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  • Journi Gillette, iReviews
  • November 03,2022
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What is the Fuze Smart Card?

Smart cards are a few years old in the ever-evolving world of digital finance. Since they’re so new, things can get a little confusing. Smartcards have many different purposes and uses, so it’s important to make sure you find the best one for your needs.


So, what is the Fuze Smart Card?


The Fuze smart card gives users an easy way to store all their card information into one convenient smart card.


The Fuze smart card can hold up to account data for 30 credit cards. Although the company was expected to support EMV chip cards in 2018, according to their website they still do not offer support for those cards.

How to use the Fuze Smart Card?

The concept is simple: add all of your cards to Fuze Card via smartphone app/reader. After that, you can use it like a regular credit card. You just need to remember to charge your card!


One charge takes an hour and a half. It will give the Fuze Card a 30-day life, and if you buy an extra travel charger, it will hold an extra charge for emergencies. But there’s a small button on the card to power it on and off so you can conserve battery life.


It is supposed to work at all ATMs. The uncertainty with the Fuze smart card doesn’t lie in the mag strip technology, which works almost flawlessly. The problem most consumers face is whether the customized chip will work.


The card costs $160, but you can often catch it on sale for $129.

Features of the Fuze Smart Card

Warranty and Refund Policy

The company offers a 90-day warranty for any defective Fuze smart cards. Especially when you consider their return policy. Refunds are processed on a case-by-case basis; a refund may be possible before the card goes into production and shipment. But after the card ships, there are no returns allowed.


Fuze claims that they have a much higher readability rate than other smart cards. However, as mentioned before, there are some customers who experienced problems with the chip. It is one of the most substantial issues with the current version of the card, so hopefully, the makers will address this in future iterations.


The Fuze smart card is waterproof, but don’t leave it in your pocket on laundry day. The washer will destroy the card. It only comes in black (for now), and is the size of a standard credit card. At this time, only one Fuze Card can pair with a Fuze Card app account.


The company tested the card for over six months in South Korea and the United States, so a lot of tweaking and fine-tuning went into the product already to fix numerous issues and bugs.


The company is FCC and ISO certified and legally compliant. All payment information is stored within an encrypted chip, and data is not stored. Additional security measures include separation alerts, card location tracking, remote wipe, and tap code entry on the card.


The app will alert you if your card is on the move without you, so you can take the necessary precautions to secure your wallet. One-time transactions are protected by selecting a single card to use when the card loses its Bluetooth connection. For example, if you give your waiter the Fuze card, the selected payment method locks into place so that your finances are still protected.


Another security benefit is using the Fuze card will help keep your passwords offline. We’ve all heard of data breaches with even some of the most well-known companies.


With the Fuze card, it’s easier to keep track of all your cards, and minimize the number of passwords stored online that contain your sensitive bank information.

Final Thoughts

Although I like this product and think it has great potential for functionality, for now the target audience will be a specific person. In most cases, people don’t mind still carrying their cards in a regular wallet, or even using services like Samsung Pay and Apple Pay right on their phones to make purchases.



Linq isn’t quite the same as Fuze, since their card doesn’t hold other card information, but rather your contact information. Linq Cards are highly customizable and allow you to instantly share your contact card, social profiles, Cash App, Venmo, and PayPal links, websites, and more!

  • Consolidates Credit, Debit, Gift, and Rewards cards
  • Wipe your card remotely through an app if you lose it
  • Supporting Mobile Apps
  • Inconsistency in functioning; chip may be faulty
  • Price

The Fuze Smart Card is a great option for anyone who wants to consolidate all their cards into one convenient smart card.

In the era of mobile banking, things can get overwhelming quickly. There are many different ways to send and receive money, and even cryptocurrency.

Journi Gillette, iReviews

By Journi Gillette, iReviews

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