Bitcoin Blockchains Are Beamed From Space With Blockstream Satellite

If you’ve been following our blockchain and cryptocurrency series and reviews, you probably know how fast-paced everything can get. With Filecoin and TenX’s record-breaking ICOs, the world is seeing cryptocurrency and its technology grow in novel ways. A leader in blockchain and financial cryptography, Blockstream, recently pushed the boundaries of this new and growing field. The company released Blockstream Satellite, a system that broadcasts real-time Bitcoin blockchain data from space.

3D Printing in Space is Now Possible Thanks to Startup Made in Space

3D printing in space is complicated. Between the lack of gravity, lack of air, and other obstacles, getting a 3D printer to work in space is nothing short of miraculous. A startup named Made in Space is helping astronauts do just that. The company developed a method to 3D print outside of the International Space Station (ISS). Astronauts can repair, upgrade, and prototype without having to go inside a space capsule.