Ease of Use 98%
Value for the Money 96%
Size Range 98%
Product Range 96%
Customer Service 96%
Durability 98%

Advertising Disclosure: Many or all of the companies featured provide compensation to us. These commissions are how we maintain our free service for consumers.  Compensation,  along with hours of in-depth research, determines where & how companies appear on our site.

Advertising Disclosure

Many or all of the companies featured provide compensation to us. These commissions are how we maintain our free service for consumers. Compensation, along with hours of in-depth research, determines where & how companies appear on our site.



Bottom Line

Clove shoes are easy to clean and comfortable enough to wear all day. Designed for healthcare workers, these shoes come in men’s and women’s sizes and are available in several colors.

Product Features

What are Clove Shoes?

People in the healthcare field spend a lot of time on their feet. Nurses often work 12 hour shifts and may not have much time to sit down and take a break. Clove is a brand that focuses on making shoes for those professionals. Since the company opened its doors, it picked up nearly 50,000 followers on Instagram and appeared on tons of television shows and websites such as Forbes. Fast Company even gave the brand its Innovation by Design Award in 2020.
Joe Ammon launched Clove after seeing what his wife, Tamara went through while working as a nurse. He came up with the idea when in business school and used the idea to raise capital that he would use after earning his MBA to turn the idea into a full company. Clove makes shoes that you can slip on and off in seconds. They have textured outsoles that give you more traction and multiple interior layers to help with comfort. You’ll also find that they are easy to clean. In our Clove shoes review, we’ll look at the features that make the shoes so popular with healthcare workers and where you can buy them along with the top pros and cons.

Clove is one of the only brands to focus on comfy shoes for healthcare workers.

Clove Shoes for Women

Though Clove makes shoes for men and women, many of its customers are women. They love that these shoes are easy to slide on and off and to clean because they never know what they might come into contact with at work. Whether you work in a hospital or a doctor’s office, you’ll like knowing that you can easily clean them at the end of your shift or before you head back to work. The shoes come with laces that are repellent to all types of fluids and uppers made from a material that helps you wipe away debris in seconds. Clove also added Clarino to the shoes to ensure that they last longer than other nursing shoes do and that they retain their new look.
Clove Shoes for Women
At $129, Clove shoes cost a little more than some brands charge. They often go on sale for around $100 though if you need to save money. Inside the shoes are Ortholite insoles that eliminate foul odors because they kill bacteria. There are also rubber soles that give you traction on slick floors and help you retain your balance. These shoes come in sizes 5 to 12.5 but tend to run a little small. You should buy a slightly larger size than you usually wear such as 9.5 instead of 9. Each pair of sneakers comes with two badge reels and three pens, too.

How Can You Use Clove Shoes?

If you work in the healthcare industry, the chances are good that you wore clogs before. Clogs have a slight heel on the back and an open area around your heel. You can easily slip them on and off. The problem with those shoes is that they are just as easy to slide out of whether you need to get a patient under control or are simply walking down the hallway. Other nursing shoes use plastic or foam materials that can feel comfortable the first time you put them on but often lack comfort over time. You may even find that those shoes start falling apart from normal wear and tear.
Clove shoes are different because they are more like sneakers. If you have ever worn running shoes or athletic shoes before, you know what to expect. You’ll want to wear the shoes with socks and adjust the laces before you head to work. Unlike regular sneakers that you need to tie and untie, Clove shoes come with a small device that holds the laces in place. You push down on the top to adjust the laces and release them when you get the fit that you want. This same device makes it easy to take the shoes off at the end of the day.
How Can You Use Clove Shoes
Clove’s founders wanted to make shoes that were easy to wear and use.

Clove Shoes for Men

Many men work in the healthcare field, which is why Clove makes shoes for them. Available in sizes 7 through 13, they cost $129 per pair but are often on sale for less. The All-Black Option is one of the more popular pairs for men. These shoes have the Clove logo on the bottom in blue but use black on the uppers and laces. These shoes work with your uniform and usually meet any dress codes that your work has. They have all of the nice features that you want as well, including:
  • Adjustable laces that are resistant to fluids
  • Grippy outsoles that gives you more traction on any surface
  • Ortholite insoles to help you spend hours on your feet with no discomfort
  • Insoles that kill bacteria to prevent foot odors
As with the Clove shoes for women, the men’s shoes tend to run a little small and require that you go up a half size. The shoes have a neoprene sock built inside that lets you skip your normal socks when you’re in a hurry and still get the fit that you want. You also get bonus items when you buy a pair: two badge reels and three pens.
Clove Shoes for Men

Should You Sign Up For Clove Insiders?

You can buy a pair of Clove shoes today without signing up for Clove Insiders, but we recommend that you register because of the bonuses you get. All you need is an email address to join. Members get early access to both limited edition drops and launches. Clove releases new limited edition designs a few times a year. Some of those designs sell out on the day they drop. As an Insider, you’ll get advanced notice of when new designs will appear on the site and when you can buy them.
Insiders also get perks that other customers do not. Clove will keep track of both your viewing and shopping habits. If you keep looking at the same pair of shoes without adding them to your cart, you may find that Clove gives you a discount on that pair. As you buy shoes from the site, you’ll earn unique offers that help you save even more money. As a bonus, Clove will let Insiders know about other perks as they become available and before the brand mentions them online. You never know when the brand might launch a loyalty program designed to help customers who buy these shoes every year or more often.
Should You Sign Up For Clove Insiders

Where Can You Use Clove Shoes?

Working in the healthcare industry is both hard and rewarding. You never forget some of the patients you worked with over the years or the kind words they said. Many hospitals require that nurses and others work 8 to 12 hour shifts. Some facilities allow you to work even longer. Those long hours can wreak havoc on your feet and leave you wanting nothing more than to relax in a hot bath on your next day off. One of the founders of Clove saw the pain his wife had in her nursing job and worked with her to design shoes that reduced her discomfort. These shoes are great for medical professionals who work in different facilities, including:
  • Hospitals
  • Doctors’ offices
  • Care centers
  • Nursing homes
  • Nonprofit organizations
One of the nice things about these shoes is that they don’t require you to slip into a different pair later. Are you tired of keeping a spare pair of shoes in your car in case you need to pick up groceries or run other errands after your shift? Clove shoes are suitable for wearing to all of the places you need to visit before or after work, including the grocery store and the gym.

Clove Compression Socks

To go along with its sneakers, Clove now offers compression socks. Compression socks keep the blood flowing around your lower legs and can reduce your risks of developing different medical conditions. Each pair provides up to 30mmhg of compression, which is the maximum that doctors recommend. They have bottoms with extra padding that help you feel as if you’re on a fluffy and soft cloud of air. While you can wear these socks with your Clove shoes, you can also wear them while lounging around the house or relaxing after your shift. The compression socks are highly breathable and can limit swelling in your feet as they boost your circulation.
Clove Compression Socks(1)
Cleaning your socks is easy because these go right in the washing machine. They come in small, medium and large sizes and sell for just $22 per pair. Unlike other socks that stop just above your ankle, Clove compression socks have a higher fit that reaches almost to your knee. This allows you to get more benefits from the socks. If you become a Clove Insider, you get a coupon for a free pair of socks with your next order. Some of the more popular colors that are available from Clove include:
  • Just Pink
  • Ocean Fade
  • Rainbow Tie Dye
  • Cobalt
  • Forever Blue

Who’s This For?

Many people refer to Clove sneakers as nursing shoes. One of the brand’s founders was a nurse who used her years of experience to determine what nurses wanted and needed in their shoes. Whether you work long overnight shifts a few times a week or work a standard 40 hour week during the day, you’ll benefit from these shoes. They offer padding and support to reduce discomfort and have laces that are resistant to fluids along with a water-resistant exterior. You can now spend even more time on your feet without worrying about how you’ll feel when you get home.
Who's This For
Clove makes shoes that are suitable for other medical professionals, from orderlies and interns to doctors and janitors. If you work in the medical field and need a good pair of shoes, Clove is one of the top names to try. This company also makes shoes that are suitable for other professionals who spend a lot of time on their feet such as factory and store workers. You can easily pick the size that you need and choose from a few different color options. These shoes are even suitable for wearing away from work if you want to hit the gym or run some errands.

Clove Shoe Color Options

Clove makes shoes in several colors such as Grey Matter. Using the same nickname given to the human brain, these shoes are part of the Core Collection, which refers to the main collection of shoes from 2021. Clove used different shades of white and gray in this shoe for women. If you’re a fan of darker colors, Night Shift might appeal to you. This pair has a black upper with a white midsole and a bright blue bottom that you can show off as you walk. Other options for women include:
  • Pink Up with shades of pink, white and gray
  • Brilliant White that uses all white
  • Lavender in soft shades of purple and white
  • Royal Maroon that features maroon on the top and bottom with a white stripe in the middle
Men have just as many options such as Classic Navy. This shoe uses navy all over the top with a white stripe in the center and pale blue accents. Lemon Aid is a unique option and a limited edition design that pops up during the summer. It has a white upper with hot pink and bright lemon yellow accents in different places on the shoe that add some color pops.
Clove Shoe Color Options

Accessories from Clove

In addition to compression socks, Clove has other accessories you might like, including:
  • Under Scrub – Designed to fit under your scrubs, this shirt has long sleeves and uses raglan to keep you warm.
  • Naglene Water Bottle – Stay hydrated during long hours at work with this water bottle that has the Clove logo on the front and holds 32 ounces.
  • With Love Tote – Show your love of nursing with this black tote that is easy to carry and has the “With Love” hashtag printed in white across the front.
  • Pen Pack – You’ll always have a pen when you need it when you buy this pack, which has “For Borrowing Only” printed on each pen.

Should You Buy It?

To decide whether these shoes are worth it, you just need to look at the Clove shoes reviews and feedback posted by customers. Nurse.org is a popular website for nurses. This site picked Clove as one of the top 10 brands for nursing shoes. Some of the features the site loved the most included how comfortably they fit and the good quality of the materials. Customers love that the shoes are water-resistant, too. They never know when their shoes might get wet at work, but this feature ensures that their feet stay dry and that their shoes don’t stain. Other customers liked that they could easily clean the shoes and that the shoes gave them good stability and traction.
Some of the other reasons we think Clove shoes are worth the money include:
  • Clove has a coupon code that lets you get a free pair of compression socks when you buy a pair of shoes. You can enter WITHLOVE when you checkout or get the code as a Clove Insider.
  • If you’re a student, you qualify for the student discount. You need to show Clove some type of proof that you’re in a nursing program to get the discount.
  • Clove often holds contests that help you win free shoes. As long as you sign up for the Insider program, you automatically qualify for these contests.
  • While the shoes sell for $129 per pair, there is usually a sale at the beginning of the month that takes more than $20 off. You’ll find even bigger sales around the holidays and on Black Friday.
  • If you live in the US, you get free standard shipping. Clove offers free shipping to all cities and states.
  • Once you order, you get a tracking number that helps you keep an eye on your package. Your order should arrive within four business days.
  • Clove offers free returns on all orders. You just need to visit the Returns Center to start the process.
  • If you need to order multiple pairs, Clove has a group order option. This even lets you customize the designs you buy.
Clove has gift cards that you can send to others through email, too.

Cons to Consider

If you live outside of the US, one big con you might find about Clove is that the brand does not ship outside of the United States. This is only one of the cons that we found. Other negative Clove shoe reviews pointed out that they needed better insoles. One shopper said that she had flat feet and got little in the way of support from the shoes. Others thought the shoes were expensive when compared to other brands. You can get a pair of sneakers that are suitable for work for as little as $75, which is less than Clove charges even when the site runs a sale.
Another thing to keep in mind is that you won’t find many available colors. Other brands like Nike release new designs a few times a year and have dozens of colors to choose from as well as custom options. Clove had just nine options when we wrote this review in November of 2021. Though you may occasionally find limited edition designs, they often use the same colors or similar colors to the designs that are already available. On the plus side, many facilities limit what colors you can wear at work. Clove shoes often work with your dress code.
Limited edition designs such as the Navy Clove Shoes for Women are occasionally available.
Cons to Consider

Where to Buy

Doing a Google search for nursing shoes will bring up hundreds of results, but you won’t find Clove shoes listed. Clove is unique because the brand only sells shoes on its official website. Click here to load the Go Clove website and start shopping. We recommend that you look at either the men’s or women’s shoes to see all of the different colors that are available. If there is a currently limited edition pair in stock, the site will show you that pair under the color section. Don’t forget to click on the Insiders link to sign up and unlock all of the perks.

We also like that Clove has a group orders option for those who buy in bulk. Do you work in a facility and want all employees to wear the same shoes? Clove has no minimum order amount and lets you get discounted rates. You also earn free gifts when you buy multiple pairs. We also suggest looking at Clove Cares to see how this brand gives back. There’s also the Clove Blog that covers info nurses and other customers might find helpful, including the top signs that you need to replace your old shoes and dress code basics for medical professionals.

Where to Buy

The Competition

Though Clove is popular with healthcare workers, it’s not the only brand that makes shoes for those shoppers. We’ll look at some of the other brands below and give you links to their sites.


Known as both KURU and KURU Footwear, this is a brand that makes shoes designed for those with foot pain. When you sign up for the mailing list, KURU will automatically enter you into drawings held every Friday for the chance to win a free pair of shoes. The sneakers and tennis shoes from this brand are similar to those available from Clove because they have cushioned insoles and lots of support. You can shop for shoes that work for the specific type of pain you have, which ranges from back and knee pain to discomfort caused by diabetes and other conditions.



BALA is one of the more unique footwear brands out there and a company that specializes in shoes for healthcare workers. You have the chance to read stories written by previous customers to find out what they loved about the shoes. The site also has videos that help you learn about the technology the brand uses and why its shoes are so comfortable. If you buy a pair, you get a referral link that you can share. Anyone who buys through your link will earn you $20 off your next purchase. BALA also has a good refund policy and lets you exchange shoes.


All Heart

When you visit All Heart, you have the chance to spin a wheel and unlock a prize. While you might earn free shipping on your next order, you can also get 10% off. All Heart sells both shoes made by an in-house brand as well as those from other brands. The All Heart Basics line includes clogs in fun patterns and prints that are slip-resistant. We like that this site offers shoes at prices as low as $20 or less. You’ll also find tons of other things that healthcare professionals need such as scrubs and PPE supplies.

All Heart


You don’t need much experience in the nursing field to know the name dansko. This brand offers both nursing shoes and shoes designed for other types of medical professionals. Known for its clogs, Dansko uses durable materials that can stand up to long hours on the job. You can choose from simple designs in black and brown or opt for unique pairs that use multiple colors. There is also a mailing list that helps you unlock Dansko coupon codes. The brand draws a name from its users a few times a month and awards winners $250 gift cards that work on the site.


Final Verdict

When writing our Clove shoes review, we found dozens of positive reviews and not many negative comments. Some customers wished that the brand didn’t make and ship shoes from China as they worried about the overall quality and how long shipping took. Others thought the shoes were expensive at $129 per pair. Keep in mind that you can often find sales that bring the price down to around $100. As Clove offers free shipping, you don’t need to worry about shipping adding to your total cost. There were also complaints about the lack of colors and designs, but some found that this made it easier for them to find pairs that matched their workplace dress code.
We like that Clove makes shoes for healthcare workers that specifically address the issues they have at work. These shoes are resistant to water and other types of fluids and have tons of padding inside. While they may not offer as much support as you want, you can add different insoles for even more padding. If you buy the wrong size, Clove gives you 30 days to return or exchange the shoes for free. Anyone who works in the nursing or healthcare field will find that Clove shoes are worth the money.