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  • Jacob Wilson, iReviews
  • August 19,2022
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I’ve never enjoyed how much time it takes to properly care for one’s lawn without much help. Sure, some people turn it into a hobby all its own and enjoy the excuse to get out around their house, but to others, it’s just a task that eats up so much of the week to keep even a smaller yawn presentable. What doesn’t help is that there is a world of products out there that claim to be the silver bullet to this problem, taking care of your lawn with no effort at all.


Most of these products never work, and there is a reason for it that Sunday Lawn Care cuts right through. Every lawn is different and has differing needs from one another. That’s why Sunday Lawn Care claims to offer a subscription service that will keep the tools you need to care for your lawn, specifically your lawn, in your hand. The question is, how effective can this be when put to the test?

  • Allows for easier care of a lawn
  • Makes for a simple method of getting certain plants
  • Includes ingredients that are environmentally safe
  • Can be tailored to specific lawn needs
  • Packages can be easily damaged in transit
  • Only available in the United States
  • Live packages need to be cared for immediately at arrival
  • Live plants may arrive partially wilted if transit is backed up

Caring for a lawn is a deceptively complex and time-consuming task. Without the help of products like Sunday Lawn Care, even a minimal level of care can eat up most of your free time.

What is Sunday Lawn Care?

Sunday Lawn Care is a subscription service that offers grass seed packs, general weed control, planting options, and other lawn care items. All of this is done without pesticides being shoved into every corner of their products as is common in the lawn care industry.

With environmentally safe products Sunday Lawn Care offers the chance to take the guesswork out of lawn care without bringing in the dangers and health risks of other services. This attention to staying green in more ways than one is what got me the most interested in their products from the start. There is quite a wide range of products to talk about, and that means that whatever a person’s lawn care needs they will find what fits them here.

Sunday Lawn Care First Impressions


To be blunt, one of the packages I received from Sunday Lawn Care was in a terrible state at arrival. The box itself was dented, ripped, and in two spots fully torn open. It was one of the worst states I’ve ever received a package in.


I don’t put the full blame on Sunday Lawn Care for this. A lot of the damage that was done would have been from careless transit out of their hands. What I will say is that upon opening the box I didn’t see much done that helped the plant get around its bumpy trip.


The plant itself was miraculously in an ok state, so I can’t harp on this too much. Some parts of it were a little wilted and needed to be dealt with before I could fully plant it, though. After about a week of it settling into place, it’s done well with daily watering.


I don’t assume that this is the state most people will receive their packages in. What I can assume is that the live plants are shipped in delicate boxes that can easily be harmed along with transit.


The other box I recieved that contained less delicate items was in a perfect state. I suggest if you get anything alive from Sunday Lawn Care that you be prepared to take care for it the second that it arrives at your doorsteps. There is no telling what state it might end up being in by then.

Sunday Lawn Care Sections

Sunday Lawn Care offers a variety of options depending on what it is a person is wanting to do. The best way I’ve found to divide these products up is into four sections gardening, pest control, general lawn care, and live plants.


The gardening section is full of two things, plant food and tools. The plant food can be all-purpose or a more focused type for whatever planting needs there are. I’m quite a fan of their small tool section here, as it offers all the basics without stretching out into any gimmicky tools I’ve become accustomed to from these types of sites.

The pest control section is the smallest by far. What it offers is exactly what I would expect with bug-killing sprays. The items of this section focus on dealing with a variety of pests including ticks, fire ants, and mosquitoes


The lawn care section comes with its methods of dealing with pests of the more green variety. Their herbicides come in several forms, but their most popular by far from what I’ve seen is their dandelion killer. Along with this, they sell both fertilizers and products focused on helping damage that pets might do to your lawn.


Lastly, there is the live plants and tree section. This is where the plants themselves are sold by Sunday Lawn Care. The selection is small but covers all the ground you would want to spruce up a lawn with a bit of color.

I think all of the sections cover the basics well enough. The products on offer have good customer impressions backing them up, and I’ve been given no reason to think otherwise myself. They’re simple products that tell you exactly what they’re meant for right on the name, with no trickery about it.

Sunday Lawn Care Close Inspection


Sunday Lawn Care products are all going to have a different feel to them given they have different reasons for existing. From the accounts of others, It’s clear that they handle it well.


Most of these products won’t see results outside of long-term usage, though. There is no magic ingredient that will turn your lawn around overnight. Even if they take some of the work out of the equation it’s still going to be a lot of effort on your part for all the maintenance your lawn requires.

Using Sunday Lawn Care products is no different than using any other. There are no tricks, gimmicks, or secrets behind how they work. It’s all just simple quality, and with a focus on making your lawn the best, it can be.

Who’s Sunday Lawn Care For?

Sunday Lawn Care is for anyone that requires help taking care of their lawn. As a subscription service, it makes sure that its customers get what they need with minimal effort on their part. I also think it’s for people who generally want a steady supply of fertilizers, herbicides, and whatever else Sunday Lawn Care offers.


This is stating the obvious, but Sunday Lawn Care isn’t for people without a lawn. More broadly, I don’t think it’s best for people with small patches of grass that take little time each week to care for. Sunday Lawn Care gets exponentially more helpful the more area you have in your front or backyard.

Where Can You Use Sunday Lawn Care?

It’s easy for me to say that you can use the products from Sunday Lawn Care anywhere where you’ve got the space for a lawn. Even if it’s currently nothing but patchy grass and dirt, Sunday Lawn Care could be the jumpstart needed to get a green pasture going.


With their particular products on sale, it will still take time and effort to get a lawn to peak health, but they take a lot of the guesswork out of it. They also ensure you never forget to get refilled on a product with their subscription service.

General Plant Health

While most of their products are simple aids to your lawn, I do want to give special attention to their live plants. These are a lot more time-consuming than anything else they have and will give you more work throughout the week to maintain their health.

It’s up to you to decide if the extra time is worth it. Some of the plants are low maintenance, but all of them require immediate care when first acquired. My plant even needed a little extra attention with the state it arrived in to ensure it would be in a healthy state.


Be mindful of your purchases is the only other thing I can tell you.

Should You Buy It?

Whether or not I think you should buy Sunday Lawn Care products comes down to your personal needs. Obvious stuff like not having a lawn aside, if you genuinely don’t care about the state of your lawn beyond it being up to code then you might not have a reason to dig in here.


If what you want is a nice-looking lawn that you can reasonably maintain in the long term, I think this is for you. The products make maintaining peak conditions more manageable and less time-consuming over the course of weeks and months.


These are especially good products for maintaining your lawn if you have pet damages to deal with. I know well that animals like dogs like to leave patches of grass damaged. With a little help, these sections of your lawn can be brought back to decent health.

How To Buy Sunday Lawn Care

The best place to buy Sunday Lawn Care products and their subscription services is from their website here. I don’t see any reason to try to get their products anywhere else or secondhand, so your best bet is to go right to the source.


The website’s products are sectioned into four areas under the shopping section. This makes finding what you need there simple and quick and lets you focus on what you know your lawn needs

How Does Sunday Lawn Care Compare to the Alternatives

Compared to the competition there are several green marks I have to give to Sunday Lawn Care. The first is the lower risks and damages of their bug killers.


While I’m always wary of what is put into any bug-killing formula, from what I’ve been able to gather Sunday Lawn Care’s products are much less harmful than traditional pesticides. Any company that is still offering traditional pesticides that are known to be harmful simply doesn’t care about the long-term health of your lawn I feel.


A point I have to knock against Sunday Lawn Care though is the price. Compared to other yearly subscription services, such as Gnome’s Magic Lawn Plan, the cost is immense. While others offer prices in the lower hundreds, Sunday Lawn Care can reach several hundred for their more advanced care.


The cost isn’t without reason, though. Sunday Lawn Care offers a more comprehensive and full-set care method than the competition. Other simply send a basic package with general lawn aids, but Sunday Lawn Care puts more care into focusing it on what your lawn needs.

Final Verdict

I find Sunday Lawn Care to be an interesting series of products. The subscription service offers the chance to make lawn care easier for everyone with a small to medium-sized lawn and promises to take a lot of the guesswork out of it.


I can’t call their products anything less than good. The prices aren’t the cheapest, but there is a clear effort to ensure consumers get the best they have to offer. The only gripe I’ve had with them is the state of packaging on arrival, and even that can’t be fully attributed to them.


I would recommend Sunday Lawn Care and their series of products to anyone that is having trouble with taking care of their small to medium-sized lawn. It makes life easier to have a simple method of caring for your lawn over the long term without having to have immense guesswork in what you are doing.


Sunday Lawn Care may not work for those with massive lawns, and clearly, people without lawns do not need it period. For those that fall into the area of small to medium lawns, this can be a godsend, though. Hours of work over months can be shaved off while making your lawn healthier and more vibrant than it has ever been before.

Jacob Wilson, iReviews

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