Coodo: The Modular Smart Home Installed in Minutes

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  • July 30,2017
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Practicing minimalism doesn’t mean sacrificing style or comfort. In fact, there’s a movement toward tiny modular smart homes and its quickly becoming a worldwide phenomenon. From the solar-powered micro-home by Kodasema to the $139,000 stackable Kasita Home, smaller footprints provide greater flexibility – especially when it comes to location. You can easily buy property in Iceland and have a Koda home dropped in-between two picturesque mountains right outside of Reykjavik. Best part: if you’re concerned about reducing your carbon footprint, these energy-efficient abodes are equipped with a full arsenal of eco-friendly amenities.

“We want to lead by example by having a great impact on society and proving that high ecological and sustainable standards do not stand in opposition to equally high standards for design and comfort, but can work in harmony through innovation“, said Mark Dare Schmiedel, CEO of LTG.

Coodo: Made from Recyclable Materials

The latest in tiny home innovation comes from LTG Lofts to Go – a German-based company who recently designed the Coodo 64. Using almost all recyclable materials, the Coodo is a prefabricated home ranging from 200 to 720-square feet and can be used as a retail space, restaurant, studio, office, or social space. Without any limitation on location, this is an ideal home for the adventurer interested in exploring parts of the world without sacrificing the comforts of home.


With design options ranging from one-room pods to entire stand alone tiny houses, LTG Lofts wanted to give homeowners the gift of flexibility. The prefabricated house is pretty much a blank canvas and since it’s box-like structure is modular, you can set the Coodo down in highly congested urban settings or right along the water’s edge in remote areas. With a small footprint, the house can be easily installed with minimal impact on the building site and the environment. LTG offers different Coodo types depending upon its intended use. The “Watercoodo,” for example, functions as a houseboat whereas the “Saunacoodo” is designed as a luxury one-room retail pod.

Installation in Minutes

The Coodo installation process is on-site and can take anywhere from a couple of minutes to a few hours. Transported on a flat bed truck to its final destination, LTG’s tiny home can be up-and-running within days of ordering. Since the assembly process is like stacking LEGOS, relocation is a breeze. In other words, homeowners can take their Coodo to their new location with minimal effort.


As for the home itself, everything is designed around reducing the environmental impact of the inhabitants inside. Whether it’s the multifunctional heat pump that doubles as a premium air filtration system, the triple-glazed full-length windows, or the premium insulation materials designed to reduce energy loss and heating/cooling expenses, the Coodo is built around sustainability. According to LTG’s website, all units are equipped with “low-pollutant, ecologically compatible, and mostly natural materials.” This includes the outdoor shaded deck which is built from recycled planking.

Smart Home Features

If you’ve always loved the convenience of a smart home, the Coodo will not disappoint. Homeowners can control their electrical devices by connecting their smartphone to LTG’s built-in wireless system. With optional features that include a security camera, movement sensor, temperature sensor, door and windows sensors, and smoke detector, owners will have the perfect balance between safety and comfort – with just a press of a button. All of the electrical components come pre-installed – meaning no additional wiring needed upon arrival.


LTG will soon be making a “Coodo 96,” which is larger than the “Coodo 64.” The company is also coming out with a “Coodo 64 Up,” which is a larger two-story model, and a “Watercoodo,” which sits on a floating platform in the water.

Source: Coodo