iMemories Review

An easy way to preserve your memories is with iMemories. No matter how many photos or videos you want to save, you can send them in and get copies that you can use at home and share with your loved ones. Just imagine how much your parents or grandparents would love copies of your old family videos. In our iMemories review, we’ll go over how this service works and help you see why it’s worth the money.

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The Classy Home Review: Featuring the Coaster Company Snack Table

The Classy Home was started in 2006 and has grown to be one of the largest online suppliers for home furniture. The Classy Home features products from over 50 different suppliers from brands you already know and trust, such as: Acme, Ashley, Crosley, Home Elegance, and more.

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SkinnyFit Review

SkinnyFit is a brand that makes powders and other products for health and wellness shoppers. You’ll find dozens of teas that detox your body of impurities and supplements you can use before and after workouts. Omar Imani and his brother Anwar Husain launched Smashtech in 2015 in California.


Topicals is a skincare brand that focuses on treating skin conditions. Topicals was founded by Claudia Teng in 2020, making this a fairly new brand. Despite Topicals being a fresh face in the skincare industry, it has become a well-known brand known for its accessibility, inclusion and actual results.

Madison Reed Review

Madison Reed is one of the hottest hair dye brands in the world today. Unlike other dyes that can make your hair look dull or a little brassy, Madison Reed helps you get the best hair color ever that looks natural and flattering. None of the kits contain the harsh chemicals that store-bought dyes do. You can take the quiz if you have questions about which type of dye is right for you and get help choosing the best product. The company will send the dye to your home, which you can apply and get the color that you want in less than 60 minutes.

Fuze Smart Card

Fuze is the latest smart card to run a successful Indiegogo campaign, raising well over what they expected, at over $2 million. Although the technology is not new, Fuze combines 30 cards into one, which is the largest storage on the market today. Get our thoughts about the Fuze smart card regarding its security, main features, and quality.

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Hello Molly Review

Hello Molly is one of the hottest clothing and accessory brands around right now. Hello Molly has a wide selection, from dresses and rompers to tops and bottoms, and even swimwear and activewear.

Dime Beauty’s Cleansing Duo Review

When it comes to skincare, some brands are more eco-friendly than others. Some use fillers and harsh chemicals that can lead to breakouts and irritations. Other brands make products that go through testing on animals or products that only work on a small group of women. Dime Beauty is a wellness brand that makes beauty and skincare products suitable for all skin types. These products address the concerns that you have because they are affordable and cruelty-free. Dime Beauty offers everything from serums and masks to glosses and other beauty products (it’s also worth nothing their lash serum went viral!).