Australia’s First 10-Star Carbon-Positive Home

With an estimated energy cost of only $2.35 per year and an anticipated savings of 507 pounds of carbon emissions per occupant, Australian architectural firms The Sociable Weaver and Clare Cousins Architects have created a luxurious, cost-effective, yet modern 10-star sustainable home. This is Australia’s first 10-star carbon positive home and judging from the ending list of features, it’s rather impressive. iReviews has covered the recent uptick in smart homes extensively (Bert’s Box, The Coodo modular home, the solar-powered Koda micro home, and The Kasita Home) but none have been branded with a 10-Star rating.

C.F. Møller Designs Sustainable School in Copenhagen

Whether it’s Dubai’s 1,378-foot self-sustaining Da Vinci tower or Harvard Engineer Jeff Wilson’s 352-square foot Kasita Home, the world is beginning to embrace the green construction industry. From eco-friendly architectural firms to robotic brick layers to recyclable building materials, wasteful construction sites and energy-sucking skyscrapers are being replaced by fully sustainable structures.
Case and point: The fully sustainable Copenhagen International School by C.F. Møller