera Module supports the detection of one’s face, markers, and colors. The 4-axis parallel mechanism robot uses a lightweight arm and square aluminum alloys – allowing it to seamless operate any of the six kinds of modules in the Grove kit.


Both the uArm Swift Pro and its predecessor uArm Swift are open-sourced robotic arms, which means the sky is the limit with regard to developer creativity. The uArm Creator Studio (UCS), according to Indiegogo, uses visual programming and coding in Python for fast prototype building. Even though considered an “entry-level robot,” Swift Pro, from its control system to its stepper motor, will operate with precise repeatability. With an estimated ship date scheduled for April of 2017 and backed by an enticing open source platform, Swift Pro may be the first mainstream robot seen in homes across the world.

  • High Precision (uArm Swift Pro)
  • Stepper motor with 12-bit encoder
  • Repeatability: 0.2mm.
  • Easy to Use
  • uArm Studio
  • Blockly-based graphical programming
  • Multiple End-effectors
  • OpenMV Camera Module
  • Availability (April 2017)