Xero Shoes Review

Xero Shoes is a shoe company with its own online presence, marketing, and strategies that they use to stand out. There is a good chance that the first place you heard about them was from an online ad. Xero has gotten around in the industry and understands marketing like few other companies.

Inspired by Origami, These Sustainable Clothes Grow With Your Child

The James Dyson Award had an interesting array of national winners this year.  An outdoor vacuum cleaner for maintaining parks, kinetic furniture, and a buoy that becomes a natural part of the ocean environment were some of the standout ideas. One other creation that is catching lots of attention is a type of clothing that grows with children as they mature. This clothing has the potential to disrupt the fashion industry not just economically, but also on an environmental level as well. 

Bosch Reveals X-Spect Scanner, Allowing You to Look Into Your Food and Fabric

If you track your gluten intake, you probably already know about the Nima Portable Food Sensor. It works to measure gluten amounts in your food when you place a sample of your meal into its testing canister. Bosch’s X-Spect scanner is a similar tool; you can measure your food’s freshness in addition to recognizing cloth type. It will even detect a stain on your clothes and instruct your washing machine on how to remove it. If your food is rotten, the scanner will tell you.