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  • June 26,2017
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According to the Bureau of Labor & Statistics, there will be 4.4 million computer and IT jobs in the U.S. by 2024. Even more eye-opening, 65% of kids entering primary school will work in jobs that don’t exist yet (World Economic Forum Future of Jobs report). With a mission dedicated to giving access to STEM learning tools to all children, Sony Global Education has created KOOV – an action-packed coding and robotics design kit for children ages 8 and up.

Intelligent Design

From the starter kit that includes 162 building blocks and 14 sensors/actuators to the advanced kit that lets you build all 23 Robot recipes, the KOOV introduces young inventors to the world of programming in the most engaging way imaginable. Considered to be one of the smartest toys hitting the market in November (2017), KOOV is a next-generation robotics kit designed to develop spatial awareness skills using 3D coding blocks.


  1. With a focus on cultivating STEM literacy, the KOOV design kit teaches children the basics of coding in a truly captivating way. With an easy-to-learn building process, KOOV works in three simple steps:

    Use KOOV blocks to build your robot (adding sensors and actuators to make it come alive).

  2. Learn incredible coding skills with the KOOV app – making your robot come to life.
  3. When your robot is complete, share it with other young innovators with the KOOV app.

Smart Technology

Supported by a 30+ hour educational video dedicated to coding, robotics, and design, your young Techie will have access to over 23 Sony-designed, ready-to-build Robot recipes. With kits that include over a hundred different 3D blocks, a full suite of sensors (accelerometer, an infrared sensor, light sensor, push switch, Buzzer, LED’s, DC Motor, Servo Motor), boredom will not be an issue for your young innovator. The only problem will be where to start and what to build next.


With seven different blocks in seven different colors, KOOV comes with a drag n’ drop graphical coding interface making the building process super easy. Backed by a highly interactive iOS/Android compatible app, KOOV allows children to learn the basics of coding while earning cool fun badges along the way. With the option of view other robot creations from children in other countries, Sony Global created a global community of young inventors capable of adopting the coding ideas of fellow builders.


“Aiming to connect the world with education, the Sony Global Education team developed KOOV as a way to encourage young boys and girls to enjoy STEM topics from an early age.”


With parents inundated with so many smart toy options, what sets KOOV apart from the competition? Two things really. First and foremost, outside of guiding youngsters through the entire drag n’ drop programming processing using captivating visual queues, the KOOV app connects children with an entire community of fellow programmers from across the world. Not only is your child learning the basics of programming while building a cool robot, he or she is also part of a growing network of like-minded creative children.


Secondly, KOOV comes with 30+ hours of educational content that includes the following courses: The Basics of Coding, Getting into Electronics, Combining Button & the Light Sensor, Detecting Distance & Expressing Sound, Round and Round with the DC Motor, and Step in with the Servo Motor. By the time a young programmer finishes their course on programming, has built their first robot, and has interacted with the global community of fellow inventors, you’ve opened up an entirely new world of technology outside the capabilities of a classroom.

  • iOS/Android Compatible
  • Child-Safe
  • Ages 8+
  • 23 Different Robot Recipes
  • Starter & Advanced Kit Options
  • 30-Hour Educational Course
  • Community of Fellow Young Programmers
  • 3D Block Building Guide
  • Availability (ESD November 2017)