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Advertising Disclosure: Many or all of the companies featured provide compensation to us. These commissions are how we maintain our free service for consumers.  Compensation,  along with hours of in-depth research, determines where & how companies appear on our site.

Advertising Disclosure

Many or all of the companies featured provide compensation to us. These commissions are how we maintain our free service for consumers. Compensation, along with hours of in-depth research, determines where & how companies appear on our site.




From sciatica to muscle strain, Moon Pod chairs can reduce your pain and help you relax. The company makes several types of chairs along with loads of accessories and lets you add a warranty for extra protection.

Product Features

What is Moon Pod?

Moon Pod is a company that launched with one idea: to create comfortable bean bag chairs that could help those with medical problems. As a way to spread awareness of their idea, the founders turned to Kickstarter for help. They started a campaign that helped the company raise more than $1.2 million from more than 5,000 backers who loved the idea of the chair. Each chair offers the ergonomic support that you need along with high-density beads that help you feel as if you’re floating. You need just four square feet of space to use one of these chairs, which is much less than traditional zero-gravity chairs require.
Moon Pod chairs use features that traditional bean bag chairs lack.
Fans of Moon Pod found the brand both online and in magazines. While Game Spot talked about how the chairs were perfect for gaming, Good Housekeeping loved how comfortable the chairs were. Moon Pod now has more than 100,000 followers on its social media sites with numbers that grow every day. If you ever sat in a bean bag chair before, forget about everything that you know because Moon Pod makes seating that is more than just a simple bean bag chair. You can use one to reduce back pain and to cope with other medical conditions that cause pain and discomfort. Look over our Moon Pod review before you reach for your credit card.

The History of Moon Pod

Whether you heard about the brand from a friend or one of your favorite blogs, you might not know about the history of Moon Pod. John Fiorentino had some success before launching the brand with a product called the Gravity Blanket. This blanket has weights inside and presses on your body to help you feel more relaxed and peaceful. Fiorentino wanted to create a chair that was similar but did more, which led to the creation of Moon Pod. He found that this chair reduced pain in the necks and backs of users while also helping with their circulation. Unlike similar chairs that only let you sit in one position, Moon Pod allows you to lay down and recline or simply take a seat.
To raise money and find out what the public thought, Fiorentino turned to Kickstarter in 2018. His campaign hit its goal quickly and went on to make much more than Fiorentino expected. In addition to the Moon Pod, the site now offers the Crescent and Super Moon Pod along with other products and accessories that can help you relax and get comfortable. We’ll take a detailed look at all of those products in our Moon Pod review and also show you the best place to buy one of these chairs.
Moon Pod makes chairs and accessories for all types of shoppers.
The History of Moon Pod

Moon Pod Review

Out of all the products available from the brand, the original Moon Pod chair is still the most popular. This chair mimics the flotation feeling that you get with zero-gravity chairs and allows you to lay, sit or recline. You get high-density beads that surround and cushion your body as you change positions. The chair offers ergonomic support to take pressure off your back and neck along with a shell membrane that hugs the shape of your body. At only 12 pounds, the Moon Pod is easy to move around your house. You’ll also find that you need only four square feet of space to use the chair.
Designed to hold more than 300 pounds of weight, the Moon Pod chair will also fit users of nearly seven feet in height. When you take a seat, the beads inside move around your body to help you get comfortable. You can then recline and stretch your legs out or lay down. The chair measures 56 inches by 24 inches by 24 inches, which makes it the perfect size for use anywhere in your home. If you suffer from head and/or back pain or just need some help relaxing at home, the Moon Pod chair can help.
Moon Pod Review
A Moon Pod chair supports you in any position you want.

How Can You Use Moon Pod?

Traditional bean bag chairs don’t offer much in the way of support. They use small beads made from foam and other materials that can leak when you move the chair. You may find that you feel worse after sitting in one of those chairs or that you need help getting out of one. Moon Pod chairs offer more support and help you get in the perfect position for watching a movie or relaxing with your favorite book. As long as you have a space big enough for the chair, you can use it in dozens of ways. Some of our favorite ways to use a Moon Pod chair include a spot for:
  • Getting comfortable as you dig into a new novel or e-book
  • Having extra support for your neck or back when you deal with some pain or discomfort
  • Relaxing in the perfect position as you work on eliminating stress from the day
  • Finding an easy way to support your back and body as you spend hours playing video games
If you love the look of bean bag chairs but want a good alternative that offers more support and comfort, go with a Moon Pod chair. You can use one of these chairs in your living room and any other room in your home.
Moon Pod chairs are a better alternative to standard bean bag chairs.
How Can You Use Moon Pod

Your Choice of Colors

You may want a bean bag chair because you like that they come in so many different colors and patterns. Moon Pod gives you a few choices when you pick a chair, too. Moon Indigo is a popular option. When you pick this color, you get a chair with a washable cover in a deep and rich dark blue that is almost black. The Cosmic Ash cover is a classic deep gray color that is right on trend in today’s world. Another option is Space Gray, which is a lighter shade of gray that can act as a neutral shade to match your home.
Some like the Neptune Blue option. Similar to baby blue, this color works great in a nursery or child’s room but can also stand out in your living room. You’ll also find a Rose Quartz cover, which anyone who likes the color pink will like. We recommend that you check out the Moon Pod website to see each color. You can click on the colors and see what they look like on the chair. We included samples of those colors below to help you decide which cover is the top choice for your home before you check the site.
Your Choice of Colors
Moon Pod Chairs Come in Multiple Colors.

Where Can You Use Moon Pod Chairs?

You can use Moon Pod chairs anywhere you would a bean bag chair or a similar seat. One advantage that this chair has over other zero-gravity chairs is that they don’t require as much space. You can place one right next to a wall and still have room to spread out or use one in place of an ordinary recliner. We recommend using one in the room of your home where you spend the most time. This might be your living room where you play video games and watch movies or in your bedroom where you like to read before heading to bed.
As the Moon Pod chair weighs only 12 pounds, you can even use it outside. Do you feel as though you’re stuck inside when the weather is nice? It takes only minutes to move your chair outside into the yard or on your porch to enjoy the sunshine and fresh air as you relax. You may even want to toss it in your trunk or cargo area and use it when you’re camping with your friends. Moon Pod chairs are great for use in any situation or space where you want to get comfortable and relax while also reduce your pain.
You can do dozens of things in a Moon Pod chair and use it anywhere in your home.
Where Can You Use Moon Pod Chairs

Super Moon Pod Chair Review

Do you find yourself looking at the Moon Pod chair and wishing that it was a little bigger? The brand has you covered with the Super Moon Pod. Though the company talked about this chair for many months and teased customers about it, the site added the chair to its inventory in 2020. You can now bring home a Super Moon Pod and have enough room for you and someone special. Whether you want to cuddle with your kids or get cozy with your significant other, the Super Moon Pod offers all of the room that you need.
This chair has all of the features of the standard seat, including an ergonomic design and high-density beads. The biggest change is that it doubles the footprint of the chair to provide room for two adults. You might want to read while your partner plays a game or cuddle as you watch the latest HBO Max show. This chair comes with a larger cover that you can remove for washing. You do need to assemble this chair at home as the brand cannot ship it assembled. Most found that it only took them around 30 minutes or less to slip the cover onto the chair and get it set up in their homes.

The Super Moon is available in Cosmic Ash, Moon Indigo and Space Gray.

Super Moon Pod Chair Review
Super Moon Pod Chair Review
Super Moon Pod Chair Review

Who’s This For?

Sciatica is a medical condition that affects the sciatic nerve. As this nerve runs through a good portion of your body, you may feel pain or a pins and needles sensation in your back and down through your legs. Some found that the Moon Pod chair helped with their pain more than using a heating pad or ice packs did. It’s also a good choice for those who suffer from neck pain due to stress and those who struggle with other types of back pain. This chair uses an ergonomic design and beads that surround your body with all of the comfort that you need.
Moon Pod chairs are also suitable for those dealing with circulation issues. Poor circulation can cause your feet and legs to swell and may lead to varicose veins. You may find that you have a hard time breathing because your lungs cannot fully expand, too. These chairs help you lift your legs and get them into a good position to improve your circulation. Some users found that the chairs helped reduce their symptoms in as little as a few weeks. These chairs are good for those who need help relaxing and getting comfortable at home, too.
Who's This For
Swollen feet are a common sign of poor circulation.

What is the Moon Pod Crescent?

As you browse the Moon Pod website, you will come across a product called the Crescent. Designed for those who need more back support, this is essentially a twist on the classic back pillow. Its name comes from the crescent shape of the pillow, which you can set right on top of your Moon Pod. The pillow serves as a backrest and has arms that allow you to rest your arms. It works on any type of surface beyond your chair, too. You can use the Crescent in different ways, including:
  • For extra support when you read
  • When you want to surf the web on a tablet or laptop
  • If you want some extra structure when laying in bed
  • To prop up your body as you play video game
  • When you need help getting in the right position
Some people find that Moon Pod chairs sit too low to the ground and that their backs need more support. It’s easy to use the Crescent to get more support and lift you higher off the ground. This pillow is easy to use with a Moon Pod chair or your bed. You can even pick from different cover options to match the pillow to your chair.
What is the Moon Pod Crescent

Should You Buy the Lunar Lift?

Another product available from Moon Pod is the Lunar Lift. Similar to an ottoman, the Lunar Lift serves as a footrest. It lifts your feet slightly higher than the base of your Moon Pod chair, which promotes circulation. Some found that it raised their feet to the same level or slightly higher than their heart. When used with your chair, the Lunar Lift gives the complete zero-gravity experience. You may find that your back and neck feel better and that the stress of the day no longer bothers you when you use the two together.
The Lunar Lift comes with a washable cover that is easy to put on and pull off. This cover is available in five colors that match the covers for the standard Moon Pod chair. It comes in handy if you have pets that shed or worry about spills staining your footrest. The Lunar Lift is eight inches tall and has a diameter of 20 inches, which is more than enough for your feet. You can even use this ottoman as a small table to keep things nearby when you don’t need to elevate your feet. Order the Lunar Lift with your chair or later.
The Lunar Lift works with Moon Pod and Super Moon Pod chairs.
Should You Buy the Lunar Lift

Moon Pod Covers

Moon Pod sleeves are the covers that come with the chairs and those that you buy later. If you find that the chair doesn’t quite match your home, it’s easy to go online and buy a new cover.
Moon Pod covers keep your chair safe from pets and accidents. The sleeves come in five colors:
  • Rose Quartz Pink
  • Neptune Blue
  • Cosmic Ash
  • Moon Indigo
  • Ash Gray

We recommend that you pick up at least one extra sleeve when you buy a chair. This allows you to use your Moon Pod when the sleeve is in the wash and also gives you the chance to change the way the chair looks whenever you want. The site also offers sleeves for the Crescent pillow in the same colors to match your pillow and chair. All of these sleeves come with free shipping in the continental United States and are easy to use.

If you get a sleeve that shows signs of wear and tear or doesn’t match your expectations, simply request a refund. You have up to 14 days to return your sleeve for a refund. You can also pay extra for a warranty that covers your sleeve for three to five years.

All sleeves come in five colors to match Moon Pod chairs.

Moon Pod Covers
Moon Pod Covers
Moon Pod Covers
Moon Pod Covers
Moon Pod Covers

Who Would Benefit from Moon Pods?

Anyone who would benefit from a traditional zero-gravity chair would benefit from a Moon Pod chair. Millions of people struggle with sciatica pain every year. It can come on suddenly and affect you for the rest of your life. The pain can worsen with regular activity and hurt, even after you slept for hours. With a Moon Pod, you can reduce some or all of the pain that you feel in your back and the pain that shoots through your legs. Others who would benefit from a Moon Pod include:
  • Those suffering from soft tissue damage in their necks or backs.
  • Professionals who encounter stressful situations daily and don’t know how to cope.
  • Athletes and others with strained or sore muscles who need help relaxing.
  • Those looking for a way to relax at home who want to protect their chairs from damage caused by their pets.
  • Shoppers who qualify for Moon Pod financing and want to make payments on a chair rather than paying the full price when they order.

Thanks to the FAQ section on the website, Moon Pod can answer all of your questions before you order. We recommend using our link to check out the site before you buy a Moon Pod chair.

Who Would Benefit from Moon Pods
The customer gallery makes it easy to find ways to use and rearrange LoveAMoon Pod chairs can help those struggling with sciatica pain.sac products.

What is the Outdoor Cover?

Thanks to its low weight, the Moon Pod chair is suitable for indoor or outdoor use. At only 12 pounds, you may not even need any help picking it up and moving the chair. You can now alleviate your pain and relax in comfort while you chill in the front yard as your kids play or keep an eye on the food cooking on the grill. Before you head outside though, we recommend that you opt for the outside cover. Designed to work on your Moon Pod, it keeps your chair safe from all of the dangers you see outside.
This cover is easy to clean and simply asks that you wipe it down with a wet cloth to remove stains and dirt. It is resistant to water, including splashes from your pool and storms that come through before you can get inside. You can use the outdoor cover on top of your existing cover. Just open the end of the sleeve and slide it over your chair before pulling it tight. This cover can even protect your Moon Pod when you want to lounge on the beach without worrying about sand sticking to the chair. Moon Pod offers the outdoor cover in Space Gray.
The outdoor cover lets you enjoy the benefits of your Moon Pod while outside.
What is the Outdoor Cover

Should You Buy It?

You likely looked at our Moon Pod review because you wanted to know if you should buy it and if the chair was worth the money. To show you why you should buy this chair, we’ll look at some of our favorite features of the chair and the brand.

Free Shipping

One thing that we like about Moon Pod is that you can see if you qualify for free shipping before you order. Unlike other sites that only offer free shipping when you spend a certain amount, Moon Pod offers free shipping on all orders. You just need to live in the lower 48 states to qualify. If you live in Alaska or Hawaii, the site will tell you how much it costs to ship your order before you place it. You do not need to track down a promo code or worry about placing your order within a certain time frame to get free shipping.

Easy Returns

Moon Pod offers easy returns if you aren’t happy with your chair. You may find that it isn’t quite as comfortable as you expected or that the chair isn’t large enough for you. To file a return, simply contact customer service. Moon Pod has a live chat option that pairs you with a rep and also allows you to call over the phone. You have 14 days after your order arrives to file a return. Moon Pod requires your RMA number, which you can find on your receipt. The return window is separate from the optional warranty that you can add to any product.

Optional Warranty

Speaking of the optional warranty, Moon Pod offers this plan for those who want to save money in the future. The warranty comes from Mulberry, which is a separate company that works with the site. You can sign up for a three-year warranty or choose one that lasts for five years. Once your chair arrives, you need to register it with Mulberry. If you want to file a claim, simply go online and log in to your account. You can click on the product and state why you need to file a claim. Moon Pod will send you a new product within a few weeks.
Optional Warranty

Sales and Discounts

When you visit the Moon Pod website, you’ll find that it shows the retail price of each product along with the sale price. There is almost always a 25% off sale, which significantly drops the cost of the chairs and most accessories. You can get a Super Moon Pod or basic Moon Pod chair without breaking the bank. Don’t worry if you don’t find a sale when you visit because there are loads of promotions and discounts available every day. You can get a coupon code through the site’s mailing list or look for coupons on the top of the homepage.

Fast Shipping

Moon Pod competes directly with Lovesac, which makes modular furniture that is comfortable and easy to use. When you buy from that site, you’ll often find that shipping takes four to six weeks or longer depending on the covers and products that you buy. Moon Pod ships much faster and can usually get a chair to you within a week. Thanks to the order tracking option, you can track your purchase. You click on a link on the homepage and enter the tracking number on your digital receipt to see how far away your chair is and when it will arrive.

First Responder and Other Discounts

Many people qualify for discounts on top of the sale prices that Moon Pod offers.
First Responder and Other Discounts
The outdoor cover lets you enjoy the benefits of your Moon Pod while outside.

High-Density Beads

If you ever sat on a bean bag chair before, you probably remember how the beans inside deflated with time. Those beans eventually stop supporting your body and can even come out through slashes in the fabric or holes near the zipper. Moon Pod uses high-density beads that last longer than traditional beans do. You don’t need to worry that they’ll lose their firmness or become flat. As soon as you sit down, the beads mold to the shape of your body and form an ergonomic design around you. No matter how often you use it, you’ll find that your chair offers the support that you want.

Long Lasting

We like that Moon Pods last longer than standard bean bag chairs do. Not only will you get more use out of your chair than you expected, but you can also replace pieces as needed. It’s easy to get a new cover in the same color that you initially choose or a new color. You might decide to grab a cover in a new color when you change your bed linens or add new living room decorations. Moon Pod also has plans to add replacement fills in the future. This will let you get new beads for your chair for any reason.

Washable Covers

No matter how careful you are, you cannot control how careful others are. Have you ever had a party and watched in horror as a friend spilled beer or another drink on your new couch? Thanks to the washable covers that come with Moon Pod chairs, you don’t need to worry about stains. It takes only seconds to peel off the cover and throw it in your washing machine. All of the covers are resistant to fading and other common issues. You can also remove and clean your cover if you notice bad odors around your chair.
You can clean Moon Pod covers in any type of washing machine.
Washable Covers


Many people like traditional bean bag chairs because they only weigh a few pounds. You can easily grab one and toss it in a corner or get it out of your way. Though Moon Pod chairs have a zero-gravity design, they weigh less than you might think. At only 12 pounds, they are among the most lightweight chairs of this type on the market. You shouldn’t have any problems carrying it from your bedroom to your living room to relax while watching television. It’s just as easy to carry it outside to enjoy the weather or put it in your car.

Lots of Color Options

Most zero-gravity chairs come in a limited range of colors. You might have two choices for the finish on the arms and three choices for the color on the seat. Moon Pod offers five colors options for its popular chair, including pastel shades of pink and blue along with deep shades of gray. If the Super Moon Pod is a better option, you’ll find that the cover is available in three colors. The covers allow you to buy a new chair and match it to other furniture in your home or some of your favorite decorations.

Good Support

On a scale of support from one to 10, Moon Pod ranks somewhere in the middle. While it isn’t as firm as the mattress in your bedroom, it’s not as squishy or soft as the couch is in your living room. The chair has a unique design that reduces tension around your pressure points. Whether you sit or recline, you may find that the chair carries away tension and stress. The design also uses ergonomics to ensure that it matches the natural curve of your spine and the position of your legs. This gives you more support while also helping you stay comfortable.
Good Support
Moon Pods offer much more support than standard bean bag chairs do.

Safe for Kids

Many parents love that they can safely sit on a Moon Pod chair with a child without worrying about what might happen. The basic chair is large enough for most adults and may have enough space for you to hold a child in your lap. With the Super Moon Pod, you get tons of extra space that you can share with up to two kids. These chairs are also safe for you to place and use in a child’s bedroom. Keep in mind that Moon Pods are not suitable for infants though. You should never let an infant or baby sit in one of these chairs unattended.

Lots of Accessories

We also like that Moon Pod offers quite a few accessories that you can use with the Moon Pod or Super Moon Pod. One option is the Lunar Lift, which serves as an ottoman. It’s the same height as the base of your chair and lets you lift your feet to reduce swelling and combat other symptoms of poor circulation. With the outdoor cover, you can enjoy everything you love about your chair while you’re sitting outside and protect it from all types of water. Moon Pod also has the Crescent, which is a pillow that adds extra support for your back and arms.

Payment Plans

Do you love Moon Pod chairs but don’t have $300 or more sitting around that you can spend on a new chair? As long as you have a credit card or debit card, you don’t need to worry. Moon Pod works with afterpay, which lets you set up a new account and link the card that you want to pay with to your account. You then make a payment when you order and a payment of the same amount two weeks later. The payment plan divides your total amount into four payments that it will charge to your card every two weeks until you pay off your purchase.
All you need is a credit card or debit card to qualify for a payment plan.
Payment Plans

Cons to Consider

We also wanted to take a moment to discuss what we didn’t like about the Moon Pod, including the high price tag. It can easily cost $2,000 or more to bring home a traditional zero-gravity chair. The $400 price tag on the Moon Pad makes it seem affordable, but it still may not fit your budget. Another issue is that the chair can only support 300 pounds. Though the brand claims that people of all sizes and those over 6’5” can fit comfortably in the Moon Pod, not everyone has the same experience. Some found that they couldn’t use the chair the way they wanted and that it limited the positions they could use. Other complaints that we found about Moon Pod include:
  • Those with mobility issues have a hard time getting in and out of the chair.
  • If you decide to return your Moon Pod, the brand may charge you a high restocking fee.
  • Some users found that it didn’t offer as much support as they expected or needed.
  • Many customers had problems getting in touch with Moon Pod customer service.
  • You need to assemble the Super Moon Pod chair, which can take some time.
  • Moon Pod does not offer price adjustments if your chair later goes on sale.
Cons to Consider
When you compare the pros and cons, you may find that a bean bag chair is a better option than a Moon Pod chair.

Where to Buy

Though you can walk into any store such as Walmart and find bean bag chairs for sale, you won’t find the Moon Pod available in as many stores. We recommend that you shop on the official site to make sure that you buy from the best source. This allows you to look at all of the available products and read reviews by customers who bought those items. They often mention the benefits that they found and their favorite things about the chairs along with everything they didn’t like and features they thought needed improvement. We found other benefits to buying from the Moon Pod site, including:
  • You can find out how the financing program works and apply to see if you qualify within minutes.
  • The Moon Pod website often runs promotions that let you save up to 25% off any chair and all accessories.
  • If you have questions about the chairs, you can find answers in the FAQ section.
  • Moon Pod lets you chat with customer service reps in real-time and get help as quickly as you need it.
  • You can learn more about the optional warranty and how it works before adding a warranty plan to your order.
There are many benefits to buying directly from Moon Pod.
Where to Buy

How Much Does It Cost?

One of the top questions on your mind is how much a Moon Pod chair costs. The basic Moon Pod retails for $399 and comes with a cover in one of five colors. You have the chance to pick the color that you want. The Super Moon Pod is more expensive and sells for $675. It also comes with a cover, but Moon Pod only offers this cover in one of three colors. Keep in mind that the site often runs sales when you can take 25% off either chair, which will bring your price down to $299 for the Moon Pod and $499 for the Super Moon Pod. Your order comes with free shipping, too. Some of the prices that you’ll pay for other products include:
  • Crescent: $169
  • Lunar Lift: $198
  • Outdoor Cover: $149
  • Moon Pod Sleeve: $89
  • Super Moon Pod Sleeve: $109
  • Lunar Lift Sleeve: $49
  • Crescent Sleeve: $49

During sales, you can get some of the sleeves for as little as $39 and save on any other accessories that you need. We also recommend signing up for the Moon Pod email mailer. This makes it easy for you to find out about sales before they start.

How Much Does It Cost
Moon Pod customers who receive the site’s mailers know about sales before anyone else.

Moon Pod Financing

Moon Pod offers financing for those who can’t afford to pay $300+ for a chair today. The company partnered with afterpay to offer simple financing terms. To qualify for financing through afterpay, you must meet requirements, including:
  • Be 18 or older
  • Place an order worth a minimum of $35
  • Set up a free account with the company
  • Have a debit card or credit card that you can use to make your payments

With traditional financing, you receive a set amount of money that you can spend. Every month that you carry a balance on your account, you pay interest on your purchase. With afterpay, you don’t need to worry about paying loads in interest. This company takes the amount of your order and divides it into four convenient payments. You make the first payment today and the other three once every two weeks.

As long as you have an afterpay account and live in the United States, you should qualify for financing. Though you can pay with a debit card, you can also use a credit card and spread out your payments. Moon Pod lets you select the financing option on the checkout page and pay through the company.

Divide your payments into four equal amounts through afterpay.
Moon Pod Financing

How to File a Warranty Claim

When you buy an optional warranty through Mulberry, you get coverage against most issues such as damage that occurs during the shipping of your chair and problems due to manufacturer error. It’s easy to file a warranty claim in a few steps:
  • Find the receipt that you got when buying your warranty and locate your claim number.
  • Contact Mulberry online or over the phone to file your claim.
  • Fill out the form with information about the problem you had with your product and why you need to replace it.
  • Check your email to find out if Mulberry approved your claim.
  • Wait up to 30 days for your replacement product to arrive. Mulberry may repair your chair instead of replacing it.
How to File a Warranty Claim
Use your computer to file a claim and take advantage of your optional warranty in minutes.

The Competition

You should take a look at the Moon Pod competition to make sure that one of these chairs can meet your needs better than another type can. We’ll go over a few of the chairs that might meet your needs below.

Human Touch Perfect Chair

Though the Human Touch Perfect Chair is on the pricey side, it’s a great choice for those shopping for a zero-gravity chair. It comes in a walnut or dark walnut finish and 10 different cover options that all use real leather. The chair lets you take a seat without squatting or feeling as though you might tip over and has a lever on the side that helps you get in the right position. You can lean back and lift your feet in the air or sit upright. This chair features adjustable lumbar support along with armrests that extend to help you feel comfortable.

Sofa Sack Memory Foam Bean Bag Chair

Unlike other bean bag chairs that use some type of beans, this Sofa Sack chair uses memory foam inside. While you get the look of a bean bag chair, the foam molds to the shape of anyone who sits on it and bounces back to support others. The larger size of this chair makes it perfect for a single adult or two adults who want to sit together. It can also accommodate two or more kids. Available in 14 colors, this chair comes in designs that match any room or decorations in your home.

Amazon Basics Outdoor Zero-Gravity Lounge Chair

If you want a zero-gravity chair that you can use outside, consider this Amazon Basics chair. Similar to traditional lounge chairs, it weighs around 16 pounds and folds flat to keep it out of your way. You can easily carry it in your car or RV to use the chair on a camping trip, but you can also keep it on your deck for daily use. The chair features a steel frame that can hold more than 200 pounds and bungees that tie the back and seat to the frame. Pick from multiple colors to match the chair to your outdoor space.

Chill Sack Chair

The Chill Sack Chair is a popular option for those looking for an alternative to traditional bean bag chairs. At 72 inches by 72 inches by 34 inches chair, it is large enough for one adult or an adult and child to sit. You get your choice of covers, which you can spot clean or remove for cleaning in your washing machine. Not only can you choose from different colors, but you can also opt for a faux fur cover. Chill Sack takes memory foam and shreds it into different size pieces that it uses inside each chair. Those pieces mold to your body shape for added comfort.

Final Verdict

As much as you loved bean bag chairs as a kid, you may not love them as much as an adult. You suddenly realize how much energy and effort it takes to simply get down on the floor and get back on your feet again. Moon Pod makes a solid alternative to those chairs with a design that uses zero-gravity elements to help you cope with back and neck pain. This chair is available in a basic design called the Moon Pod for a single user or the Super Moon Pod that can hold two people. Both chairs come with a cover in a fun color that is removable and washable.
Thanks to the various accessories, Moon Pod helps you elevate your feet to improve your circulation and use your chair outside. You can even buy extra covers to change the look of your chair. We like that Moon Pod offers an optional warranty that covers your purchase for three to five years and that you can get convenient financing through afterpay. Designed to keep you comfortable and help with neck and back pain, the chairs are suitable for most people. Use our Moon Pod review to find out more before heading to the site to buy your perfect chair.