Smarter iKettle 2.0

  • Spencer Pines, iReviews
  • August 01,2022
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With a company mission to “make your existing kitchen space Smart by connecting old appliances and bringing them into the connected world,” appliance maker Smarter created the iKettle 2.0. Estimated to shave approximately two days worth of time per year, the iKettle 2.0 is designed to remote brew from anywhere.


Whether you want a dark roast or a light roast, green tea or black, the iKettle is capable of setting any temp in one-degree intervals – allowing you to experience the ideal coffee temp or the perfect tea steeping time.


With a very classy design made mostly of stainless steel, the second-generation iKettle has a slimmer, more modern look than its predecessor. Still holding the same max volume of water (1.8 liters/60.9 ounces), iKettle can store an impressive boiling capacity.


Compared to drip coffee makers that max out at 1.3 liters (44 ounces), Smarter is doing its best to ensure that your iKettle never runs out of water.


Whether you’re interested in setting an exact temperature for the next boil or want to receive real-time alerts on your water levels, iKettle 2.0 may be one of the smartest appliances you’ll have in your kitchen. Connecting to the Smart companion app allows users to take advantage of different iKettle features.


Home Mode, for example, times your morning boil to your alarm clock while Early Bird mode provides real-time traffic reports – giving you the option of bumping up the boiling time.


As you would expect, iKettle’s smart app is super user-friendly. With the touch of a single button and a circular center temperature dial, you can take complete control over the iKettle’s brewing schedule.


Whether it’s pinpointing an exact morning coffee temperature or timing the last drop for the exact moment you step out of the shower, iKettle is designed for convenience.


If you’re someone that relies on their morning caffeine drip to get going and time is of the essence, then this is a worthwhile smart gadget.


The iOS/Android compatible smart app allows you to customize your hot beverage experience whether it’s commanding the iKettle remotely or programming the gadget to boil after dessert is served and before guests ask for tea.

  • Remote Brewing Feature
  • iOS/Android Compatibility
  • Smarter Companion App
  • Modes: Home, Early Bird, Formula
  • Set Temperature (68 – 212 Degrees F)
Spencer Pines, iReviews

By Spencer Pines, iReviews

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