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  • Jacob Wilson, iReviews
  • August 31,2022
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Truthfinder is a website that comes with several sections and tools that are crafted to help it achieve its goal. That goal is to find out any and all public information that exists on a person, be it criminal records or social media presence. It’s a lot of stuff to look into, but what do I think about it?


The website has a lot of applications and features that can be mindboggling in itself, but the quality of a website will make it easier to keep track of those aspects. The information they gather can be used to see your own records which is the easiest thing to do. This makes it great for finding a lot about yourself out, but there is much more to it than that.

  • Unlimited searches
  • Allows for self-searching
  • Confirms a secure connection
  • Doesn’t cost anything to try the product out
  • Common names are hard to pin down
  • Self-Search may confuse you for someone else even when all the information you give is correct
  • Specific search types require a subscription
  • Not a tool you should use constantly

There are a lot of records, sensitive information, and important knowledge to keep track of in the modern world. A regular person can only be expected to follow so much of their record, and that’s where an online tool like comes in to help.

Product Features:

  • Background Check
  • Self-Lookup
  • Reverse Phone Lookup
  • Public Record Search
  • People Search

What Is Truthfinder?

There are two main goals I’ve seen behind the function of Truthfinder. The first is to find out what people can find out about yourself and what your publicly available records are. The second is to learn the public records and similar background information of anyone you might know.

These searches can be broad, attempting to overturn every stone that mentions your or someone else’s name. With a subscription, they can be made more narrow to look for specific details like public records, background checks, or who someone is with a reverse phone lookup. All helpful applications when you need to be sure about a person for any reason.

Truthfinder Features

The main features of Truthfinder come in two forms. They have open options that are available for anyone to use free of charge and as much as they like.

These are mostly broad person searches that you can do for yourself or other people. When doing one for yourself it will ask several specific questions about yourself to narrow the search down, and if it doesn’t get you right the first time it only takes a few minutes to try again.

The other form they come in is the more narrow searches that can be far more limited without a membership. These include more expansive reverse phone lookups, background checks with more records, and other bits of data not available with their free search. It’s a good expansion in the number of records they dig into I think, but you should ask yourself how often you will be digging into records to justify the cost.

Truthfinder Test


I’ve found using Truthfinder simple, quick, and easy to redo whenever there is a hiccup. Hiccups feel common, but they tend to be from user mistakes and happen less the more often you use them.


Finding information on myself took three tries to get accurate. This may be thanks to how common of a name I have, especially in my area. Even with my full name it still has a lot of details it needs to know to even try to find the right person.


For less common names it’s a lot easier. Unique names, or ones that you won’t see used more than a couple of times in a single town, get narrowed down fast. It can still miss the mark on occasion, but having basic information on a person before the search makes it easy.


Overall it was a smooth experience getting through the process of searching for myself and a few test people. There isn’t much to complain about other than those occasional hiccups, and I see the value that this product can produce for people who need to search.

Who’s Truthfinder Good to Use For?

I feel there is a wide range that the Truthfinder database can be used. I would caution anyone to limit its use for personal reasons. Find out what your online presence and available records are, know more about people, and try to reconnect with people.


Truthfinder makes it clear that there are people that they not only recommend don’t use their services, but that shouldn’t. There are the obvious ones, such as employers who are not allowed to screen their employees in this manner.

Anything that falls into either a legal grey area or outright illegal use of screening people should be an obvious no-go for this service. Still, I wanted to make sure I made that as clear as possible here so that no one gets the wrong idea about what they should do with Truthfinder.

What Are the Capabilities of Truthfinder?

Truthfinder’s service can reach far and wide to grab a lot of information, but it does have its limits. The biggest one is that it draws solely from US sources. This means that their product does not work for anyone that doesn’t have a record inside the United States.

Along with this, I’ve found that the service can have trouble when it comes to finding individuals with common names. If you don’t have enough exact information about them already it can be hard to pin them down against a backdrop of potentially hundreds or even thousands of people with the same name.

Should You Buy a Membership?

With a portion of Truthfinder’s services open to unlimited uses to the public free of charge, the only purchasing there is to do is getting a membership that opens up further features. The question then becomes, are these added features and deeper insights worth it when you already have access to the basic searches?


That’s a personal question that’s hard to answer, but there are a few reasons the answer may be yes. If you want to keep track of your records without much hassle, have a reason to keep track of open records of others, or want to find an old friend for whatever reason it could be useful to you. Whatever you plan to use Truthfinder for, just remember that you still have to follow laws on who you’re allowed to get information on.

How to Buy a Truthfinder Membership

The only place to get the full membership for Truthfinder is at their website here. You will need to make a login and go through a few steps, but from there you will be able to find the options for either one-month or two-month memberships.

How Does Truthfinder Compare to Other Options?

I see Truthginder as a unique product that offers a niche service. That means that the amount of competition that it has is limited, and tends to be mildly different.


What I like most about Truthfinder compared to the few other options is the access to unlimited free searches. This gives you a good idea of how the service works without the need to sign up. If you want deeper inspections, then you know how well the product works already.


There are a handful of other services that offer similar searches but in different ways. I want to take a look at one that I found particularly interesting in the way they handle their services compared to Truthfinder.


BeenVerified is another person verifier. Their services offer general people searches, phone lookups, and email lookups. A limited amount of options compared to Truthfinder, but it still covers the major options I think most people would be looking for.


What it does offer different than Truthfinder is payment. For the full selection of Truthfinder options, you will have to get a membership, even for a single search. BeenVerified instead offers a one-time fee of a single for each search that you plan to do with their full options.


What this means is that if you plan to do a lot of searching for phone lookups, email lookups, or general people searches, then Truthfinder will quickly be a better deal. If you’re just looking for a handful of searches BeenVerified is suddenly a much better option.


Between these two, which is better comes down to how much you plan to use their services. Constant usage and more options are on Truthfinder’s side, but BeenVerified opens up the door for cheaper searches when you only want to find a couple of pieces of information.

Final Verdict

Truthfinder is a particularly interesting product. It’s something I think you’ll either get a lot of use out of or will use one time and rarely again. Finding people you’ve lost contact with is made a lot easier through this, and keeping tabs on where phone numbers are coming from can suddenly be a bit more possible.

I wouldn’t recommend this to everyone. Like I said before, there are legal grey areas and downright illegal applications when using this product. You can’t use this to screen employees, tenets, or for anything else of that nature.


If you’ve got reasons to be searching through records and don’t want to do it yourself though, then this can simplify the process. I’d recommend it based on the quality of the searches.


If finding information on people or reverse phone lookups are features that you will find ample amounts of usage out of, then there is no better service out there that I’ve yet to find. It’s a niche product, but it fills its niche well.


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