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  • August 02,2022
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What is Choice Home Warranty?

Choice Home Warranty is a popular choice among homeowners who want to cover unexpected repair costs.


With Choice Home Warranty, you get a company that always has representatives who can talk to you. The company has a long history of helping its customers and completed more than four million requests since it launched. You’ll also find a large network of contractors who work near you and professionals who understand your needs and systems.


Choice Home Warranty offers both a basic plan and an extensive option called the Heavyweight Plan. We’ll go over what both plans include as well as the optional coverage that you can add in our ultimate Choice Home Warranty review.

Get the protection and coverage that you need for any type of home through Choice Home Warranty.

  • Covers both the repairs and replacement costs you face
  • Quickly connects you to experienced contractors working in their network
  • Offers 24/7 customer support 365-days a year
  • Lets you pick optional services to add to your plan
  • Gives you a free quote that shows your cost per month and year
  • No coverage for preexisting issues and conditions
  • Has a maximum limit on how much it will pay towards different jobs
  • Holds you responsible for service call fees

Despite some issues, some people have seen success with Choice Home Warranty. Due to extremely mixed reviews, we highly recommend researching if you are considering using them.

Product Features

  • Plans: Two, Basic and Total/Heavyweight
  • Price: Varies from $400 – 700+ per year
  • Claim Filing: Online and over the phone
  • Replacement Coverage: Yes, if the item cannot be repaired
  • Waiting Period: 30 days unless you had existing coverage
  • Cancellation Fee: $50

Basic Plan vs. Heavyweight Protection Plan

Before we look at the features of Choice Home Warranty, let’s take a look at what you get with both plans.


The basic plan is a good choice if you want to save money and don’t have a lot of modern appliances. Some of the repairs that this plan will cover include those relating to your heating, electrical, and plumbing systems. Choice Home Warranty covers your ductwork, garage door opener, and any ceiling or exhaust fans that you have, too.


If you opt for the Heavyweight Protection Plan, you get the same coverage offered by the basic plan along with coverage for your washer and dryer. Choice Home Warranty will pay for repairs to both your air conditioning system and refrigerator, too.


You have the choice to add optional coverage to either plan if you have other things that you want to be protected. This includes pools or spas, and central vacuum systems.


Choice Home Warranty can also cover a standalone freezer or a second refrigerator you have such as the one you keep in your garage.

With optional services that you can add to your plan, you can get your freezer repaired, too.

How Can You Use Choice Home Warranty?

Once you become a customer, you can contact Choice Home Warranty at the first sign of a problem. Let’s say that you get up one morning and discover that your oven no longer works. You can go online to the Account Center and log in to file a claim instantly.


Choice Home Warranty also allows you to file a claim over the phone at (888) 531-5403. You need to provide some basic information such as what you need help with and any symptoms or signs that you saw. Even if you call in the middle of the night, someone will be available to help you.


Choice Home Warranty will locate an experienced contractor who lives close to your address. Then, you’ll be able to call the contractor and request a service call. The contractor will come to your home and identify the cause of the issue as well as the necessary repair. They may have the parts needed on hand, but they may need to order parts to fix your appliance or system.

Choice Home Warranty can find nearby contractors experienced in any of the repairs that your home needs.

What are the Benefits of a Home Warranty?

Looking at the benefits of a home warranty is a good way to see if Choice Home Warranty is worth the price. Some of the top benefits include:

  • Personalized Plans: One benefit of working with Choice Home Warranty is that you can choose a personalized plan designed for you. When you sign up via our link, you can look over the two plans and pick one that has all of the coverage that you need. You can also add optional services to customize your plan.
  • Cut Back on Expenses: The cost of repairing an HVAC system can easily rise into the thousands, especially if you have a newer or more modern system. You may need to empty your savings account or take out a loan to cover the costs. A home warranty plan will cover most or all of your costs as long as you are up to date on your payments.
  • Find the Right Person for the Job: Finding the right person for the job is often hard. When you search Google for appliance repair, you may not find someone who is familiar with your appliance brand. Choice Home Warranty ensures that you get the repair that you need from an experienced professional.
  • Get Peace of Mind: A home warranty can also give you the peace of mind that you need. Whether an appliance breaks down due to wear and tear or an electrical system requires a major repair, Choice Home Warranty has your back.

Even if you live in a rural area or far from a major city, Choice Home Warranty can find a contractor for you.

Who’s This For?

Many of those who would benefit from Choice Home Warranty are homeowners. Though you might think that you can only buy a policy within a few months of buying a new home, this company offers coverage for all types of homeowners. Even if you moved in a decade ago or longer, you can still sign up and customize a plan. It is also suitable for new buyers who want to avoid some of the unexpected costs associated with owning a home. You never know when your swimming pool motor might fail or your dryer stops working. The right plan will offer all of the protection and security that you need.


We also recommend Choice Home Warranty for those looking to sell their homes. Even if it’s a sellers’ market with homes selling within days, you may find that no one makes an offer on your property. This may occur due to the age of your home or the systems included with it. Adding a home warranty can help you find a buyer faster and make an average of 3% more than you would if you sold your home without a warranty. Whether you want to buy or sell a home in today’s market, Choice Home Warranty coverage is a great option.

Selling your home with a warranty that covers your HVAC system might help you get a better offer.

Who Would Benefit from Choice Home Warranty?

There are multiple people who would benefit from a Choice Home Warranty plan, including:

  •  Homeowners: As we said above, homeowners get peace of mind and freedom from high repair bills with a Choice Home Warranty plan. You can even customize a plan to cover your entire home.
  • Sellers: Those looking to sell their homes can get a better offer when they add a home warranty. Choice Home Warranty allows you to transfer the name of the policyholder to the person who buys the home from you.
  • Home Buyers: When you’re looking for a new home, pay attention to those that come with a home warranty. You don’t need to worry about hidden expenses that might pop up in the future, even if you paid for an inspection.
  • Real Estate Professionals: Realtors and other real estate professionals recommend that their clients buy home warranties. That simple piece of paper can help them find more people who want to buy their clients’ homes.
  • Contractors: Some contractors also buy plans from Choice Home Warranty because they know that they can’t handle all types of jobs. For example, a licensed electrician may need help with a roof leak or a plumbing issue.

You can trust Home Choice Warranty to help you find the right contractor for any type of job.

Do All Homeowners Pay the Same Rate?

When we entered information on the Choice Home Warranty website to get a free quote, we received two estimates. The first came to $610, which was the price we needed to pay upfront for a full year of service. When we clicked on the monthly option, we had the choice to pay around $54 a month for the same coverage.


As we entered different zip codes, we found that the price changed. Choice Home Warranty will first use your zip code to determine your rate. If you live in a rural area, you’ll usually find that you pay less than if you live in a big city.


Another factor that affects your cost is the size of your home. A small one-story home with two bedrooms and one bathroom will cost less to cover than a two-story house with several bedrooms and bathrooms will. Your cost also depends on the type of protection that you want and the plan that you choose. Though you may feel tempted to purchase the basic plan to save money, it may cost you more in the coming months because it doesn’t offer all of the coverage that you need. Don’t forget that adding optional services will also affect your rate.

Though many things affect your home warranty cost, signing up for a basic plan won’t always save you money.

How Much Will Choice Home Warranty Payout?

Choice Home Warranty has a maximum payout, which is the total amount that it will pay towards a repair that you need. This amount may not be enough to cover a total repair. For example, if you have a leaky roof, Choice Home Warranty will pay $500 towards the cost of a roofer examining the roof and determining the repair that you need. You may need to pay thousands of dollars out of your pocket for the full repair that you need. There is also a maximum limit of $250 to diagnose a non-working sump pump and either repair or replace it.


You’ll find similar limits in place for other claims that you make. A good example is a septic pump that stops working. While Choice Home Warranty will pay $500 towards the cost of having a contractor diagnose the issue and decide on the repair, it will pay no more than that amount. The company has the same maximum limit of $500 on well pumps and if the contractor needs to make changes to access a part. There is a maximum of $3,000 on all other items. You can use up to this amount to repair a broken appliance or replace it if needed.

Your warranty offers protection against many problems but has a maximum amount that you’ll get.

Are There Things That Choice Home Warranty Won’t Cover?

We recommend paying attention to some of the things that Choice Home Warranty will not cover. Even if the damage relates to a covered system or appliance, you still need to pay for those repairs yourself. Some of the things that Choice Home Warranty doesn’t cover include:

  • Damage caused by a leaky roof such as drywall rot and foundation cracks.
  • Mold or mildew that develops due to leaks. You may find that your insurance policy will cover this damage.
  • Any type of water damage beyond plumbing repairs. While you can get help paying for a repair to a leaky pipe, you won’t get help paying for any damage caused by the pipe.
  • Insect damage such as broken boards caused by termites. You should always check with your insurer to see if this falls under your insurance policy.
  • Tree damage, including windows broken or roofs damaged by falling trees. This is an example of storm damage, which is a renter’s or owner’s insurance policy should cover.
  • Theft of any of your personal property such as a computer or television. Even if covered damage leaves your home exposed and vulnerable to thieves, you won’t get coverage through your warranty. Traditional insurance should cover the theft.

Choice Home Warranty covers appliances and systems but not mold or theft.

Why Should New Owners Invest in Choice Home Warranty?

In most cases, a home will be the biggest investment and purchase people will make in their life. So, it’s important to make sure such a large purchase is properly insured.


Purchasing a home warranty plan can be tricky to navigate. However, there are some great benefits that come with getting a warranty as a new buyer, including:

  • They will help cover costly fixes.
  • Choice Home Warranty takes the hassle out of finding a licensed and qualified contractor, which can take time if you recently moved to the area.
  • Your coverage includes repairs to appliances that came with your new home as long as they worked when you bought the house.
  • The right plan lets you focus on the excitement of your new home and not taking care of problems that you didn’t expect to find.

As a new homeowner, Choice Home Warranty offers the protection and peace of mind that you need.

Do You Need a Home Warranty if You Already Have Insurance?

When you buy a home, you must purchase insurance before you get the keys. You may also need mortgage insurance, which protects your lender. You can think of a home insurance policy as protection for the structure of your home and a home warranty as protection for some of the things inside. With a home insurance policy, you pay a premium to the company.


It’s often helpful to have both insurance and a home warranty to get all of the coverage that you need. You can file a warranty claim when an appliance breaks down or you have a problem with a specific system. A home insurance policy allows you to file claims and get help with things that your warranty doesn’t cover, including:

  • Broken windows and other damage that your home has due to storms.
  • Thefts that occur when someone breaks in or steals from your property.
  • Termite removal and the extermination of other insects along with repairs of the damage they did.
  • Injuries that others faced when they visited your home.

Though a home warranty and home insurance cover different things, you can benefit from using both.

Should You Buy It?

It’s important to assess your needs as a homeowner and if home warranty even makes sense for you.

Guaranteed Repairs

With some home warranty plans, there is no guarantee that you’ll get the work done that you need. A company might claim that the plan doesn’t cover a certain repair or that you need to pay out of pocket for some of the things that the contractor needs. Choice Home Warranty offers a solid guarantee that a contractor will perform the work that you need as long as your policy covers the repair. The company also guarantees that work for a full 30 days. If anything goes wrong or the repair fails within the next month, you will get your money back.

Choice of Plans

Not everyone who owns a home needs the same level of protection, which is why Choice Home Warranty offers two plans. The first is the basic plan that anyone can afford. It lets you file claims for heating, plumbing and electrical systems along with most appliances, including your microwave and oven. If you feel that you need more protection, the total or Heavyweight plan is your best bet. This allows you to file claims for your freezer and refrigerator along with your washer and dryer. When you get a free quote, you can compare the prices of both plans to see which one fits your budget.

Multiple Reps

One of the best reasons to work with Choice Home Warranty is that the company will assign multiple reps to your claim. Have you ever filed a claim before and watched as it bounced around to different representatives and departments? This can drive you crazy and leave you wishing that you didn’t bother with the claims process. Choice Home Warranty will get to work as soon as you file a claim online or over the phone. It will assign a minimum of two reps to work on your behalf. They not only find a contractor but make sure that the contractor schedules an appointment to come to your home.

Choice Home Warranty assigns you multiple reps to make sure you understand the claims process and provide all of the required information.

Optional Coverage

No matter which of the two plans you choose, you can add optional coverage as needed. Do you have a swimming pool and worry about fixing the liner or paying for a new motor? Not only does Choice Home Warranty offer optional coverage for pools, but you can also pay for a plan with spa coverage. Optional coverage is available for both well pumps and sump pumps as well as central vacuum systems. If you have a freezer that you use to store meat or a second refrigerator for drinks, Choice Home Warranty lets you add coverage for those appliances. Each optional service will add to your rate.

Short Waiting Period

Many home warranty companies have a long waiting period that starts as soon as you become a customer. You may need to wait as long as six months before you can file a claim, which can feel as though you’re throwing away money every month. Choice Home Warranty offers coverage with a short waiting period of only 30 days. If you sign up at the beginning of March, you can file a claim at the start of April. Choice Home Warranty will remove the waiting period if you have coverage from another home warranty company in the past, which allows you to file claims right away.

Leaky Roof Coverage

The coverage that Choice Home Warranty offers for leaky roofs can be both a pro and a con. You get a maximum of $500 that you can use to cover your roof repairs. This comes in handy if the roofer finds that a recent storm tore off a few shingles. It may not help much if the roof discovers that you need a new underlayment or a brand new roof. The money that you get covers only the roof and not any other areas affected by the leak such as mold on your ceiling or rotten drywall. You’re responsible for paying for all of those repairs.

You can easily sign up for a Choice Home Warranty plan anywhere you have access to the internet.

Discounts are Available

One thing that might keep you from buying a home warranty is the cost. Instead of paying $500-600 at the beginning of the year, you might prefer to wait and see if your appliances and systems will last. The average cost of paying for an appliance repair can easily hit a few hundred dollars, with electrical and plumbing system repairs costing even more. Not only does Choice Home Warranty try to keep costs down, but it also offers a few discounts. You might find that you get $30 off when you sign up today. Our link also allows you to get your first month of service for free. This means that you pay one low price for 13 months of protection.

No Inspection Needed

When you buy a home warranty, you often need to arrange for an inspection. This allows a professional to examine your home and determine if it is worthy of coverage. The process is similar to the one you go through when signing up for home insurance. Choice Home Warranty does not require an inspection. Once you answer a few simple questions and submit your payment information, you get a home warranty. You then have to wait 30 days to file a claim unless you had a warranty before becoming a Choice Home Warranty customer. Even if you have an older home that needs some work or you buy a foreclosure, you can buy a policy without an inspection.

Plumbing Coverage

When we looked at the plumbing coverage offered by Choice Home Warranty, we found that it covers more than similar plans do. You can get help when you experience a stoppage or any problem that causes a break in your water line. The plan allows you to get help with leaks up to 100 feet away from an access point, too. This means that a contractor can get under your home to examine the water lines and make any repairs required. Your plan also covers the plumbing valves that you need to supply water to any room in your home, including your bathroom and kitchen.

Your warranty will cover everything from a leaky roof and broken dishwasher to a pool heater and ceiling fan.

Cons to Consider

Limited Coverage

If you need a home warranty, you might look at Choice Home Warranty as one of your best options. Before you request a free estimate or decide to sign up, keep in mind that it does not offer coverage in all states. Those who live in California or Washington cannot use Choice Home Warranty. Similar companies do not offer coverage in those states due to the laws and regulations that they have. Make sure that you check out some of our other home warranty reviews. We make it easy for you to find the type and level of coverage that you need no matter where you live.

No Preexisting Condition Coverage

One thing to keep in mind about a Choice Home Warranty plan is that it does not offer coverage for any preexisting conditions. Let’s say that you just bought a new house and your contract states that the furnace needed a new boiler. If you try to file a claim and a contractor says you need a boiler, Choice Home Warranty will find that you already knew about the problem and refuse to pay for the part. This can also make the company suspicious about other claims that you file and examine them more in-depth. You only receive coverage for systems and appliances that are in working condition.

Maximum Limits

Before buying a Choice Home Warranty plan, keep in mind that the company will only pay a maximum amount to either repair or replace an item. This amount also includes any money needed for a contractor to access the item and diagnose the problem. Let’s say that you have a built-in microwave that stops working. The contractor may charge for the costs incurred to remove the microwave from your cabinets along with the cost of finding out why it no longer works. If you reach your maximum payout, Choice Home Warranty will ask you to pay for the rest of the job.

Service Costs

Home warranty plans sound like a great deal and can often help you save a lot of money. You should keep in mind that there’s no guarantee that the company will pay for everything that you need. The best example of this is the cost of a service call. Most contractors charge a service fee just to come to your home and look at the item in question. This can range from around $50 to more than $100. Choice Home Warranty asks you to pay this amount before your warranty will kick in and cover any other costs that you have.

Cancellation Fees

Though Choice Home Warranty offers great coverage, not everyone finds that they love the available plans. You have the chance to cancel your plan at any time. Even if you paid for a full year in advance, you can simply go online and fill out a form to cancel. While it sounds easy, Choice Home Warranty will charge a $50 cancellation fee to process your request. It will also subtract any months that you already used from your refund. If you paid $600 for a plan in January and canceled in June, Choice Home Warranty will subtract $300 for those months and another $50 to cover the fee. When you pay monthly and cancel, you still need to pay this $50 fee.

The cons of using Choice Home Warranty include the company’s cancellation fee and the service fees you pay to contractors.


There are many companies that compete directly with Choice Home Warranty and offer plans that give you peace of mind. We’ll take a look at the competition to see what they offer.


First American Home Warranty

First American Home Warranty offers plans designed for all types of homes. You can choose from flexible payment options that help you afford a plan and pay when you want. All of the contractors who work with this warranty provider go through an extensive background check to ensure that they can safely spend time in your home. When you file a claim, you can choose from dozens of professional contractors in your area. First American Home Warranty will replace an item if a contractor determines that they cannot fix it. You can save up to $3,000 more on home repairs with this warranty.


Liberty Home Guard

When you choose Liberty Home Guard, you get a company that offers plans starting at only $1 per day, which is more affordable than similar plans. You can choose a plan that offers protection for just the appliances in your home or one for your systems, including your electrical and plumbing systems. There is also a third warranty that covers both. As with Choice Home Warranty, Liberty Home Guard lets you file a claim 24/7. Many customers found that contractors got to their homes in 48 hours or less. As a bonus, you can track your claim through each step in the process online and see what you need to do next.


American Home Shield

You might consider American Home Shield, which offers a range of plans and options. One of the more unique plans will cover any of the electronics that you own such as televisions and computers. The company will cover the cost of the repairs that you need and replace those electronics when needed. You can choose one plan or select multiple plans to get loads of protection. American Home Shield offers plans designed for your electrical system, plumbing system, kitchen appliances, laundry appliances, pool and hot tub or heating and cooling systems. It’s easy to customize the plan to get solid protection at an affordable price.


Select Home Warranty

Select Home Warranty offers a custom quote that takes only minutes to get after you answer some simple questions about your home and what you need. Most of the available plans cover your water heater, heating system, washer and dryer, plumbing systems and kitchen appliances. When you file a claim over the phone or online, Select Home Warranty will go over its large network of professionals and assign an experienced contractor to the job. You need to pay a service fee when the contractor arrives, but your warranty will cover the repair. Select Home Warranty can also replace some items as needed.


America’s First Choice Home Club

America’s First Choice Home Club is unique because you become a member of the club instead of another customer. This helps you find affordable contractors with low service fees who can handle any repairs that you need. While you pay the service fee, America’s First Choice Home Club covers any other costs that you face. Members also receive free credit report monitoring and identity theft protection along with reduced prices on maintenance supplies. You can sign up for a free program to automatically save money when shopping online and get a security system from ADT at a reduced cost.

Final Verdict

Buying a home is both exciting and a little scary. Even if you pay for an inspection and have good insurance, there’s no guarantee that everything will work out for you. So, having a home warranty plan can be helpful to help cover those unexpected repair expenses.


On the other hand, many people have had nightmare experiences with home warranty companies. Although a lot of these services sound great on paper, it’s a different story when it comes to filing a successful claim and receiving the money from it.


Ultimately, everyone’s needs will be different. When it comes to a home warranty, it’s best to still have at least three different options to inquire with and receive quotes.

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