Hey Dude Shoes Review

  • Spencer Pines, iReviews
  • September 17,2022
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Hey Dude

Most of us have gone through the experience of buying a brand new pair of shoes only to then have to go through a painful break-in period that puts you in a bad mood and causes discomfort. It can be difficult to find a pair of shoes that both look good and feel good right out of the box.

That’s where Hey Dude comes in! Hey Dude produces shoes that strike an almost perfect balance between design and comfort, all at an affordable price.


While I personally enjoyed my experience with Hey Dude I did find a couple of things I didn’t like, namely their marketing and the overall durability of the shoes. In this review I will go over what I did and didn’t like about Hey Dude as well as their marketing and web infrastructure all to help you decide if picking up a pair of shoes from Hey Dude is right for you.

  • Extremely comfortable
  • Price
  • No tie laces
  • Machine washable
  • Free shipping for orders over $50
  • No half sizes
  • Laces can be too loose and are hard to adjust
  • No international shipping
  • Durability

Hey Dude makes some of the most comfortable shoes you can buy and at a very affordable price. With ultra light construction and machine washability, these may just become your go-to pair of shoes.

Product Features:

  • Flex and fold technology
  • Cotton lining
  • Ultra light sole
  • Easy to wash

What is a Hey Dude?


Hey Dude is a brand and company that manufactures and sells what they believe are the softest and comfiest shoes on the market. They produce footwear in a variety of styles for masculine and feminine presenting individuals as well as youth sizes.

Hey Dude makes some pretty bold claims about their shoes, saying in their about section that they make “the lightest shoes off Earth. Shoes so light, a butterfly could steal them. So soft, kittens seethe with jealousy.”

Hey Dude Unboxing


For the purposes of this review, I received the Wally Sox shoes in beige to unbox. The box itself was pretty typical, just a standard brown cardboard shoebox with the logo and branding on it.


Some text on the box emphasized how comfortable these shoes are, making it clear that the main focus of these shoes lies in their comfortability. The shoes came wrapped in some light tissue paper with a tag on one shoe. No extras were included in the box, just the shoes. The Wally Soc came out looking very nice, with cardboard inserts placed in each so they keep their shape throughout the shipping process.

My first impression of these shoes was that they remind me of a nice pair of slippers, which I feel was intentional as they were made with comfort in mind. Despite this, I felt they still looked nice enough to wear outside the house and throughout the day.


The construction felt very light and foamy, the soles in particular, but still durable enough for day to day use. The fabric seemed very soft and breathable, though I was sort of confused by how the elastic laces worked.


Overall, this unboxing process was very pleasant and left me with a good first impression of the product. They were simple, but I felt that they could get the job done.


Shoes from Hey Dude feature an ultra lightweight and soft construction that make each step feel like walking on clouds. They’re easy to flex and fold and are made from super comfortable mesh fabric.

These shoes are easy to slip on and off with elastic laces and fit true to size. They also include microfiber detailing and are even machine washable.

Hey Dude Wally Sox Test

I’ve been wearing my pair of Hey Dude Wally Sox for about a week now and I’m extremely happy with them. They are really comfortable, though I do have a couple problems with the design.

Out of the box I found them to be a bit too loose and they were very easy to just kick off. This may be the intention, but I just felt that they fit too loosely.


The problem was in how the laces were tied out of the box. It’s hard to explain with words but they came pre-tied in a way where I wasn’t quite sure how, or even if, I could re adjust them. Eventually, I did find a video on Youtube made by Hey Dude on how to readjust the laces, but I felt that some sort of instructions should have been included in the box.


Other than that though, I have no major complaints with my pair. They really are super comfortable and I could see why someone would choose these as their everyday pair.


At no point did I feel like the shoes weren’t going to be strong enough for whatever task I was doing despite feeling super soft and light. They always felt like they were up to whatever task I put them through.


I was already to leave things here and give my glowing recommendation to Hey Dude shoes when I decided to take them out on a walk while I get my lunch midway through writing this piece. This is when I noticed that some of the fabric on the shoes was coming undone.


This worried me as I didn’t think I’d been wearing these for too long. It’s probably nothing to worry about but it was troubling to see nonetheless and I felt the need to include this part in the review as well as adjust the durability rating accordingly.

How Can You Use Hey Dude Shoes? / Who Is This For?

Hey Dude shoes can be put on just like any other pair of shoes you have, though the elastic laces and mesh fabric construction make them much easier to slip on and off. These are made more for casual wear and not really suited for hiking or working outside all day.

I believe that Hey Dude shoes would serve young city dwelling individuals the best, especially those who work in warehouses or retail that are on their feet all day. Older people with chronic foot problems I think can also benefit greatly from a pair of Hey Dude shoes.

Web Infrastructure/ Branding

The Hey Dude official website is very simple yet well designed, much like the products they provide. At the top of the site is 4 tabs taking you to different sections, men’s, women’s, youth, and a section for whatever products are on sale at the time.


The site only has shoes and other footwear for sale as of now, so you won’t find any extra accessories for your shoes or any Hey Dude branded products. This simplicity is actually very nice to see as I’ve witnessed too many other shoe companies try to basically become their own clothing brands.


The branding for Hey Dude seems to be a bit confusing. The name implies that these are made for a more macho and masculine market, with the logo often printed in a militaristic font on the soles of the shoes.


The shoes themselves, however, seem to be more casual and aimed towards a more feminine or gender neutral audience if anything. Not to mention the fact that when I hear Hey Dude I think of a sub-par Nickelodeon sitcom from the 90s.


Some of this can be excused for Hey Dude being a relatively new company, but I think they need to do a total overhaul of their image at some point and maybe even rebrand.

Should You Buy It

If you want really comfortable shoes that both look good and feel good at a decent price, then I would recommend Hey Dude. I should mention though that they may not last as long as other shoes made to face more wear and tear.

Crocs feel nice to wear, but I don’t like how they look at all, and Vans look nice, but the break in period can be downright painful. Hey Dude strikes a pretty decent balance between these too, though durability may be an issue if you plan on wearing these everyday.

Where to Buy

Hey Dude shoes found in several different brick and mortar retail stores, like Dillards and Buckle. They can also be bought online through the official website or on Amazon, many of which feature free 2 day shipping with Prime.


Vans is a brand most of us are familiar with. Having their own yearly music festival and multiple brand deals, they are easily one of the biggest and most successful shoe brands of today and their slip on canvas shoes have become an iconic piece of fashion.

Shoes from Vans typically look good and feel good after a while, but a problem I’ve experienced personally is that the break-in period can be very rough and downright painful. Out of the box these shoes are so stiff and it takes a couple weeks of everyday wear to get them to a point where they start to feel comfortable, and even then I find that I always have to buy a gel or foam insert to make things bearable.


This isn’t a problem with Hey Dude as they are loose and soft right out of the box without the need to break them in. Vans still has the advantage in terms of looks and mass appeal though, and this is something that’s going to be very hard for any rival company to compete with, Vans being a well established brand and all.

Crocs have the opposite problem. They feel good and the break-in period is pretty much non-existent, but I think they just look ugly. Probably just a me thing but I never liked the look of these shoes.


Crocs is another established brand with lots of tie-ins and brand deals, like Vans, but the overall look and construction of these shoes never sat right with me. Plus they don’t tend to last long, being made entirely out of foam.

Final Thoughts

Hey Dude is a relatively new player in the shoe market, having been founded in 2008, and it sort of shows. They don’t have as much brand recognition as the competition and the branding seems to be confused as to who it wants to market to.


Despite this, I think that they’ve made a big splash in the industry and produce a unique pair of shoes. I really can’t think of anything else like a pair of Hey Dude shoes, though it is easy to see who their competition is.


Durability I think will be an issue in the long run, but at about $60 a pair, I don’t think you can go wrong with Hey Dude.

Spencer Pines, iReviews

By Spencer Pines, iReviews

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