• Jacob Wilson, iReviews
  • August 01,2022
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I love bikes, they’re good exercise and they make for a cheap way to get around when you don’t want to worry about the general costs that are involved with a car. That’s why I feel picking one that fits you and will last a long time is important. Today I wanted to look at a more unique option out there on the market with the uniquely designed Halfbike.


Compact enough to bring inside an elevator and light enough to carry upstairs, the Halfbike is one of the lightest options I’ve been able to find. Designed as a hybrid between biking and running, it gives the bike a unique function and from countless other reviews, it’s more of an acquired taste. This bike is a stand-up and three-wheeled product that is suited best for short distances.

The Halfbike’s Design

From my research, it’s clear to tell that Halfbike designers kept all the standard engineering found in a classic bike. What truly tries to set the Halfbike apart from other models is that it connects the wheel to the crankset. The result is a standing bike that requires a combination of both balance and speed.


What this all means is the Halfbike is controlled using your entire body and not just your hands. There are even riders who say, “it feels like you’re riding a bike for the first time – again.” This creates a learning curve for a bike, and while the experience it offers is unique this means you will have to take some time to get used to it.


This added unique functionality is the main reason people either love or dislike the Halfbike. For some, it’s what makes Halfbike so much fun to ride, and for others, it’s too much extra effort when they just want a simple bike.

How the Halfbike Handles

According to the company, novice riders can figure out how to keep the bike straight in about 10-15 minutes. As for turning Halfbike, that is a different story and it does take some skill. Some reviewers figure it out right away, but others still complain that it can take longer to get a good enough feel to take it out for a ride.


According to the company’s riding instructions, “The moment you step on either pedal the bike will start leaning in the same direction and you have to counteract using your bodyweight and handlebar.” Riders need to push off with one leg, work up some speed, and start shifting their weight while gently pushing on the handlebars.


It takes a few days of practice to become a master Halfbike rider thanks to these extra methods. The results are worth some added practice, though.

The Halfbike’s Materials

By all accounts, the Halfbike strikes a balance between handmade craftsmanship and European technology. Whether it’s the aerospace-grade aluminum frame, water-resistant beech plywood handlebars, or Sturmey Archer 3-spec hub, you can rest assured that your Halfbike is constructed from high-end materials. All of this is to say I think the Halfbike is a well-crafted product that meets all the mark as far as what it’s made out of is concerned.


It is even made from a combination of CAD/CAM technology. It’s hard for me to knock the quality of the Halfbike as it was engineered to make for as positive of an experience as possible.


The Halfbike comes available in five different color combinations that offer at least a little variety. It’s also supported by one 20″ Schwalbe-Crazy Bob tire in the front and two 8″ pneumatic tires in the back.

Final Thoughts

The Halfbike aims to give a unique experience unlike other bikes on the market, and on that front, most would agree it succeeds. It’s pricy, it’s got a learning curve, and it’s not going to be best suited for the needs of every person out there looking for a bike.


All that said, I think there is value in looking at the Halfbike is a potential option, at least if it’s within your price range. It’s easy to carry and its lightweight design help make it a good bike for short bursts of usage that you can pop out anytime, and that’s something I think gives it more value.


If nothing else I recommend checking out more about the Halfbike and seeing what you think for yourself. It’s worth at least a thought.

  • Water Resistant Beech Plywood Handlebar
  • 20″ Front Tire
  • 3-Speed Hub
  • Heavy Duty Aluminum Crankset
  • Aerospace Grade Aluminum
  • Tektro Brakes
  • 8″ Pneumatic Tires
  • Steep Learning Curve
  • Not Well Suited For Long Distances
  • A More Expensive Option
Jacob Wilson, iReviews

By Jacob Wilson, iReviews

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