Dreamoc HD3

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  • April 18,2017
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Dreamoc HD3

If you have a revolutionary product or you simply need to differentiate yourself from the competition, 3D holographic display advertising is the answer. Introducing the Dreamoc HD3 display by Realfiction – a modern day display that overlays your product behind an animated scene using mixed reality technology.


One thing is guaranteed: you will stop people in their tracks to check out the Dreamoc HD3 display. Considered the future of display advertising and designed specifically for retailers, the HD3 “makes your brand come alive in the most magnificent way.” Standing less than two feet wide and slightly more than a foot tall, the Dreamoc platform enhances the perception of your product with remarkable holographic content housed in a 23″ view screen and full HD 1920 x 1080p resolution.


Backed by HD3’s Custom Content Management system and the option of choosing from a wide selection of ready-made templates, you can seamlessly move from one product to the next, season to season, one retail location to the other – all managed under one intuitive platform. This is perfect for a high-end retailer with an ever-changing target market or the outlet with a season-ending blowout sale of their most sought-after product.


To make it the most immersive experience imaginable, the Dreamoc HD3 comes with built-in speakers and pre-set animation templates. Whether you want a 3D Glass Screen, a Holographic Fireball, a Water Ball Logo, or simply an interactive product catalog, there’s really no need to have any technical background in 3D holographic technology. It can easily be set up for you by choosing a ready-made 3D template.


From the Dreamoc Flightcase for ease of transport to the product stand display, users can simply travel to their next trade show with some of the most innovative piece of advertising equipment on the market today. To illustrate the impact Dreamoc HD3 can have on trade show passerby, here is the story of Rosy Blue – a high-end distributor using 3D holographic display technology to sell a $3 million diamond ring.


With a goal to separate themselves from already-tough competition and at the same time, sell one of their exclusive luxury diamond rings, Rosy Blue hired created content experts Seenspire for the Baselworld Watch & Jewelry Fair in Switzerland. Selling a high-ticket item at an eight-day event was no simple task but Seenspire decided the only for Rosy Blue to differentiate itself was to use Dreamoc’s innovative HD3 display.


After months of deliberation, Seenspire brilliantly told the story of Rosy Blue’s rare diamond from rough stone to its premium quality 33.11-carat cushion cut diamond with “flawless clarity grade.” By using Dreamoc’s display, Seenspire was able to showcase the $3 million diamond behind a captivating backdrop of 3D animation – making the Rosy Blue’s brand come to life.


According to the Rosy Blue case study, “A layer of three-dimensional holographic video on top of any physical item is quite unique in terms of viewing experience and Seenspire believed that this would deliver the level of detail they needed.” So what made Seenspire’s use of Dreamoc’s display so different from the competitor advertising:


  1. It provided a rare insight into the diamond-making process.
  2. It had the dual effect of connecting the brand with the product.
  3. It used brand new 3D holographic technology to tell a story.


The end result: Rosy Blue, with the help of Seenspire, sold the diamond in the first few days of the show. The Dreamoc HD3 display not only garnered the attention of trade show participants but even more importantly, encouraged them to take action.

“Being one of the leaders in our sector, we wanted our booth to stand out and be in line with our reputation,” says Tolga Onder Ozel, Digital Market at Rosie Blue said. “We wanted to catch the crowd’s attention and impress everyone, which is not an easy task when there are hundreds of blazing booths around.”

  • Combine physical objects with holographic content
  • High quality 3 mm glass optic
  • Automatic and manually control spotlight
  • Bright and sharp picture quality
  • Easy change of content
  • Seven push buttons for easy operation
  • HDMI input for interactivity
  • Programmable on/off timer