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Advertising Disclosure: Many or all of the companies featured provide compensation to us. These commissions are how we maintain our free service for consumers.  Compensation,  along with hours of in-depth research, determines where & how companies appear on our site.

Advertising Disclosure

Many or all of the companies featured provide compensation to us. These commissions are how we maintain our free service for consumers. Compensation, along with hours of in-depth research, determines where & how companies appear on our site.




Give your living room or any room a new look with a Ruggable rug. These rubs feature two parts and come in hundreds of designs and colors to fit any home.

Product Features

What is Ruggable?

Ruggable is a company that wants to change the way that you think about rugs. Have you ever spent money on a rug that was so big or heavy that you needed to hire pros to clean it? Maybe you got a smaller rug that fell apart in your washing machine or couldn’t keep up with the demands of your family. If you use a rug in a high traffic area, it can develop stains and wear down faster than you might expect. Jeneva Bell launched Ruggable in 2010 with one idea in mind: helping shoppers find the perfect rugs for them that would last for years. She came up with the idea of a rug that consists of two parts. The first is a nonslip pad made from the same materials that yoga mats do. This keeps the rug from slipping and sliding across the floor. The other part is the rug cover. Not only does the cover come in dozens of styles and sizes, but it fits in your washing machine.

Ruggable rug pads are easy to clean and fit in most washing machines.

The Today Show looked at dozens of products in 2018 ad picked Ruggable as the “Next Big Thing.” Producers loved the rugs as much as customers do. You get a secure rug cover that matches your home and uses recycled polyester that is resistant to both stains and liquids. This cover securely attaches to the included pad and comes off easily for washing. We’ll look at the pros and cons of these rugs along with some of the popular options in our Ruggable review.

What Sizes of Rugs are Available?

Ruggable wants to help you find the perfect rug for any room in your home, which is why it offers a sizing guide that goes over some of your options. The popular sizes include:
  • 9X12
  • 8X10
  • 6X9
  • 5X7
  • 3X5
If you want to create a focal point in your room or cover old carpet, the 9X12 and 8X10 rugs are your best options. One of these rugs can almost completely cover your old flooring. The 6X9 rugs are best for smaller rooms, while the 5X7 rugs fit in rooms where you want an accent piece. You can also use a rug of this size to draw attention to your coffee table or create a comfy atmosphere.
Ruggable also makes six-foot round rugs that are perfect for dining rooms and kitchens. You can pick a design that matches your dining room table or table linens. There are also doormats such as one with “Hello” printed in two different ways. This allows people to see the greeting when they enter and leave. All of the doormats are suitable for year-round use and can stand up to harsh winter weather that brings snow and ice. Ruggable makes both classic and whimsical doormats.
What Sizes of Rugs are Available

The Hello doormat is just one of the fun mats available from Ruggable.

How Can You Use Ruggable Rugs?

You don’t need to do much to use a Ruggable rug. Once it arrives, take it out of the packaging and give it a good shake. Some found that they needed to leave it sitting flat for a few hours. You’ll then want to put down the pad that holds the rug in place. We recommend that you make sure you use the pad correctly to prevent damage to your floor. It’s then a simple matter of setting the cover on top and making sure that it fits on the pad. You may find that you need help picking a Ruggable rug. Some of the tips that we suggest include:
  • Measure the space or room where you need a new rug to make sure that you buy the right size.
  • Look for rugs that contain some of the colors you already have in the room.
  • Consider both round and rectangular rugs to ensure that you pick one suitable for the space.
  • Think about whether you want a smaller rug that will fit in your washing machine or a larger one that will require professional cleaning.
  • Request samples of your top options to see how those rugs will work in your space.
A round rug can create a different impression than a rectangular one does.
How Can You Use Ruggable Rugs

What Colors are Available?

Ruggable knows that most customers look for rugs in specific colors that match their homes, which is why the site lets you shop for rugs in six different color combinations. You might start with a look at the Naturals line, which includes combinations that act as neutrals in your home. These rugs are great for your living room or bedroom. If you want a more trendy look, consider the Grey and Silver rugs. These soft shades won’t pull attention away from other objects or decorations in the room and give your home the trendy look that you want.
With the Blue and Green rugs, you can choose from rugs that pair these two colors from the rainbow. You’ll find everything from rugs in deep and lush shades of emerald green and peacock blue to deeper shades of navy blue and forest green. There are around 35 rugs that use White and Cream colors, which can look great in a nursery or a bathroom. Ruggable has Black rugs for those who want to make an impression and Multicolor rugs for those who can’t pick a favorite color. You can also shop Ruggable for other color combinations, including Pink and Purple or Orange and Black.
What Colors are Available
Ruggable lets you choose rugs in every color of the rainbow.

Where Can You Use Ruggable Rugs?

Though you might think that rugs are only suitable for one or two rooms in your home, Ruggable makes rugs that you can use anywhere. Do you want to make your bedroom look and feel cozy at the same time that you cut back on the noises that you hear from the street? Ruggable rugs are perfect for placing under your bed to make it the focal point of the room. Both the 8X10 and 9X12 rugs will fit under a queen bed. If you want to add a bright pop of color to your kitchen, pick a runner or one of the smaller rugs from the company. You can protect your floors from water splashes and get a comfy place to stand while washing your dishes.
Do you have a spot outside that you use for entertaining? You might have a deck where you relax and play games with your friends or a patio where you cook meals and hang out during parties. Ruggable makes tons of rugs that you can use indoors or outside. These rugs make the area more inviting and are easy to clean. You can also pick out rugs for your bathroom and dining room or living room and hallway.
Ruggable makes rugs that are suitable for all types of bedrooms and beds that range from twin to king sizes.
Where Can You Use Ruggable Rugs

Ruggable Styles

Before you visit Ruggable, keep in mind that you can choose from 10 different designs. If you already know what design you want, you can click on that category listing and bring up a page that features all of those rugs. Take, for example, floral rugs. Some love rugs that feature bright and bold floral elements, which is why Ruggable makes more than 100 floral rugs. You’ll find some that are perfect for a modern home and others that use light colors to match the shabby chic style. With one of the more than 50 Moroccan rugs, you can bring home classic and traditional styles at a fraction of the price.
If you want a rug that will catch the eyes of others and make your home stand out, go with an ombre rug that mixes different shades of a specific color. With the 125 geometric rugs, you can pick one that uses your favorite shapes and adds a modern touch to your home. Many customers love the bohemian rugs that Ruggable makes because they have a funky look that is different from other rugs. Other designs that you can choose from include contemporary, traditional, modern tribal, Persian and transitional.
Floral rugs are among the most popular rugs from Ruggable.
Ruggable Styles

Who’s This For?

Shopping for a new rug can drive you crazy, especially as you look at some of your options. Ruggable wants to take the hassle out of buying a new rug, which is why it shows you the top options before you shop. You can decide on the texture that you want to pick a rug based on the size that you need. There are also options for those who love Disney or Star Wars and those looking for a kid’s rug. All of these rugs are suitable for those who want rugs that are easy to use and can go in their washing machines. Others who can use Ruggable rugs include:
  • Shoppers who need indoor/outdoor rugs that they can use in more than one place.
  • Those who have tired or worn floors that they want to cover instead of replacing.
  • Customers who need durable doormats that can stand up to bad weather and other conditions when outside.
  • Shoppers who hate the way that other types of rugs can slide across the floor when they walk on them.
  • Those who need extra help picking a new rug.
  • Customers who like the idea of buying samples to try different designs before they buy a new rug.
Who's This For(1)
Ruggable runners and smaller rugs are perfect for your kitchen.

Ruggable Disney Rugs

Ruggable partnered with Disney to make a line of new rugs that feature some of your favorite characters. One popular option is the Mickey Trellis Slate Rug, which has a slate-gray background with Mickey Mouse faces printed over the top in white. It’s available in different sizes that retail for $99 to $689. If you want something a little bolder, go with the Minnie Floral Multicolor Rug that uses Minnie Mouse heads printed on a floral background that uses different colors. Many of these rugs have a traditional look that will blend with the decorations in any room such as the Mickey Persian Rug, which comes in both burgundy and sapphire.

There are also some fun designs that let you bring home everything you love about the Disney parks. We like the bright colors of the Mickey Polka Dots rug, which uses Mickey’s face as polka dots across the front. The Mickey Doodles rug is another fun option that uses sketches of the famous mouse in black across a white background. We also like the Mickey and Friends Multicolor rug that looks like an abstract painting with popular Disney characters represented in geometric shapes. Disney rugs from Ruggable delight Disney fans of all ages.

Ruggable Disney Rugs 1
Ruggable Disney Rugs 2
Ruggable Disney Rugs 3
Ruggable Disney Rugs 4

Star Wars Rugs from Ruggable

Star Wars is one of the top film franchises in history. It started with A New Hope in 1977 and led to dozens of films and television shows set in the same universe that played in theaters and were available on Disney+. If you’re a fan of the series, take a look at some of the fun Star Wars rugs from Ruggable. Though you might think that these rugs are only for kids, you’ll find loads of designs that make the perfect addition to your living room or any other room. One example is The Child rug, which features Yoda as a child against a black background. Other rugs include other popular characters from The Mandalorian.

Do you like the new show but have a love for the original films? Ruggable has you and your floors covered with Star Wars rugs such as the Darth Vader rug. It uses an abstract image of the ultimate villain in black and white. There’s also the Star Wars Toile Blue rug that uses a classic toile pattern but replaces the traditional images with Star Wars vehicles and characters. You can show your love for this popular franchise in a subtle way that visitors will want to take a second look at with these rugs.
Star Wars Rugs from Ruggable 1
Star Wars Rugs from Ruggable 2
Star Wars Rugs from Ruggable 3
Star Wars Rugs from Ruggable 4

Kids Rugs

Ruggable also has tons of rugs for kids that are suitable for bedrooms and playrooms. If you want to create a jungle theme, go with the Jungle Safari rug that uses a range of bright colors that kids love along with fun images of jungle animals. Equally fun is the Dinosaurs in Space rug that features dinosaurs dressed as astronauts as they float through space. All of the rugs come in different colors and designs to match the room’s theme. Thanks to the nonslip pad, you don’t need to worry about your kids tripping over or sliding on the rug. Some of our favorite Ruggable rugs for kids’ rooms include:
  • Outer Space Black Rug
  • Dinosaur Parade Multicolor Rug
  • Robot Party Multicolor Rug
  • Monkey Mania Multicolor Rug
  • Pegasus Rug
  • Constellation Lavender Rug
  • Llama Fun Natural Rug
  • Freckles Multicolor Rug
  • Tyrannosaurus Rex Rug
  • Sunburst Teal Rug

When it comes to rugs for kids, we recommend multicolor options. This allows you to match the rug to the current design of your child’s room but ensures that it matches as the interests of your child change. Most of the rugs for kids from Ruggable are available in sizes up to 8X10.

Kids Rugs 1
Kids Rugs 2
Kids Rugs 4
Kids Rugs 2

Who Would Benefit from Ruggable Rugs?

Ruggable rugs are perfect for those who own homes and renters. Renters don’t usually have a choice when it comes to their flooring. They can easily use these rugs to cover old and dated flooring or to protect the original floors. When they leave, they can take their rugs with them. If you own your home, you’ll like that you can bring home new Ruggable rugs whenever you want to change the way your home looks. When you choose one of the smaller rugs, you can even pop them in your washing machine without worrying that stains might set on the covers. Others we think would benefit from these rugs include:
  • Those who want to pick one or more samples and try them in different rooms of their homes before they buy a rug.
  • Customers who need new rugs but can’t afford to pay the cost right away because Ruggable works with Aferpay.
  • People who need a small or large rug that stays in one place and won’t slip and slide.
  • Shoppers who want to show their love of Star Wars and Disney movies in their homes.
  • Those who want solid rugs that work well and last for years.
Ruggable rugs work both indoors and out.
Who Would Benefit from Ruggable Rugs

Should You Buy It?

We make it easy for you to decide if you should buy a Ruggable rug with a list of our favorite things about this company, including:
  • Ruggable offers samples for those who aren’t sure what to buy, which lets them try their favorite designs at home.
  • You can learn more about Afterpay, including how it works and what you need to do to qualify for a payment plan.
  • Most of the rug covers will fit inside a standard washing machine.
  • You can easily clean the rug pad, which keeps the rug in place.
  • Ruggable has promo codes and sales that can help you save a bundle on your new rugs.
  • You can choose from classic and traditional designs as well as Disney and Star Wars rugs.
  • Each time you refer a friend, Ruggable will give you 15% off.
  • Your order should arrive in 10 business days or less.
  • Ruggable offers money back refunds as long as you request a refund within 30 days of your order.
Should You Buy It
Ruggable makes rugs up to a 9X12 size.

Cons to Consider

There were a handful of issues and complaints about Ruggable that we wanted to talk about here. Though the company claims that you can easily clean the rugs in your washing machine, not all rugs will fit in a standard machine. You may still need to pay someone to clean your rug. Another thing to keep in mind is that you may not qualify for an Afterpay agreement if you do not meet all requirements. Even if you do, you need to spend a minimum of $35 to qualify and cannot use the program on orders of more than $1,000. Other issues that we found about Ruggable include:
  • Discounts and promo codes do not work on orders of sale products or Disney designs.
  • You can only use one promo code at a time and cannot use one on a gift card or sample.
  • Ruggable charges money for any samples that you request.
  • If you do not like the rug that you buy, you can only request a refund. Ruggable does not let you exchange a rug.
  • Ruggable only offers shipping in the United States.
  • Those who live in Alaska and Hawaii do not qualify for free shipping.
Some Ruggable rugs will not fit in a standard washing machine.
Cons to Consider(1)

Where to Buy

Though Ruggable rugs are now available from Amazon, you should always check the official site before you buy. Ruggable now makes more than 500 different rug designs, many of which are not sold on other sites. This is especially true of the Star Wars and Disney rugs. You’ll only find a limited range of rugs on other sites. When you visit the official Ruggable site, you can view all rugs and even see new designs that just dropped. Some of the other reasons why we recommend using our link to buy a Ruggable rug include:

  • With the coupon codes and promos, you can save 10% or more on the cost of a new rug and get one for less than other sites charge.
  • You can get 15% off your first rug as a new customer as long as your order doesn’t include certain rugs or samples.
  • Ruggable lets you order samples and get three rug samples for a low price. You can even add new designs for just $5 per sample.
  • You can use the size guide to get help deciding what size rug you need based on where you want to use it in your home.
Where to Buy
Ruggable rugs are easy to use around your home.

The Competition

There is some competition on the market from companies that make machine washable rugs. One example is Real Life, which makes rugs such as this vintage distressed rug that would look at home in any room. It is resistant to stains and won’t shed. You can safely use the rug around pets, too. Another option is this fluffy rug from Yome. 

Not only is the rug machine washable, but it feels as fluffy as your favorite animals. You’ll love how soft the rug feels under your feet when sitting on the couch or relaxing on the floor.

We also like this Moroccan rug from nuLoom. It’s available in 2.5X8 up through 7X9 sizes, which make the largest size slightly smaller than Ruggable offers. The fun black and white design mixes traditional Moroccan elements with a funky geometrical design. 

You might like this HEBE Cotton Area Rug Set, too. As it includes two rugs, you get more coverage for your floors. Each rug has a tribal and geometric design in black and white with hand-tied edges along the borders. All of the similar rugs that we found on Amazon are machine washable but lack the nonslip pad that you get with Ruggable rugs.

vintage distressed rug
fluffy rug
Moroccan rug
HEBE Cotton Area Rug Set

Final Verdict

Our final verdict is that Ruggable rugs are worth the price. You can get a basic and small rug or a doormat for your porch for around $139-189. The most expensive rugs are the 9X12 rugs, which retail for $599. If you need an 8X10 rug, you will pay $399 for one. All of the 6X9 rugs retail for $399. Your cheapest options are the 5X7 and 3X5 rugs. A 3X5 rug costs just $109, while a 5X7 rug sells for $199. Ruggable charges $189 for its 2.5X10 runners and $139 for its 2.5X7 runners. Most of the 6′ round rugs sell for $299 on the official site. We also found doormats priced at $149. It’s easy to find the type of rug that you need at an affordable price.

We also like that each rug comes with a pad and a cover. You can spot clean the rug pad to remove any debris that you see and wipe away any spills before letting the pad air dry. As long as you buy an 8X10 or smaller rug, you should not have any problems tossing the cover in your washer and dryer for cleaning. With more than 500 rugs available in different designs and sizes, Ruggable has rugs for everyone.