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  • November 02,2016
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By sensing waves and taps, Bixi – a smart controller – allows you full control of your home devices and apps. Bixi, the first ultra-portable touch-free smart controller, commands an entire suite of applications whether it’s Phillips Hue light bulbs or YouTube. One of the truly groundbreaking features of Bixi: its ability to control multiple actions of two apps or devices at the same time.


In other words, you can gesture-control your Pandora Playlist while checking text messages. With a simple wave or a tap, you’re able to eliminate distractions while driving and still control multiple apps.


The touch-free control works seamlessly with smart home devices. With Bixi, you’re able to gesture the volume down on your Sonos smart speakers and at the same time, scroll through a dinner recipe. Just imagine being able to dim your Phillips Hue lights with a counterclockwise wave and control your Apple TV with a simple tap on your coffee table. You’re able to transform your living room into a home theater system without smearing buttered popcorn on remotes.


With a sensor range of 9.84 inches (25 cm), Bixi is a portable device that can mount to your bike handlebars or attach to your car’s dash. Connected by Bluetooth and iOS/Android compatible, Bixi allows you to listen to your favorite Spotify playlist and control your GoPro camera at the same time. With the ability to control multiple apps at one time with gesture-control commands, you’re able to keep your eyes on the road ahead with limited distractions.


You can manage your entire connected life with Bixi. In the morning, you can open blinds, snooze the alarm, and start the coffee maker without setting foot out of bed. Take a shower in style by turning up the volume of your Bose Soundtouch speakers. The commute to and from work can be a hands-free experience where you can seamlessly control alternate GPS routes and simultaneously call your boss letting her know about you being late because of a major traffic jam. Once in the office, control your PowerPoint presentation with strategically timed gestures, flipping from one slide to the next, keeping technology distractions down to a minimum.


Outside of its ability to control two different apps with gestures, Bixi is super easy to set up. The three step pairing process consists of tapping on the two apps, choosing your profiles, and pressing sync. This gives you complete control of your connected life via a portable controller that is silent, elegant, hygienic, and most importantly, globally-understood.


Named after a Chinese mythological turtle, Bixi is a compact, sturdy, and a hexagonal shaped gadget that minimizes distractions by syncing your favorite apps. Still a work in progress (especially it’s voice command capabilities), Bixi is a groundbreaking smart gadget that can easily become an everyday staple in our digital world.

  • Silent
  • Elegant
  • Hygienic
  • Noise-Immune
  • Portable
  • iOS and Android Compatible
  • Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Touch-Free
  • Limited Voice Control Feature