Air Dragon Review 2021



Price 96%
Reliability 92%
Design 95%
Compatibility 97%
Ease of Use 96%
Value for the Money 95%

Advertising Disclosure: Many or all of the companies featured provide compensation to us. These commissions are how we maintain our free service for consumers.  Compensation,  along with hours of in-depth research, determines where & how companies appear on our site.

Advertising Disclosure

Many or all of the companies featured provide compensation to us. These commissions are how we maintain our free service for consumers. Compensation, along with hours of in-depth research, determines where & how companies appear on our site.




For inflating car tires and filling up other items, few products can compare to the Air Dragon compressor. It is both handheld and portable to help you get jobs done without relying on a heavy tool. With an automatic shutoff and other features, it’s worth the low price.

Air compressors are a must-have for most auto mechanics and workshops. They know that they can pump up a tire in minutes and help their customers get back on the road again. Buying one of these machines can cost quite a bit of money though, especially if you never looked at one before. Bringing home even a base model such as those you see at Auto Zone can cost you a few hundred dollars. That machine will also take up so much space in your garage that you need to find a new place to park your car or rearrange all the other tools that you use.

A leading alternative to those typical air compressors is the Air Dragon, which is both a handheld and portable air compressor. Not only can you keep it tucked away on a shelf in your workshop or garage, but you can also keep it in the trunk of your car to use while you’re on vacation or on the road. It helps you take care of minor tire damage and repairs without waiting for roadside assistance to arrive. In our Air Dragon review, you’ll find out what this handheld air compressor does and the reasons why it’s worth the manufacturer’s retail price.

Air Dragon Review
Air Dragon is one of the most compact yet powerful air compressors on the market.

What is the Air Dragon?

The Air Dragon is a lightweight and portable air compressor designed for use on the go and at home. One of its main selling points is that it’s a handheld unit. With other air compressors, you need to run a hose from the machine to the tire or other item that you want to inflate. Depending on how close you are and whether there are any kinks in the line, you may not get as much air pressure as you need. Some of the top features of the Air Dragon include:

  • It’s lightweight and weighs less than traditional air compressors do
  • You can use it to inflate a tire or a kid’s toy
  • The low price makes it affordable for any budget
  • Once you set it to the pressure that you need, it shuts itself off when it reaches that level

Even if you rarely watch television, you might come across ads for the Air Dragon. Those ads often run in the middle of the night during infomercials that show it in action. The manufacturer hired actors and a presenter to go over some of the benefits of the air compressor and to show others how it works. Several million of those tools sold since it first appeared on television, but thousands of customers found out about it through others as well as online ads. Air Dragon is one of the best products from the As Seen on TV line because it performs nearly as well in person as it does on television. You can find out more in our Air Dragon review.

The Air Dragon has a built-in case that stores the hose and other supplies you need to save space.

Air Dragon Review

How Can You Use the Air Dragon?

A nice benefit of the Air Dragon is that you can use it on almost anything that needs inflating. Have you ever got up to go to work in the morning and found that your tire was flat because you ran over something the night before? It’s even worse when you have a flat tire at work because you need to call for help and wait for them to arrive. If you take your car on vacation, you might find yourself stuck in a parking lot or on the side of the road due to a flat tire. Air Dragon can easily inflate the tire and get it to a safe PSI for the road ahead.

The Air Dragon does more than just inflate the tires on your cars and other vehicles. You can use it on all the inflatables that you love using during the warmer months. Kids will love how quickly you can inflate an old swimming pool or the fun toys that they use in a pool as well as their basketballs. Those who love camping can get some use out of the portable air compressor too. It can fill a twin or double mattress without requiring a power outlet.

How Can You Use the Air Dragon?

The Air Dragon can quickly inflate all the toys that you use in the pool.

Where Can You Use the Air Dragon?

At first glance, you might think that you don’t need the Air Dragon. You assume that you can call your insurer or AAA and have someone come to you to fix a flat tire. What you might not think about is how long the process takes. On a busy day, you might wait for hours just for a service truck to get your location. As long as the Air Dragon has a charge, it can quickly inflate your tire to the appropriate pressure rating and help you get out of a sticky situation. Though it doesn’t provide enough pressure for all types of tires, it can handle most car, bike and motorcycle tires.

This is also a handy tool that you can use around the house. Not only can you inflate tires on old cars that you want to sell and take care of flats that seemingly appear overnight, but you can help your kids have fun outside. It’s perfect for inflating a swimming pool at the start of the hot season and blowing up the inflatable toys that your kids play with in the pool. You’ll have no problem using the Air Dragon to inflate the mattress that you take on a camping trip either.

With the Air Dragon and an inflatable mattress, you can make your next camping trip a little more comfortable.

Where Can You Use the Air Dragon?

Who’s This For?

Do you love camping but hate the way your back feels after sleeping on the cold and hard ground? With the Air Dragon, you just pop in the hose, attach it to the plug and inflate your camping mattress. It usually takes 10 minutes or less, but the process may take a little longer depending on the size of your mattress. As it does not require a power supply, you can use the Air Dragon when you’re in a primitive campsite with no electricity. It’s also great for filling up the inflatable toys that you want to play with in the lake or river. You don’t need to worry about filling them up before your trip or sacrificing space in your car.

We also recommend the Air Dragon for those who don’t want to waste money on a roadside assistance plan, which can cost more than $100 a year per person or vehicle. You can pop the portable air compressor in your trunk and give it a charge before your next trip. If you get a flat tire, you can easily inflate it enough to get to a shop where you can get it patched or buy a new tire. No matter where you go, the Air Dragon goes with you.

Who’s This For?

Don’t let the desolate desert or jungle stand in your way. The Air Dragon goes everywhere you go.

How to Use the Air Dragon

Using the Air Dragon compressor is a snap because you only need to go through a few steps. Before using it, you’ll want to pop off the bottom to reveal the hidden storage inside. This lets you grab the right adapter and connect it to the front as well as attach the hose. You may want to turn on the built-in LED light too if you’re working in an area that is dark or has a limited amount of light. The other steps are just as easy to follow:

  • Remove anything plugged into the cigarette lighter or adapter in your car and plug in the cord for the Air Dragon
  • Press the round button on the front of the air compressor and use the arrow buttons to set the pressure or PSI that you need
  • Use the adapter or hose that you need to the front of the tool
  • Plug in the Air Dragon and let it run

With the Air Dragon, you can monitor the pressure on the digital screen to see it change and reach the level that you want. You can take your eyes off the tool to focus on your kids or talk to a friend because it shuts off when it reaches that level. As soon as it turns off, you’re ready to go.

Anyone can use the Air Dragon compressor because it only takes minutes to master.

How to Use the Air Dragon

Should You Buy It?

Before buying the Air Dragon air compressor, you might wonder what its top features are and what customers liked about it once they used it at home. We’ll use this section of our Air Dragon review to go over all the top features of the air compressor that make it worth the money.

Ergonomic Handle

Using any type of air compressor can be a hassle because of how much it makes your hand hurt. Many of the larger tools require that you squeeze the trigger and apply pressure on the handle, which can make your hand scream in pain by the end of the job. The ergonomic handle on the Air Dragon reduces that problem and lets you inflate as many things as you need to without your hand cramping. Even if your kids want all their toys inflated or you need to fill out a big swimming pool, you’ll feel comfortable at the end of the day.

Should You Buy It? - Ergonomic Handle

Micro Compressor

Air Dragon features a micro compressor inside that performs nearly as well as a large air compressor can. It’s worth noting that it won’t fill up those huge tires that you see on trucks and that it might struggle to fill a swimming pool that can hold more than a few people. This tool is best for simple jobs such as inflating the toys your kids want to take to a friend’s pool and filling up a tire with a slow leak. The micro compressor inside responds quickly and completes most jobs in 10 to 15 minutes or less.

How to Check Your Tire Pressure

  • Let your car sit for at least three hours before checking the tire pressure, which gives the tires time to cool down
  • Place the end of the gauge into the valve stem on the tire
  • Check the gauge to see the pressure it registered
  • Look in your manual to see what pressure your tires should read
Should You Buy It? - Micro Compressor


The typical air compressors that you used in the past can easily weigh 50 to 100 pounds with some weighing even more. You might laugh at the idea of dragging that tool on your next camping trip or trying to fit it into your car before setting off on vacation. Air Dragon has a lightweight design that makes it one of the best air compressors to take with you. Even with the included adapters and accessories, the whole box weighs right around two pounds. That makes it the perfect size for storing in a backpack or knapsack too.

Should You Buy It? - Lightweight

Built-In Storage

Have you ever bought a tool before because you loved all the added accessories that came with it? After using that tool a few times, you probably found that half those accessories wound up at the bottom of your toolbox or missing somewhere around your house or garage. All the accessories that come with the Air Dragon are almost impossible to lose because this tool has built-in storage. You’ll simply press on the switch near the bottom of the tool to pop it open and remove the accessories. With a little bit of pressure, you snap the bottom back on just as easily.

Should You Buy It? - Built-In Storage

Manual vs. Digital Tire Pressure Gauges

A manual tire pressure gauge looks like an ordinary pencil. When it finishes reading your tire pressure, a piece on the end will pop up and show you the pressure reading. Digital tire pressure gauges are often easier to use. They have a digital screen that displays the reading seconds after you insert it in the valve stem.

Car Outlet Cable

You won’t worry about trying to find an electrical outlet to use an air compressor when you opt for the Air Dragon. This portable air compressor comes with a 14-foot long cable that connects to a 12V outlet. As long as you have an open and working adapter in your car, you can plug in this cable and get all the power that you need. This adapter serves as the cigarette lighter in older cars and will require that you remove the lighter piece to plug in the cable. Newer cars often have several outlets around the dash and console that you can use.

Digital Pressure Gauge

Whether you’re working in the middle of the day or the middle of the night, you can use the Air Dragon. It features a digital pressure gauge, which is one of the first things you’ll notice when you take it out of the package. This gauge appears on the side of the compressor and allows you to see it as you inflate an item. Though the digital pressure gauge shows the PSI that you set when using it, you can also press another button and view the current pressure. This gives you an idea of how far you have left to go.

What is the Maximum Pressure That Your Tires Need?

The maximum pressure that each tire should have will depend on the type of tires and vehicle that you have. It should never climb above 44 to 51 PSI. Your car’s manual will list the ultimate pressure rating for your car.

Automatic Shutoff

Why struggle with an air compressor that requires constant checking and rechecking? Some of these machines ask you to stop in the middle of a job to check the air pressure in your car. If you add too much air, the tire can wear unevenly and may even burst on the open road. Air Dragon asks that you set the pressure to the maximum level that you want before plugging it into the tire. Once it hits that level, it automatically shuts off. This feature works on all types of tires and when you use Air Dragon with other inflatables.

Built-In Light

Don’t worry about finding a light and trying to hook it up when the sun is setting or it’s completely dark outside. With the Air Dragon, you don’t need any type of light source to inflate a damaged tire. This air compressor features a built-in LED light that sits on the front of the tool and just below where you plug in your adapter or hose. The light shines bright enough that it illuminates both the object that you need to work on and the area around you. You’ll have no problem seeing everything that you need to see.

Signs You Have Low Tire Pressure
  • You find that you use more fuel than you did before and that you don’t get the fuel economy that you should
  • It’s harder to go around turns
  • The car has a difficult time coming to a sudden or complete stop
  • You hear a slight flapping sound when you drive
  • The car doesn’t move across surfaces as smoothly as it did in the past
  • It feels as though the car pulls to one side as you drive

Included Adapters

One of the biggest reasons why the Air Dragon beats other portable air compressors is because of the included adapters. You don’t need to rummage through your toolbox or head to a store to find the right adapter to inflate the objects around your home. It comes with one slightly larger adapter that you can easily insert into your tire plug before inflating it. Another of the included adapters has a long and thin piece of metal attached to the top. This is the perfect adapter to use when inflating basketballs and toys with thin air holes. The adapters also work on air mattresses.

Flexible Hose

You might love the air compressor you have in your garage because it has a long hose that lets you work anywhere inside or out. Air Dragon comes with both a 14-foot long cable and a flexible hose. That cable allows you to inflate toys and mattresses without worrying that you might accidentally pop the plastic on your hot car. The included hose is so flexible that you can easily work it around the rim of your tire and even the hubcap. This ensures that you can get to the right spot on your tire to inflate it.

Signs That Your Tire Pressure is Too High
  • The car jumps or bounces across the road as you drive
  • You need to give yourself more time to stop
  • It feels as though you’re higher off the ground than you were before
  • You don’t feel as comfortable in your car, which is due to the distance that it sits off the ground

Are There Any Cons to the Air Dragon?

Despite all the positive reviews, we found and the information we shared in our Air Dragon review, we found some customers who weren’t quite as satisfied. One of the main complaints was about how long it took to inflate objects. Some found that even after 10 to 15 minutes of continuous use that their tires still weren’t at the maximum PSI. One reviewer said that he took it to a shop that found the settings on the compressor were different from the results. While it stated that the tire was fully inflated, it didn’t hit the PSI that it needed.

There were also issues with the design of the air compressor, especially the plastic housing. Some thought that this made it look cheap. Others complained that it broke when they dropped it just a few inches off the ground. We also found a reviewer who said that it threw it in the trash after using it once because it didn’t perform the way the manufacturer stated and they wanted a high price to ship it back. You’ll want to think about those cons and some of the other cons that we listed below when deciding whether to buy the Air Dragon compressor.

Other Cons of the Air Dragon
  • Hose can break on simple jobs
  • Not strong enough for all types of inflating
  • Doesn’t work on large or heavy tires
  • May get too hot to handle as it runs
  • Does not always shut off the way it should
  • Some received broken or damaged air compressors in the mail

Top Reasons to Love the Air Dragon Portable Air Compressor

  • Built-in storage compartment: Keep all the adapters that you need for inflating objects around your house in a safe space thanks to the built-in storage compartment, which is easy to both open and close.
  • Ergonomic design: Many people compared the Air Dragon to a cordless drill the first time they saw it. That design also makes it more ergonomically friendly and allows you to use it for longer periods with less discomfort and pain.
  • Works on all types of tires: If you love hitting the trails on a mountain bike, you’ll love how quickly the Air Dragon inflates your flat tires. It also works well on other types of bike tires, including road and trail bikes. You can use it to inflate car and motorcycle tires too.
  • Compatible with car adapters: Don’t worry about where your group wants to camp or how far electrical outlets are from the beach. With the Air Dragon, you can plug into the adapter or cigarette lighter in a car and inflate toys, swimming supplies and other items without using any electricity. You can even use the Air Dragon to inflate life vests and water wings for your kids.
  • No complex steps: It takes just a few basic steps to use the Air Dragon, including plugging it into your car and finding the right adapter to use on the end. Once you set the pressure on the digital screen, the compressor will slowly force air into the object and turn itself off when it’s done.
Can You Use the Air Dragon to Inflate Balloons?

You can use the Air Dragon to inflate balloons when decorating for a party. Keep in mind that it uses air and not helium, which means that the balloons will not rise into the air. The air compressor comes with a dedicated adapter for balloons.

Top Reasons to Love the Air Dragon Portable Air Compressor

Where to Buy

Many As Seen on TV products are only available from select sources. Some companies only sell those products on TV, which means that you need to call a phone number and wait on hold to deal with a pushy sales rep before placing an order. Buying the Air Dragon is much easier because you can buy it right here. The original retail price is $39.99, but when you buy from an infomercial, you need to pay for shipping and handling too. Buying through our link lets you pay the base price for the tool and skip the high shipping and handling charges. If you have Amazon Prime, you even get free shipping on your order.

Your Air Dragon will come with all the extra supplies that you see on television, including a built-in LED light to see your tire as you work on it and a power cable that plugs into your car. This allows you to use the tool when you’re stranded on the side of the road or camping in the middle of the woods and miles away from a power supply. Clicking on our link takes you to the product page where you can read reviews from other customers before placing your order for one or more of the Air Dragon portable air compressors.

Where to Buy

Air Dragon works perfectly to inflate flat tires on new and old vehicles.


Doing a quick search on the web for a portable air compressor will introduce you to a line of products you never knew existed. Many of these tools are similar to the Air Dragon in terms of design. That design includes a trigger that you squeeze to force air through an attached hose. Other portable models are a little larger and better suited for use on your driveway than on a camping trip. As we look at the Air Dragon competition, we’ll focus on portable air compressors with similar and different designs.

Craftsman 6-Gallon Air Compressor

As cable as the Air Dragon is, you may come across jobs that it cannot handle because you need some extra pressure. That’s when you should reach for a larger tool such as the Craftsman 6-Gallon Air Compressor. This air compressor has a pancake design and does not require any general or routine maintenance. With a maximum pressure rating of 150 PSI, it hits the pressure level that you need quickly and keeps you from worrying about over-inflating the item. You’ll also get a handful of accessories that can help you with other tasks, including a blow gun and tire chuck.

Oasser Electric Air Compressor

With the Oasser Electric Air Compressor, you can quickly inflate a ball or any other object that you need. The design mimics that of the Air Dragon and includes a simple trigger that you pull when you need air. It has a solid base that holds the 12V battery and the tools that you’ll use. This air compressor comes with both a storage bag and tooling gloves that fit inside that bag. These gloves help you keep your hands clean as you work on tires and dirty surfaces when you don’t have access to running water.

Avid Power Tire Inflator Air Compresor

One look at the Tire Inflator Air Compressor from Avid Power might make you think that you’re looking at the Air Dragon because the two products are so similar. This air compressor can tackle most types of tires, including those found on motorcycles and bicycles. It doesn’t produce enough pressure to inflate larger tires such as those used on pickup trucks. You’ll also find that it has a few more bad reviews than the Air Dragon does. Many customers were unhappy with the price, which is significantly higher than the price of the Air Dragon compressor.

POTEK Jump Starter Source

A possible alternative to the Air Dragon compressor is this POTEK Jump Starter Source that does more than just help you tackle flat tires. This is an example of a jump starter tool or combo box that has a built-in jump box. When your car battery dies, you can hook up this box and charge your battery in minutes. It lets you inflate a tire to a PSI of 30 in eight minutes or less and comes with charging ports for cell phones and other devices on the front. This handy tool takes up more space but can come in handy during an emergency.

Final Verdict

As Seen on TV products are so popular that some malls now have shops dedicated to those products. You’ll also find some for sale in stores such as Bed, Bath & Beyond, Walmart and Target. If you want to avoid waiting in line and trying to find a good parking spot, you can buy the Air Dragon and similar products online and have them sent to any address that you choose. This handy tool is perfect for those who want to handle tire repairs at home without dealing with expensive tows and trips to the mechanic.

With Air Dragon, you get a portable and handheld air compressor with an ergonomic handle to reduce discomfort and a simple trigger that you hold to inflate all types of objects, including mattresses, pool toys, tires and swimming pools. It’s so easy to use that you may even feel comfortable letting your kids inflate their toys while you mow the lawn. Priced much lower than similar air compressors are, this one can fit in your trunk or a small space in your garage. As long as you have a car adapter that works, you can use it on the go. It’s no wonder why so many customers call the Air Dragon the best portable air compressor on the market.