RIVER Bank Review: Smart Power System & Solar Charging Review

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  • July 31,2018
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RIVER Bank Review Smart Power System Solar Charging Review

The RIVER Bank: Smart Power System & Solar Charging is the world’s first modular power bank. As unlikely as that seems, the simplicity of the design and the power of the batteries make the charging system a top solution for the mobile device user. It has an immediate use for those who travel and who need the extra energy. People who want to charge their mobile devices such as laptops and smartphones are among the first to benefit from the technology of the product. But with compatibility with most laptops and cameras, the smart power system opens new doors for those on the road who have no access to a wall plug.

Modules and charging technologies

The power charger uses simple technology which is adapted to the types of devices you want to charge. While a module is great for phones and cameras, another module is great for laptops with its AC booster USB-C port. Another module of the solar charger is even able to jump-start your car up to 10 times. This can give you the reassurance that you won’t get stuck out in the wilderness with your car, especially during the colder times of the year.


There is a small digital display to keep all these charging capacities under supervision. You are able to the battery percentage, remaining charging time, the temperature or the current watt output. An advanced technology also informs you on possible overloads as well, which can be convenient when handling multiple devices. With a 25.000 mAh battery, the power bank is not the most powerful on the market but it certainly represents one of the most innovative solutions.

Innovation in charging portability

While there are different types of power banks on the market, not all of them are actually made for all your mobile devices. Including all of them into a single product with the added possibility to jump start the car is one of the greatest advantages of the charger. It also represents one of the most interesting solutions when it comes to people who are frequent travelers, especially those who are out in nature.


With USB connectivity and wireless charging, RIVER Bank offers one of the most interesting solutions when it comes to better overall energy freedom. With added solar charging, you can also ensure that you get more charging time when needed, especially when you consider that even some extra battery life at the end of the day is better than no energy at all. With energy to jumpstart a regular diesel car up to 10 times, the power bank enters creates its own category which represents the combined modular capacity of multiple power banks.

Technology limitations

There are generally no major limitations to the RIVER Bank as it can only be seen as a plus by photographers or hikers. But the main issue remains its size, which is still better than many other alternatives. With a great design, you might also feel that the power bank might actually be smaller. But in reality, you will need to allocate space in your luggage when you travel with the RIVER Bank. The total weight of the module is 2.0lbs which is not too heavy but which can add some weight to your backpack out in nature.

Reinventing power banks

There are thousands of power banks on the market and they do not gather all the practicality of the RIVER Bank which makes it a versatile tool for many types of users. With the biggest digital display in the industry, users get full data on the module with advanced readings such as the current watt output. Among the devices you can charge, there are many mobile solutions such as laptops, phones, video projectors, action cameras or drones. You can charge a normal smartphone up to 30 times which gives you an indication of the real battery capacity you can work with. Your laptop can also be charged up to 4 times which can give you more freedom to get work done when you have no access to power. But the RIVER Bank can also be a great solution when dealing with developing areas which have no electricity at all. Its applications are truly endless.