The SpinX Robotic Toilet Cleaner

  • Jacob Wilson, iReviews
  • August 01,2022
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SpinX Robotic Toilet Cleaner Kickstarter Review

I know no one on the face of the planet enjoys cleaning a toilet. I don’t like it, you probably don’t like it, but It’s a necessary evil if you want to keep a clean home. That’s where a product like the SpinX Robotic Toilet Cleaner comes in to try and take some of that necessity off of your hands.


As one of the most active places in a home, the toilet requires constant cleaning and maintenance. Cleaning a toilet is a task I never look forward to because, aside from the obvious reasons, it’s a difficult and surprisingly time-consuming undertaking.


However, all of this won’t matter if the product never comes out, will it? It all sounds nice, but with a Kickstarter that’s been backed up for a long time, all the technology might just be a pipe-dream.

SpinX Design

It’s time for a 21st-century solution for manually scrubbing our toilets once a week. It’s a grim task that no one likes doing. Yet, there aren’t any real solutions to it.


A Kickstarter campaign, which was funded in less than 24 hours, was brought to the public to at least try and unveil a solution. The SpinX claimed to be the “world’s first toilet cleaning robot.” This fully autonomous toilet bowl and seat cleaner claimed it would be able to tackle the toughest stains in just 90 seconds.


With all the promises of a simple press of a button leading to an intelligent robot cleaner using rotating arm brushes, powerful water jets, and a compressed air drying system to seamlessly clean your toilet, how much of it would ever actually be feasible? With the product still not truly on the market, it’s hard to say.


Housed inside an elegantly designed settable toilet seat cover, the SpinX control system again sounds like it would be a wonderful design. With the option of using the optional cover or not, the SpinX could even be durable enough to withstand the pressure of 330 pounds sitting on top of it.


Again though, without the kickstart being followed through so many years after its unveiling and the promise date having passed by, it’s still an ethereal and elusive product.

SpinX Technology

To work the SpinX all you would have to do is remove the inner cover, select a program and push a button. In 90-seconds, you would have a spotless toilet.


Just like a washing machine, the SpinX would incorporate various cycles of cleaning that incorporate sprinklers, air pressure outlets, and an arm with a brush hidden inside a cell. The result would in theory be a sparkling clean toilet seat and bowl without any concern around missed spots.


What about the soap? The SpinX claimed it would have had tablets made specifically for it, but also would have worked with a variety of other soaps. SpinX was stated to be engineered to take just the right amount of soap each cycle.


By inserting up to three SpinX tablets into the tank, you would have enough soap to last 50 cleaning cycles. If it came out in this state this would have made it one of the most economically-sound toilet cleaners when it comes to soap.

Low Battery Consumption

With a single mission, SpinX claimed to create a revolutionary robot that does all of the dirty work. The SpinX creators stated they designed their device using a low-consumption battery (12V) that would need recharging every 30 cleaning cycles. The splash-proof device would have come with a charging dock that could be tucked away in any bathroom storage cabinet.


It’s clear why this would have been such a popular Kickstarter out of the gate. I know I have better things to do besides scrubbing away at toilet stains. Letting an automatic toilet cleaner do the nit and gritty on your behalf sounds like a dream come true.


This is the state I’ve always found a lot of Kickstarters of this type to be in, though. An amazing-sounding product that functions like a dream, draws in countless backers, and then it can never live up to the hype if it comes out at all. If the SpinX Robotic Toilet Cleaner does come out at this point, then it’s likely that it won’t be a product that lives up to the standards set by its promises.


Even with all the positives that were stated to get people in, even the makers themselves were clear about the issues their product would have with compatibility. The makers of SpinX warned that their device may not fit on square toilets.


The installation process would have also involved removing the existing lid or seat of your toilet, which could be difficult. After that, you would have had to place mounting plates over the bolt holes, slide SpinX on, and attach the supply hose of water and soap.


That’s all to say, compatibility was a shortcoming that even the designers were upfront with admitting.

Pros And Cons

This would usually be the point where I take the time to list out the pros and cons with either my direct experience with a product or talk about the close hand accounts I’ve had with the opinions of others. However, with a product that No one can get their hands on, there is very little to say.


Any pro about the product is only theoretical, and it’s not fair to give good marks to a product that can’t be properly judged. Instead, all I can do is list the reality of the product, and the single con that is bigger than any other. You may be able to pay for this product, but the odds are you won’t be getting it anytime soon if at all.

Final Thoughts

If the SpinX Robotic Toilet Cleaner I think is an exercise in caution. If something sounds too good to be true, then it probably is. If the product ever does officially come out for the public to get their hands on then I’m sure to come back here and give it a fully fair and impartial shot.


With that said, the odds of it ever coming out at this point seem slim to none. The Kickstarter has had no updates in years, and the only comments any of the backers have to say is that they want their money back.


Kickstarters by their very nature are a risk anytime you take part in them. You never know what the final product will look like, how well it lives up to expectation, or even if it will ever actually come out. Still, there are signs you can look at to lower the risk of backing something that won’t hit your expectations.


I would say the biggest risk to look out for is products that overpromise. When something says it will do everything perfectly, odds are it actually won’t do anything well.


I don’t think I need to tell you at this point, but to make it clear as possible, I don’t recommend backing the SpinX Robotic Toilet Cleaner at this point. If the product is ever released and it lives up to being a good device, even if it doesn’t meet all its promises then I might sing a different tune. For now and for the foreseeable future though, I simply can’t say it’s a good idea to back this product when the only things said about it in a while are people asking for their money back.

  • 90 Second Automatic Cleaning
  • Elegant Design Features
  • Low Battery Consumption
  • Long-Lasting Soap Tablets
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • Availability (July 2018)
  • May Not Fit Square Toilets
Jacob Wilson, iReviews

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