Tesla Model S

When superior performance and safety comes standard in one of the most technologically-advanced electric cars imaginable you’ve got yourself a Tesla. Capable of 0-60 mph in an impressive 2.5-seconds and depending upon the package, the Model S ranges anywhere between 490 to 500 miles on a fully charged battery. On the conservative side of things, that means your Model S can travel from Boston to New York without needing to recharge.

Tesla Model X

Introducing Tesla’s Model X – the all-wheel drive electric SUV. Capable of 0-60 mph in 2.9 seconds and armed with a 100 kWh battery providing 333 miles of range, this impressive SUV will be turning some heads as it self-drives past all of us on the freeway.

Tesla Model 3

Within the first 36 hours of its March 31st 2017 unveiling event, Tesla secured $10 Billion in pre-orders for its much anticipated Model 3 premium sedan. In preparation for its 2017 end of year delivery date, Tesla’s Fremont, California factory was able to to make 500,000 Model 3 units.

China Aims to Leave the Hyperloop in the Dust with Supersonic Train

It’s hard to avoid headlines about Elon Musk. Just in the last few months, Elon and company released the Tesla Model 3, made a colossal energy deal with Australia, and drove a tech-savvy tiny house around the “land down under.” Even if you’re sick of hearing about Musk, it’s hard to deny the hype surrounding the man; he clearly has a “Midas touch.” Just look at our latest reviews for the Tesla Model 3, Powerwall 2, and Model S. But now, China Aerospace Science and Industry (CASIC) is challenging Musk’s Hyperloop with a concept of their own. If it works, it will leave Musk in the dust.

The Sustainable Tesla Tiny House Is On a Tour of Australia

If you’ve been following Tesla in the news, before the Model 3 release, you may recall that Elon Musk promised the Tesla energy storage system could deliver over 100 MWh in 100 days to South Australia. Otherwise, he said it would be free. The company recently made headlines in Australia again when it created a Tesla tiny house showcasing their technology.