Rokid’s Melody is a stationary family robot capable of omni-directional voice recognition, facial recognition, with a multi-dimensional interactive display that can show moving graphics. Similar to Amazon Echo or Google’s Home with its ability to integrate with home automation systems, Melody separates herself with powerful voice and facial recognition technology. Melody has the ability to distinguish you from other family members and at the same time, can act as a hub for the internet-of-things at home.

Daptly Display

Whether it’s connecting to an early morning iPod NPR newscast, traffic updates before heading out to work, or displaying last night’s sports scores, Daptly personalizes the experience for each user.


The evolution of residential air conditioners have been flatlined over the past 60 years and it’s time that everyone gets an upgrade. Introducing Noria – the first smart low-profile 5,000 BTU air conditioner that is 40% smaller than traditional units of similar capacity.


Knocki is a vibration-sensing tech gadget that can easily transform your home into an intelligent one. The Knocki is a gesture-controlled smart home automation device turning surfaces to life. Puck-shaped with easy-to-connect Wi-Fi, this device can go anywhere inside your home and talks to these popular smart home technologies: IFTTT, Nest, LifeX, Belkin WeMo, SmartThings, Philips Hue. The end result: a device that simplifies life and is just cool to use.


Designed to track the sun like a sunflower, SolarGaps smart blinds automatically adjust their position to optimal energy harnessing angles. With the ability to generate enough power to run 30 LED light bulbs, SolarGaps blinds are the perfect combination of IoT smart home device and intuitive renewable energy source.

Nest Protect 2.0

Compared to the competition, Nest Protect 2.0 is by far the best smoke and carbon monoxide detector on the market today. Whether it’s activating the convenient in-app “silence” feature when needed or its full integration with other smart devices, Nest’s second-generation smoke detector comes with all of the bells and whistles.

Roost Smart Battery

If you’re looking for a reliable smart smoke and CO detector without shelling out close to over $100, then Roost’s Wi-Fi Smart Battery is the way to go. The Roost Smart Battery retrofits to your existing alarm and gives you smartphone notifications when there’s a problem. It’s as simple as replacing your old 9V battery with Roost’s long-lasting (5 years) lithium battery.


Built to replace the outdated home intercom system, Nucleus is a 21st-century wall-mounted digital companion designed to connect family and friends whether they’re in the other room or across the globe. The Nucleus smart home intercom is the most sophisticated way to keep in touch with your inner circle.