By combining breakthrough battery storage, an innovative inverter system, and intelligence software, SunCulture Solar, Inc. created SolPad – an integrated device that is less expensive, more powerful, and easier to use than any solar power system on the market today.


Designed to track the sun like a sunflower, SolarGaps smart blinds automatically adjust their position to optimal energy harnessing angles. With the ability to generate enough power to run 30 LED light bulbs, SolarGaps blinds are the perfect combination of IoT smart home device and intuitive renewable energy source.

Physee Introduces Window That Doubles as a Solar Panel

The startup, named Physee, wants to make modern commercial and housing estates energy neutral. Co-founder and CEO Ferdinand Grapperhaus says, “Large commercial estates consume a lot of energy. If you want to make these buildings energy neutral, you never have enough roof surface. Therefore, activating the buildings’ facades will significantly contribute to making the buildings energy neutral.” He says that the cost of the wiring bringing power from the grid to windows is considerable in large commercial estates. As a result, investing in power-generating windows would make commercial sense.