Coolina Knife Review

  • Jacob Wilson, iReviews
  • September 17,2022
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I see a lot of discussion about what knives are best these days. So many questions go into picking the right one from how sharp their edges are, to the craftsmanship, to the cost. Coolina knives are a growing option in the world of blades, but reviews seem to be mixed of them.


From an old-world style to tungsten metal, these artisan knives have a lot of attention to detail that elevates them beyond a typical kitchen knife. Yet to call them expensive is an understatement. Does the cost outweigh all the benefits, or is going for that higher price worth it in the long run?

  • Versatile sharp edge
  • Stylized and appealing appearance
  • Durable
  • Made of quality metals
  • Not cheap
  • Heavy for a knife
  • Need to be cared for regularly
  • Difficult Product to return

The main draw for quality knives for many can be the exceptional world of handmade artisan knives. Coolina knives show blades that mix both usability with traditional craftsmanship to form a unique and elegant blade.

Product Features:

  • Sharp Edge
  • Easy to Sharpen
  • Made of quality metals
  • Blade gains an interesting texture away from the edge
  • Beautiful to look at

What is Coolina Knife?

The Coolina brand of Knives is a selection of knives with similar design elements and ideas put behind their design. The key phrase I think about when looking at them is that they go for an old-world style. This style uses modern elements when it doesn’t get in the way of that core look but still enhances the blade overall.

Handmade artisan knives are anything but cheap, and Coolina is no different. Their high price is the main reason I see people dissatisfied with the product they receive, but what do I think? The weight, edge, strength, and durability of my Coolina knife are what I will be putting a focus on in order to give you the most informed opinion I can.

Coolina Knife Unboxing

When I first pulled my knife out of the box, I noticed two things: the weight and texture of the blade itself. It’s not a light knife by any means, but it’s not an overbearing weight. It’s enough to feel it in your hands, but I doubt it would cause many issues when in use.


The texture felt strange. Towards the back of the knife, the blade was bumpy and grainy where it was black. Moving towards the edge of the blade, but without touching it, it grows smooth.


The artisan knife has a distinct blade color that bleeds into a shinier silver at the cutting edge. It’s like an artistic knife that blends down into a regular cutting knife and gives it a unique look. I can’t say I’ve handled much in the past that is quite like a Coolina knife.

Coolina Knife Features

The main feature of the knife that I haven’t touched on at all yet is the ergonomic wooden handle. Similar to the rest of the knife this handle goes for looks first with a black color that’s a few shades darker than the grainy back of the knife.


This handle is good to look at, but how it handles is important. In my opinion, it handles fine. This isn’t a knife that’s going to change your life when you get your hands on it, but the weight of the blade with the comfort of the handle gives a good feel to every motion. The bump of the screws is noticeable on it, but that doesn’t amount to much.

The knife also came with a little cover for the blade. This wasn’t the basic plastic or snap-shut cases that most knives would come with. Instead, it’s it had more of a leather feel behind it and looked more akin to the covers you would see used by a larger field knife.


While my blade is made of tungsten that’s not the only metal that Coolina offers. I can not say much about my first-hand experience with the other metals and designs they offer, I will say that different metals can make a world of difference even when a knife is made the same way. If the tungsten model doesn’t sound like it will work for you, then there are other options like manganese steel.

Coolina Knife Test


The cutting power of the Coolina knife is passable. It works about as well as I had expected going right through softer foods but struggling a bit with denser ingredients. A good knife for basic cutting and cooking.


I haven’t found it dulling out too much even after a good amount of usage, but this artisan knife still hasn’t been put through the long haul so take that with a grain of salt. I can still imagine the edge dulling out quickly, but a good sharpener should get around that no problem.


The overall experience I’ve been having with the Coolina tungsten knife is good. The weight is a bit heavy, but it’s manageable. Don’t cut anything too tough and there won’t be any problems getting it through most everyday kitchen products.

Who’s Coolina Knife For?

The Coolina Knife is for people who want a knife that is more than just function. They want something more than the basic shining silver edge of a blade with a similarly colored and textured handle. In short, the Coolina Knife is for people that want artisan knives with personality.

The mild texture of the portions of the blade away from the edge doesn’t get in the way of its cutting ability, and the wooden handle may be more comfortable for some than typical stainless steel. This may be the knife for you if you like some style in your kitchen tools.

What Are the Benefits of Coolina Knife?

The main benefits of Coolina Knife are in the features and design. The look of the blade is nothing short of artful. This is a knife whose main benefit is that it looks incredible while still maintaining function.


There are no extra gimmicks behind these knives. They’re simple artisan knives that come with a larger price attached to them. They look good and don’t destroy their ability to cut like so many other options out there do.

Should You Buy It?

I think there is a lot that goes into whether or not you should buy a Coolina Knife. If you’re looking to simply fill out your kitchen with the basic tools and setup, then this isn’t for you. If you’re looking for an artisan knife that puts a unique design and feel at the front of its build, then it’s worth thinking about.


Getting multiple Coolina Knives won’t be cheap, but I will say that the company seems to run a lot of sales. If you think the price is a bit much, but you are interested in them, then it’s worth taking a look at their website every couple of weeks. Maybe you will get lucky and find what you’ve been wanting on sale for a more reasonable price.

How to buy Coolina Knife

If you’re interested in getting a Coolina Knife I would recommend getting it from their website here. As I said before, they constantly run different sales on their products. You never know what you will find when you visit during one of these sale periods.

How Does Coolina Knife Compare to the Alternatives

Looking at other reviews out there I’ve found a line that’s been drawn. Loads of people either love Coolina Knives or find their way to pricey for what they offer. That’s why I want to take a look at some other knife makers out there and see what they offer.


Cuso Cuts lineup of kitchen knives offers far more stylization than much of the competition. The knives remain functional for general usage but come with unique-looking handles and blades that create a signature look. All of these design options on top of functional means that they come at large prices. These are knives for people with a lot of money worth spending on appealing-looking knives.


For function over style, I’d say look into Wusthof and their line of kitchen knives. These knives aren’t made for style, but instead pure function. They have a long history of knives that are made to work the best for the longest time, and that quality comes with the expected price tag.


None of these options are cheap. For cheap knives, it would be best to shop around at your local stores and find entire sets so you can do some bulk purchasing. They might not last as long as any of these options, though.

Final Verdict

Artisan knives are as much an art as they are a product, but they still need to cut well. Coolina knives, in my experience, work well enough to get past the basic needs of all but the most active of kitchen cutters.


The style of the knife is the main selling point. The dark back with the wooden handles won’t be the longest-lasting blades out there, but they will look good while being used.


Overall, I give Coolina Knives a tentative recommendation. Look for sales if you plan to browse their catalogs.


The real value you can get out of these knives is in these sales. At a cheaper price and buying in bulk you can get quite a few quality knives that will last you longer than anything else you could get for that price. The sales don’t always cover everything you would want though, so check back often.


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