• Spencer Pines, iReviews
  • October 04,2022
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We’ve all experienced the frustration of installing an oversized, ridiculously heavy air conditioner that takes up the entire window and racks up your energy bill. They’re usually covered in dust after sitting in your attic or basement for eight months and when it’s on, you can barely hear the TV.


The evolution of residential air conditioners have been flatlined over the past 60 years and it’s time that everyone gets an upgrade. Introducing Noria – the first smart low-profile 5,000 BTU air conditioner that is 40% smaller than traditional units of similar capacity.


Noria is beautifully designed and comes with a full suite of smart features. Consumer product development firm Likuma Labs designed Noria as a “smarter way to stay cool.” From the easy-to-use thermostat knob down to the low-profile design (keeping your window view unobstructed), Noria is engineered to make cooling your home an easy experience.


While Noria sets out to do some very impressive things in their air conditioner, they unfortunately fall a bit short in some features. The AC isn’t exactly quiet and some users have had issues with installation. In my opinion, an updated model is in order to fix these issues.


Likuma Labs thought of the most frustrating parts of installing an AC unit and managed to take them all away. Weighing eight pounds lighter than any other air conditioner with similar capacity, Noria comes with a special window frame adapter which it slides and locks into. Since it has two handles and the unit is 40% smaller, installation is easier, but can still be frustrating to some. When not in use, however, this AC can be easily stored in a closet or under a bed.


As for Noria’s ability to cool a room: the 5,000 BTU/Hr unit is capable of cooling a 10 x 16′ room or as the Likuma Labs states, “two Noria units can cool a room up to 330 square feet.” With that being said, it’s not the most powerful unit but it will certainly get the job done. Noria is backed by patent-pending total room circulation technology that “directs the cool air up towards the ceiling, creating a convective cycle that prevents cold and hot spots in the room.”


Since the Noria AC comes with an iOS/Android compatible companion app, users can schedule optimal cooling times. Instead of leaving your AC cranking all day while at work, you can simply program Noria to turn on a few hours prior to your arrival – keeping your place nice and cool without compromising your electricity usage.


Whether you have a single or double-hung window frame, the Noria AC can be installed in windows 21″ to 36″ wide. According to the company’s Indiegogo campaign, the 480-watt appliance will set you back an estimated $50 extra on your electric bill during the three hottest months in the summer.


Here is the rough estimation:


0.480 kilowatts x 9.5 hours of cooling per day x 90 cooling days per season x $0.12 per kilowatt/hr = $49 dollars/summer

  • Low Profile
  • Fresh Air Mode
  • Carry Handle
  • Intuitive Interface
  • Night Mode
  • Circulation Technology
  • Installation can be frustrating
  • Not as quiet as marketing would make it seem
Spencer Pines, iReviews

By Spencer Pines, iReviews

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