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  • Jacob Wilson, iReviews
  • January 13,2023
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Mental health is an important part of a person’s everyday health that until recently went overlooked. Mental health isn’t just about emotions and can have serious reproductions on a person when they don’t care for themselves. With our modern understanding of mental health, we know that a lot of mental health-related issues can even start to impact a person’s physical health when left unchecked.


However, just because it’s important to watch your mental health doesn’t mean that it’s easy to. For many, it’s already extremely difficult just to watch over their physical health, and adding your mental health on top of that doubles the load. That’s where helpful solutions like Cerebral come in to take a little bit of that weight off, even if they are not a full replacement for all mental health treatments.

  • Online platform based
  • Ease of use
  • Helps get a grasp on simpler mental health-related issues
  • No need for prescriptions
  • Not all services are available everywhere
  • Not a replacement for full medical checkups and should not be treated as such
  • Treatments can be limited by state laws
  • Customer support can have issues

The world is learning that mental health is more important than anyone thought it could be. Massive strides have been made in the last decade alone, but all the advancmeents in the world won’t mean anything for people who don’t seek help to begin with.

Product Features:

  • Mental health support
  • Some cases cover ADHD, BPD, and a couple of other mental health ailments
  • Has an app that works with the website
  • A choice of three different subscription plans
  • The company works with a few major health insurance companies

What Is Cerebral?

Cerebral is a digital platform that claims to give people a way to find help with specific mental health issues. One of the main reasons behind the website and companion app being made is to open up the world of mental health to more people. It is often said that the main reason people don’t end up seeking help for their mental health is shame or stigma, and having an online resource allows them to get around that initial feeling of worry.


Cerebral, also known as Get Cerebral, has a subscription service that follows data-driven progress tracking. The plan is to use routine check-in calls mixed with a care manager and standardized metrics to track a person’s progress and keep them connected to the Cerebral team. There is still more in-depth details worth going through about the services they provide, though.

Cerebral Features

Probably the most important thing to know about Cerebral as a service is that all their prescription medication providers are licensed from the same state as their client. This means that their service can be limited depending on what state you live in, and you should keep that in mind for everything I have to say about them going forward. Some of their services may simply just not be available to you depending on where you live.


However, what this does mean is that you don’t need a prescription to use Cerebral. It’s a give-and-take, and again, you will just need to keep where you live in mind when you look into getting their services.

On the bright side for people in states where treatments may be limited, medication is not always the first option that Cerebral will go with. Cerebral makes claims that they do what is best for the individual patient and try to follow a plan that best suits their individual needs rather than trying to treat all patients as if they were the same.

How Does Cerebral Work?

It can be confusing at first to figure out how a service like this even works. Thankfully, Cerebral keeps it simple for their clients.


Depending on where you live and what state regulations will allow, Cerebral will try to provide long-term online care for a variety of mental health issues. They may even be able to provide medication for a small selection of common mental health problems including depression, anxiety, ADHD, insomnia, PTSD, or bipolar disorder.


Anyone new to Cerebral will be asked to fill out an online form that will help them figure out what your symptoms are and what might be best for you. The results will vary depending on where you live and what you want to treat, but they have three general subscription options they have available are enough to get started.

Who’s Cerebral For?

Cerebral is obviously for anyone that is looking for a way to get help with their mental health, but who is it best for? I brought up one group earlier that would get a lot of use out of Cerebral that I would like to mention again. People who are too nervous or scared to get their mental health treated in person.


Mental health is a strange beast that can circle back in on itself making the problem the same reason someone doesn’t seek treatment. By having an online solution right in the comfort of one’s home and that they can carry around with their app than a lot of the assumed stigma can be avoided. This is helpful for first-time people who are just starting to understand what mental health even is.


Another group with a simple reason for wanting a service like this is people who live in places with a lack of mental health options. Where you live in rural areas the breakthroughs and understanding of mental health might not quite have reached your area yet. Sometimes you can be lucky to find something as basic as a therapist when you live far away from any city.


With Cerebral, these people at least have an option. Even if they live in a state where Cerebral can’t give them direct medical treatment in the form of medicine, they can at least offer more basic services that can get the ball rolling on a person’s mental health journey.

Where Can Cerebral Be Used?

The main draw of Cerebral is that it can be used basically anywhere. The fact that it brings mental health aid into the home is one of the biggest pluses that the product offers.


With the addition of the app they have the ability to use Cerebral almost anywhere makes it a wonderful way for people with hectics lives to find some consistency in their mental health journey. No need to worry about where you are going to be or if you can make an appointment when you just need to be able to make it home or have your phone on you.

Should You Pay For It?

If you should pay for Cerebral or not is really a question only you can answer for yourself. I think that there are some services that they offer that will be worth it for some, but for others, there are better options available.


Everyone should take care of their mental health, but care takes on many shapes and forms. Still, if you want to get started on your mental health journey and want an option that won’t shake up your life schedule too much then Cerebral is a good option. For some, it might even be one of the only options available without driving for a few hours.

How to Purchase Cerebral’s Service

For a service like this it should be obvious that there is only one option for getting it. You have to go directly to their own website and sign up for one of their three subscriptions. Their website can be found here.


They will likely ask you to take a survey to help get a better understanding of what you need out of their services before you pay. From there they may make a suggestion, but which of the three plans you end up choosing is entirely up to you.

Final verdict

I simply cannot stress enough how important mental health is. It can drag down the quality of a person’s life when it’s not cared for, and in the worse cases, mental health can start to negatively impact physical health in ways that we don’t even fully understand yet. What we do know is that a healthy mind takes on many shapes and forms, and it’s not always easy to get to that point.


For some, the classic methods of getting mental health aid will be enough, and they will have enough resources available to them that they don’t need to look elsewhere. However, this doesn’t account for everyone.


Some people might be too anxious or scared to go somewhere in person, and that’s ok. There is nothing wrong with being scared, and if Cerebral being an online solution is enough to get them out of their shell then I think that makes the service worthwhile enough right there.


Furthermore, it’s a good option for people with limited resources. The more options that people have in general, the better.


I can’t give a direct recommendation for a mental health service, at least not in good conscious. You should weigh all your options and see what works best for you, but just knowing that there is another option on the table can be enough to tip some people into starting their mental health journey.


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