Parrot Bebop 2 Power FPV Drone

The French company, Parrot, continues to launch new and improved FPV (First Person View) camera drones. This time around, Parrot has unveiled its upgraded version of its Bebop 2 Drone. Introducing the Bebop 2 Power Drone FPV by Parrot. As the name indicates, it’s a more powerful version than its predecessor, giving pilots a full hour of flight time. With the option of four different pre-programmed flight movements and four selfie modes, this is an enthusiast’s dream drone.

Parrot Disco FPV

Combining all the latest in technology, the Parrot Disco FPV (first person view) drone experience is the ultimate flying experience. Clocking in at a top speed of 49.71 mph, the Parrot Disco is proof-positive that the drone industry is starting to step it up a notch. Adding to the flying experience, the Parrot Disco drone comes with Cockpitglasses that turns your drone adventure into a virtual reality adventure.