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  • February 23,2022
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You get what you pay for and earplugs are no exception. They do a nice job of blocking out high-pitched noise but as we all know, they come with their own set of issues. For one, traditional earplugs make your ears feel plugged up with a foreign object – especially if you’re someone who likes to sleep on one side. Secondly, the foam earplugs don’t block out the low-frequency noises – just the loud ones – making it impossible to communicate with anyone if you have them in. It was time for a breakthrough in earplug technology. Introducing QuietOn – a powerful set of earplugs that combines advanced noise cancellation technology with acoustic noise attenuation.

Noise Cancellation Technology

Whether it’s the Ossic X headphones, the Here One earbuds, or the Sound Headphones, noise cancellation technology is now a must-have feature. But never has a company integrated the technology inside a set of smart earplugs – until now. Considered to be “on par” with the best on-ear noise cancellation headphones, the QuietOn earplugs do not play music nor are they connected via Bluetooth. Instead, they are designed to simply make things quieter so that you can sleep (or work) without distraction.

Tests in industrial use:

”Unbelievable performance, machine noise is changed to faint humming noise, but still I’m able to discuss with my colleagues.”

Blocking Low Frequency Noise

Capable of reducing low-frequency noises up to 40dB, QuietOn earplugs block distracting noises like the hum of an airplane or the heavy bass of a snore. Ideal for traveling, work, studying, meditating, or simply a moment of relaxation, QuietOns are ergonomically designed and super easy to use. With 50 hours of use on a single charge, these versatile earplugs are perfect for motorcycle rides, the morning commute, students having difficulty concentration, and even for people suffering from noise sensitivity disorder.

Tests in dental clinic:

“After 3 weeks clinical trial I can tell that this really takes background noise off, but you are still able to communicate with the patient.”

Super Long Battery Life

With no wires to untangle and no buttons to press, all you do is simply take the QuietOn earplugs out from their carrying case and voila. Equipped with “the longest battery life of any wireless noise cancellation device,” the QuietOn’s case doubles as a charger and lights up when they’re ready to go. Accompanying your set of earplugs are three pairs of ear tips (two pairs of silicone and one pair of Comply Foam). Fitting comfortably inside the lower concha of the ear, the tips come in different sizes to ensure a proper fit.


Using QuietOn is a simple four step process:
1. Turn QuietOn earplugs by removing them from the charging case.

2. Choose the right size ear tips and push QuietOns deeply inside your ear to ensure the correct position.

3. Rotate to the correct position and enjoy the silence (you should hear a low background noise).

4. After using, turn QuietOns off by inserting them back into the case.
With normal earplugs not designed to block out low-frequency noise, QuietOns have you covered “bass” sounds below 1KHz. Whether it’s music coming from your neighbor’s weekly party or street traffic from outside your city apartment, QuietOn earplugs allow you to create a “personal space” even though the world around you is chaos.

  • Simple operation
  • Odorless
  • Reduce household waste
  • Sterile organic waste
  • Fast active decomposition
  • Sterile waste requires foodilzer tablets to be used as compost
  • Requires replaceable filters