Get Your Dream Job with These 24 Amazing Interview Resources

On average, people complete around two to three interviews before getting hired, but you may apply to many more jobs than this. With just around seven seconds to make an excellent first impression in those interviews, you need to focus on what will help you stand out and show you’re the right choice for the job.

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Vinci 2.0 AI Sports Headphones

Outside of your workout clothes and your membership card, this may be the only thing you need to bring to the gym. Introducing the Vinci 2.0 smart sports headphones by Inspero, Inc. These are not your ordinary earbuds. These are all-in-one, voice-activated, hands-free sports headphones armed with a Quad-Core ARM Cortex A-7 processor.


Available only to enterprise customers that manage 10 or more units, LATCH works with mortise locks and offers residents a state-of-the-art digital entry system. Gaining access to a unit can be done via an iOS/Android compatible smartphone, a smart card, a special door code, or by the traditional key method.

Atheer AiR Glasses

With its 50-degree field of view and 3D gesture interaction, Atheer has created the most powerful augmented reality glasses on the market today. The enterprise-ready smart glasses visualize and interact with data using motion detectors. The best part about the AiR Glasses: they can be used as an enterprise solution. Whether it’s training new employees or helping a mechanic complete complex repair work, AiR Glasses are the most intuitive, hands-free device that will eventually change the modern workplace.

BIRD by MUV Interactive

After five years in development, Israeli-based start-up MUV Interactive created Bird for one reason: to make our lives easier. If you’ve accepted the connected lifestyle and want to sync all of your devices under one roof, Bird is a no-brainer purchase. Designed to “turn any space/technology into an interactive experience,” MUV’s revolutionary wearable detects user’s movements, location, orientation, force, and proximity to your connected technology.

Zero Breeze Mark Ⅱ

The world’s first battery-powered AC, the Zero Breeze, just got an upgrade. The second generation of Zero Breeze, comes with increased efficiency, smarter looks and Zero breeze claim to have cooperated with one of the largest AC manufacturers in the world to help address previous quality control issues some purchasers had previously complained of.

45 Next Generation Learning Tools That Kids Will Love

As technology has evolved over the last few decades, so has the education sector, both in the U.S. and around the world. Using technology in the classroom offers a wide range of benefits, such as supporting teachers and providing more resources to help build skills, whether it be reading, writing, or mathematics. With the right level of planning and integration, technology can be used appropriately to actually maximize learning opportunities.


Capable of reducing low-frequency noises up to 40dB, QuietOn earplugs block distracting noises like the hum of an airplane or the heavy bass of a snore. Ideal for traveling, work, studying, meditating, or simply a moment of relaxation, QuietOns are ergonomically designed and super easy to use. With 50 hours of use on a single charge, these versatile earplugs are perfect for motorcycle rides, the morning commute, students having difficulty concentration, and even for people suffering from noise sensitivity disorder.