Dodow Review

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  • June 18,2020
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Trying to fall asleep at night can feel like an impossible task, especially if you have a lot on your mind. The makers of Dodow claim that it’s a helpful product that can help you get enough sleep naturally. Before you throw away your sleeping pills and skip the yoga that you usually do at night, you might wonder how this device works and what it can do for you. Dodow is a type of metronome that helps control your breathing. It also produces a soft blue light that helps you focus on your breathing rather than all of those things running through your mind.


Insomnia is a problem that can occur over the short term or long term. Long-term insomnia can wreak your biological clock and make it nearly impossible to fall asleep at night. You might find yourself wandering through your home or trying old wives’ tales in the hopes of finding a remedy. Dodow is not just for those who suffer from insomnia though. It also helps those going through stressful periods that keep them from sleeping and those who want to get back on the right sleeping track. With our Dodow review, you can see how the metronome works and why it’s worth the investment.

Dodow is easy to use and comes with everything you need to fall asleep

  • Easy and convenient way to fall asleep
  • Features two sleep settings or modes
  • Safe for kids and older people to use
  • Natural remedy for those with sleep problems
  • May not be as touch-sensitive as you expected
  • Lacks the sounds that similar devices have
  • Light does not always function as it should
  • Some thought that the light was too bright

Dodow is a convenient sleep aid that can help you get to sleep through the use of a bright blue light that you see projected above your bed. It’s lightweight enough to use on vacation and is safe for people of all ages.

What is the Dodow?

Dodow is a small device that is easy to use and one that will work anywhere in your bedroom. Unlike other devices such as sleep machines that can take over your entire nightstand, Dodow is so small that you can use it with everything else that you need. Once you set it up next to your bed, you’ll find that you still have space for your phone, clock, a glass of water and anything else that you take to bed. It has a circular design with a touch-sensitive pad on the top. It only takes one touch for the device to turn on and send a blue light onto your ceiling. This light will slowly expand to cover almost your entire ceiling before the size of the light decreases. You will slow inhale and exhale in time with the light to relax your mind and fall asleep.


Though you might think that Dodow is just another sleep device that doesn’t work, you should know that it uses some scientific bases as well as ancient yoga practices. When you’re in the middle of a panic attack, you can often get back on track if you focus your breathing and take a step back. Dodow follows a step breathing pattern that mimics the way you breathe as you sleep. At the same time that it helps you get into a relaxed state, Dodow also slows your breathing and focus on the light that you see rather than those thoughts running through your mind.

The touch-sensitive surface of the Dodow makes it easy to use when you’re sitting or lying in bed.

How Can You Use the Dodow

When you use the Dodow, you can choose between sessions that last for eight to 20 minutes. An eight-minute session is helpful when you have a few things on your mind but feel fairly relaxed. You can also choose an eight-minute session if you feel sleepy. Sessions that last for 20 minutes are best for those who feel more stress and anyone who takes longer to fall asleep. To use this device, you need to:

  • Choose where you want to use it in your bedroom
  • Lightly touch the surface once for an eight-minute session and twice for a 20-minute session
  • Get in a comfortable position
  • Stare at the light that you see projected on the ceiling
  • Inhale and exhale to match the changes to the light
  • Fall asleep naturally without the use of medications

One of the best things about Dodow is that it automatically turns itself off at the end of your session. Are you still wide awake and staring at the ceiling? Tap the surface once or twice to start another session. You can use it as many times as you need to fall asleep. If you fall asleep and it’s still running, don’t worry because it will automatically shut down to save the battery power.

Tips on Finding the Best Place for the Dodow.

  • Make sure that the light can reach your ceiling without any obstacles
  • Put it close enough that you can reach it from a reclined position
  • Move any objects on the nightstand that you might fumble with later
  • Check to make sure that the light faces up
  • Place a small table next to your bed if you don’t have a nightstand

Where Can You Use the Dodow?

Falling asleep in a new place can be rough, especially if you slept in the same bed for months or years. Let’s say that you just moved from the city to the country. Instead of falling asleep to the sounds of traffic and people outside of your window, you might head wild animals playing outside and insects chirping. When you move from a rural area to a larger city, the unexpected noises that you hear outside can interfere with your sleep too. A nice thing about Dodow is that it goes wherever you go. You can use it every night to fall asleep quickly.


The compact size of this little device makes it perfect for those who travel too. Depending on what you do for a living, you might find yourself in a new city and hotel every week. You no longer need to worry about what happens outside because the Dodow helps. It even works in areas where you don’t have electricity because it runs on AAA batteries. The next time that you go hiking with friends, you can toss it into your bag and use it in your tent. As long as it has a surface to project the light, you can use Dodow to fall asleep.

What are Some Natural Ways to Relieve Stress?

  • Take a long walk or engage in other physical activities
  • Practice yoga or stretching
  • Sit down with a good book or something else to distract you
  • Pop in your favorite movie
  • Talk things out with a close friend
  • Relax under a hot shower

Benefits of Using Dodow

No chemicals or medications: The chances are good that you worry about what you put into your body, which is one reason why you should love Dodow. It does not use any chemicals that can cause harmful side effects.

  • Train your brain: When you use certain medications, you can develop an intolerance. This means that your body can no longer feel the effects of the medication unless you take a larger amount. If you want to avoid becoming dependent on a prescription drug, try using the Dodow. It naturally trains your brain and can help you fall asleep without becoming dependent on the device. Many users found that they could fall asleep faster when they focused their breathing and didn’t have the device nearby.
  • Turn your brain off: Between the problems you have at work and the arguments you have at home, your stress level can go through the roof. Falling asleep is difficult because you keep going over those experiences as you lay in bed. Dodow gives you something new to focus on and lets you sleep without stress standing in your way.
  • Long battery life: Dodow comes with three AAA batteries that you can easily replace when needed. It turns itself off at the end of a session to make the batteries last even longer.

Replacing the original batteries with rechargeable batteries can help you save some money. With rechargeable batteries, you can get months of use out of your Dodow.

Who’s This For?

Have you ever shared a bed with someone who could fall asleep as soon as the lights went out? Some people have no problem falling asleep. They can nod off while sitting upright on the couch or even while riding in a car. You probably don’t have the same experiences, which is why you found our Dodow review. Dodow is a simple product that anyone can use it they have a problem falling asleep. This includes those who pulled a few overnight shifts and need to get back on a set schedule and those who deal with lots of stress at home.


The makers of the Dodow also claim that it’s a good product for people struggling with chronic insomnia. To suffer from chronic insomnia, your doctor will make sure that you experienced the symptoms of this condition for a minimum of six months. Insomnia can leave you awake for days at a time, but some people find that it keeps them from sleeping more than a few hours every night. Regardless of why you suffer from insomnia or any of the other issues you have, you can try Dodow and see how it can help you get in the relaxed state of mind to help you sleep through the night.

Dodow also works for those who share a bed. Even if you have a spouse or partner who snores, you can get to sleep.

How to Use Dodow the First Time

We highly recommend reading the instructions that come in the box with your Dodow to make sure that you understand how to use it. Before using it for the first time, you need to remove the plate on the back that covers the battery compartment. You can use a small flat-head screwdriver such as one for eyeglass repair. If you can’t find a screwdriver small enough to fit the slot, you can use a penny. When you insert the batteries, make sure that the plus (+) and minus (-) signs line up properly. If you put the batteries in the wrong way, the Dodow will not turn on. You can then put the plate back on the device and check the indicator light. As long as that light comes on, the device will work.


Once you confirm that the Dodow works, it’s a simple matter of putting it close to your bed. Many find it helpful to use it close to their headboards, but some found that they liked it better when it sat near the end of their nightstands. Before using it, try getting into bed and tapping the top. This allows you to start a session and make sure that the light reaches your ceiling without any obstructions.

Tips for Using Dodow in a Nursery

  • Place it in a central location where it can cover more of the ceiling
  • Watch how your baby responds to the Dodow to make sure that it works
  • Keep it away from bottles and cups that might leak moisture
  • Avoid using Dodow around your diaper pail
  • Practice breathing along with your baby to help the child feel comfortable with it

Why is Dodow Better Than Sleep Training App?

Sleep training apps are apps designed to help you train your body and mind to fall asleep. You can use one on the tablet that you use to read in bed or on your phone. Some use hypnosis to implant a suggestion that you need to sleep, and some can implant other suggestions to help you lose weight or stop smoking. There are even apps that you can use with a fitness tracker to see how long it took you to fall asleep, whether you woke multiple times in the middle of the night and when you went through each stage in the sleep cycle. Though some find these apps helpful, Dodow has some benefits over those apps, including:

  • You don’t need to keep your phone or tablet charged or worry about the battery dying
  • There aren’t any sounds that can escape from the machine and disrupt others in the room
  • It does not require the use of headphones or earbuds
  • You can use Dodow while also listening to music
  • Dodow doesn’t charge a subscription fee

When you buy the Dodow, you pay one price when you buy it and never again need to pay a dime unless the batteries need replacing. Many apps charge a subscription fee or additional fees if you want to upgrade them later.

Best Sleep Apps to Try

Slumber, Headspace, Sleep Cycle, Sleep Time, Pillow, Relax & Sleep Well

Insomnia and Other Issues

The main reason why so many people bought and tried Dodow is due to their insomnia. Many people who have a hard time staying asleep at night claim that they have insomnia, but this is a serious medical condition that can wreak havoc on your life. Insomnia can keep you from sleeping more than two or three hours at night and stop your brain from functioning properly.


Those who suffer from stress are more likely to experience insomnia, but it can also go along with those diagnosed with anxiety disorders or depression. Dodow is one of the few sleep devices that can help those struggling with long-term insomnia. It can also help those who have issues sleeping due to the medications they take or their genes.


Some common medications can disrupt your sleep because they cause you to feel sleepy during the day. When you take frequent naps, you’ll have a hard time sleeping at night. Other medications can give you more energy and keep you from falling asleep. If you have a family history of insomnia and similar conditions, you might have issues falling asleep too. Dodow can help you fall into a natural and safe sleeping pattern to make sure that you go to bed and get up at the same time every day.

Does Dodow Help Those Who Work Second and Third Shifts?

Working a second or third shift at night can interfere with your body’s natural rhythms and make it impossible for you to get sleep on your days off. Dodow can help you adjust to a new schedule when your hours at work change and help you get more sleep when you have time off.

Can You Use the Dodow Device with Other Methods?

When looking at some of the reasons why others hesitated before buying Dodow, we found that many people worried that it wouldn’t work with some of the other methods they liked. If you love having a cup of caffeine-free tea or hot milk before climbing into bed, the Dodow won’t stop you. You can keep a glass of water by your bedside too for those nights and mornings when you wake up thirsty. Some of the other methods that you can use to get more sleep include:

  • Turning the thermostat up or down to reach a comfortable temperature
  • Moving from the head to the foot of the bed
  • Using a white noise machine that emits soft noises as you sleep
  • Taking a dose of melatonin up to an hour before heading to bed
  • Avoiding heavy meals and those with a lot of carbs at night
  • Turning off any electronics such as your tablet or computer at least an hour before bed
  • Running a sleep app on your phone while using the Dodow

If you want to track your nighttime habits, you can use the Dodow device while wearing a fitness tracker. With regular use, you can quickly see how this device improves your sleeping habits.


Signs of Sleep Apnea.
Sleep apnea is a medical condition where people struggle to breathe while sleeping and can stop breathing for short periods. Some of the signs of sleep apnea to watch out for include:

Feeling sleepy or drowsy during the day

Issues concentrating on simple tasks

Dry mouth

Sore throat

Shortness of breathe

Should You Buy It?

Now comes one of the more important parts of our Dodow review, which is where we look at the top reasons you should buy it and the reasons why you should consider other sleep aids. Dodow has some great benefits that we’ll look at first.


Light Indicator
When you use LED bulbs around the house, you know that they can grow a little dimmer before they die. Not all bulbs dim though, as some simply go out with little to no warning. You don’t need to worry about the batteries in your Dodow dimming the light and dying in the middle of a session because the makers included a built-in indicator light. When this light darkens, you’ll know that you need to replace the batteries. You should check this light each time that you use the Dodow, especially if you use it with cheaper or rechargeable batteries.


Universal Design
A common problem found with other sleep aids is that you can only use them at home. White noise machines, for example, produce sounds as they run that can interfere with others. Some machines also require a power outlet, which you might not have when staying in a cabin or sleeping in a tent. Dodow has a universal design that makes it just as good for nights as home as it is for nights away. You can insert the AAA batteries that it uses and let the device run when you’re in the middle of the woods or a five-star resort.

What are the Environmental Causes That Can Affect Your Sleep?

  • Loud noises outside
  • Extremely high or low temperatures
  • Bright lights from the street
  • People talking or playing in your home
  • Pets that like to run around at night


Metronome Focus
Metronomes are devices that date back to ancient times. They have a long metal piece that ticks back and forth to tell the current time. Dodow is a sleep aid that works in the same way. Instead of using a ticking tool, it uses light. When you stare at that light and regulate your breathing, you can fall into the same hypnotic state that you might when using a metronome. That light will start as a large blue circle on the ceiling and slowly change to several smaller sizes. Many people found that they fell asleep in less than eight minutes when using it.


Go as Long as You Want
One thing that we like about the Dodow is that it lets you choose the session length that works for you. While some people quickly fall asleep when using an eight-minute session, others need more time to calm their minds. With a 20-minute session, you get more time to work on your breathing and focus on the light. If you find that you need more time, you can gently touch the surface of the Dodow once or twice to set up a second session. It takes just one touch to set an eight-minute session and two touches for a 20-minute session.

Medical Issues That Can Prevent You from Sleeping

Certain medical issues can interfere with your ability to either go to sleep or stay asleep, including:

Sleep apnea, Insomnia, Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Sciatica

Neutral Color
Another issue that you might have with other sleep aids that you can avoid with Dodow is the color scheme. Some models use loads of bright colors to make them pop or pale colors that might help you sleep. Dodow sticks to a soft white color for its exterior and adds a bright touch of blue to the top. That blue color is a soothing shade that helps relax and calm your mind. Dodow uses colors that act as neutrals to keep them from overwhelming your bedroom and anywhere else that you use it. It blends into the background and won’t stick out the way other sleep aids can.


Money-Back Guarantee
Buying the Dodow sleep device isn’t necessarily the major investment that you might think. Not only can you get the gadget at a low price through one of the bundles, but you can return it for a full refund if it doesn’t help with your sleep. The money-back-guarantee that the makers offer lasts for 100 days and begins when the gadget leaves the warehouse. Most found that it arrived in just a few business days and that it got there faster than they expected. If Dodow does not meet your expectations or fails to work, you have 100 days to return it.

What Determines How Much Sleep You Need?

Age, Physical health, Mental health, Regular sleep patterns, Biological clock, Activity level

What are the Cons of the Dodow?

After looking at other Dodow reviews and trying the sleep aid, we noticed a few flaws with the overall design and other issues that you should consider. One problem is with the touch-sensitive surface, which isn’t as sensitive as some expected. They found that they needed to touch it several times before the device came on or that they needed to hit it with force to make it recognize their touches. We also found complaints about the light of the device. Instead of covering their entire ceilings, it only covered a small portion. As the light changed size, they had a hard time following along with it.


Some reviews came from customers who wished that it had a noise option. If you need sounds as you sleep, you may want to invest in a separate white noise machine and run it while using this gadget. There were also a few complaints about the Dodow price as some thought that $59 was too expensive. You can avoid the high cost when you buy a Dodow bundle, with one bundle breaking down the price to less than $40 each. Those bundles also come with free shipping and handling to help you save even more on the sleep aid.

Other Possible Cons with the Dodow

  • It may not work as well as melatonin and certain medications do
  • Some thought that the bright light kept them from sleeping
  • You cannot adjust the brightness of the light
  • It can take some time to get the device into a position that works for you
  • Some customers wished that the 100-day money-back guarantee lasted longer

Where to Buy

Whether you want to check out with PayPal or pay with a debit card linked to your bank account, the best place to buy Dodow is right here. You can also pay with your Shopify account or any credit card from MasterCard, VISA, Discover or American Express. We highly recommend using this link because it lets you view the frequently asked questions that others with sleep problems had and view the discounts that you can get. It costs only $59 to buy a single Dodow device, but when you buy only one of these devices, you also need to pay for shipping and handling.


To save on the cost of shipping and handling, choose one of the Dodow packages. One package lets you get a second device for 50% off the original retail price. This lets you buy two sleep aids for $88.50 in total and gives you free shipping and handling. A third deal is available that gives you one free sleep aid when you buy two. You’ll spend $118 total on this package, which does not charge any extra fees for shipping and handling. Using our link also gives you a 100-day money-back guarantee on your purchase.

How Much Does VIZR Cost?

1 – Dodow
Retail $59
100 Day Money Back Guarantee

2 – Dodow
Buy 1, Get 1 50% OFF

only $88.50
FREE USA Shipping
100 Day Money Back Guarantee

3 – Dodow
Buy 2, Get 1 FREE

only $118
FREE USA Shipping
100 Day Money Back Guarantee



LBell Wake-Up Light

Though you might assume that the LBell Wake-Up Light can only help you wake up in the morning, it can help you fall asleep too. It has seven lights that you can choose from to change the atmosphere in the room. Some of those lights also help you relax your mind and get some extra sleep. Not only can you change the brightness of the light, but you can adjust the music that plays and the volume level too. This wake-up light can essentially act as a sleep trainer. It fits onto any nightstand or table too.


Dreamegg White Noise Machine

Many people cannot fall asleep in a completely silent room. Instead of listening to music or letting the television run, you can try using a white noise machine such as this Dreamegg model. Designed for people of all ages, it works on both kids and adults and can even go in your nursery. A built-in night light can reduce the nightmares that your kids have and help them stay safe at night. It also features lullabies that can play at different volume levels to lull babies to sleep. A touch-sensitive top lets you choose other music too.



An alternative to the Dodow is the HoomBand that resembles a standard headband. It has built-in speakers and a simple jack that you plug into your phone. The headband has a thin and lightweight design to fit around your head comfortably. You can use it with an included app that lets you select from dozens of different stories. Experts in the sleep field picked those stories based on how quickly they could help others fall asleep. If you don’t have access to the internet, you can use the app in offline mode to ensure that you have access to the stories that work best for you.


Sleep Well Hypnosis

Another Dodow alternative is the Sleep Well Hypnosis app that is compatible with most phones. More than five million people downloaded the app since it launched in 2014. Once you plug earbuds into your phone, you can scroll through the options to adjust the volume and make the app work for you. It has automatic options that take sounds and loop them on repeat to help you avoid fumbling with your phone when a clip ends. This app includes clips where a hypnotist implants suggestions in your subconscious to help you stay asleep too.

Final Verdict

Have you ever read an article by an expert who claimed that adults needed to get up to eight hours of sleep a night? You probably saw that fact repeated a few times and laughed because you’re lucky if you get six full hours a night. Getting more sleep does more than just make you feel rested. It also gives your body time to recover from any injuries that you have and fight back against any germs that you carry. Getting more sleep can also help you battle any stress that you might experience and get in the right frame of mind to handle problematic people.


Dodow is a handy device and sleep aid that can help anyone struggling with insomnia or a simple inability to sleep. Though you might only use it a few times a month, you can use it nightly to sleep soundly. Dodow projects a large blue light onto the ceiling and asks you to change your breathing as you focus on that light. It eliminates all the distractions around you and focuses your mind and attention on one simple thing. Regardless of why you have problems sleeping and whether you sleep alone or share a bed, Dodow can help improve your sleep habits.