Everlane Clothes Review



Product Range 98%
Size Options 97%
Ease of Use 97%
Value for the Money 91%
Shipping 92%
Customer Service 92%

Advertising Disclosure: Many or all of the companies featured provide compensation to us. These commissions are how we maintain our free service for consumers.  Compensation,  along with hours of in-depth research, determines where & how companies appear on our site.

Advertising Disclosure

Many or all of the companies featured provide compensation to us. These commissions are how we maintain our free service for consumers. Compensation, along with hours of in-depth research, determines where & how companies appear on our site.




Everlane is a brand that offers fashions that last for years and are good for the world. All products use sustainable materials and come from factories committed to helping others and the environment.

Product Features

What is Everlane?

Everlane is one of the hottest fashion brands in the world today. Not only did the New York Times mention the brand, but it also appeared on the pages of Vogue and Glamour. Michael Preysman launched the brand in 2010 based on the simple idea of giving customers access to ethical clothing made from the best materials. Everlane guarantees that all of its products come from factories and facilities that care about their workers and treat them with the respect they deserve. As a bonus, you can use the official site to see the entire process and how the materials became amazing fashions.
The brand has a program where it hopes to cut down on the amount of plastic that the company uses. Another program allows customers to buy products made from recycled materials that do not damage the environment. Not only will you find tons of clothing for men and women, but you’ll find loads of denim available on the site. Whether you want comfy jeans that you can wear around town and hanging out with friends or a warm sweater that is appropriate for the office, this brand has you covered. Our Everlane clothes review will take an in-depth look at the brand and what it offers.
Everlane makes clothing that lasts for years.

Women’s Apparel from Everlane

Women of all shapes and sizes will find some new favorites when shopping at Everlane. Thanks to the website, you no longer need to find a shop in your area. The site stocks all products in a range of colors and sizes.

Sweaters and Cardigans

On a cold day where you just want to climb back into bed, shop at Everlane for a range of sweaters and hoodies. These sweaters are just as comfortable as your favorite hoodie but have stylish designs that help you look your best. Many come in sizes between XXS and XXXL. The Everlane size guide claims that its largest sizes fit women who usually wear an 18 to 20. Some of our favorite sweaters and cardigans include:
Sweaters and Cardigans
  • The Oversized Alpaca Crew ($105): Made from real alpaca wool, this sweater feels soft and keeps you warm. It has a crew neck and comes in multiple colors.
  • The Puff Sweater ($125): Choose this sweater in one of three colors to feel warm and look great. The sweater has a thick collar and long arms.
  • The Featherweight Alpaca Cardigan ($70): On cooler days, you’ll love this lightweight cardigan that comes in four colors. You can leave it opened or button the small buttons down the front.

Pants and Bottoms

Everlane makes elegant pants and bottoms that are perfect for a day at the office or anytime you want to feel your best. The Dream Pant sells for $78 and comes in four colors that are suitable for any occasion. We like that the hem stops just above the ankle and that these pants have an elastic waistband for all-day comfort. The Utility Barrel Pant for $78 is another good option for daily wear. This pair comes in plain black and other fun colors. We also like the Corduroy Wide Leg Pants that help you stay on top of current trends. These pants retail for $88 and come in multiple colors. You can wear them with ballet flats or heels as well as boots.
Pants and Bottoms

Tops for Women

If you’re looking for blouses and other tops, consider options such as the Organic Cotton Prep Shirt. Available for $75, it might remind you of old school uniforms with its simple collar. Larger sleeves add volume to the shirt and keep it from looking too boring. Other Everlane shirts we like include:
Tops for Women
  • Cropped Blouson Top ($55): This blouse has a cropped bottom and looks great with jeans. You can choose from five different colors such as a bright ruby red.
  • Drapey Square Shirt ($55): Available in four colors such as kalamata green, this shirt offers more coverage. It has wide sleeves that give it the look of a cape.
  • Silk Henley Tank ($90): Give your casual day look a little more flare with this tank top made from silk that has a henley design. The tank comes in several colors.

Women’s Shoes

Everlane has shoes you can wear on special occasions and others that are suitable for everyday use. We like the Scrunch Flat for $125, which comes in size colors. The flats have an elastic band to keep them from sliding off and a tiny heel in the back for added comfort. With the Italian Leather Day Glove for $115, you get a simple pair of flats that fit comfortably for hours and come in multiple colors. We also like the Rain Boot for $75 that you can wear with jeans in bad weather and the Forever Sneaker for $65 that might be the only sneakers you ever need.
Women's Shoes

How Can You Use Everlane?

Using Everlane is a breeze. You don’t need to spend a lot of time trying to pick a size or worry about finding pieces that work together. This site offers products that are essential to any wardrobe and easy to pair with each other. Simply click on the buttons for men’s clothing or women’s clothing on the top of the page. This lets you see categories such as best sellers or new arrivals along with bottoms and tops. While the sale section helps you view the current sales, the final sale section shows products now available at the lowest prices. Everlane also has a size guide to help you pick your size.
When it comes to Everlane denim, start with the silhouette that you want. While the straight silhouette has straight legs from the knee to ankle, the skinny leg has a leg that tapers down to your ankle. You might like the arc jeans that have a wider leg or boot-cut jeans. Everlane lets you see how different sizes look on different models and give you each model’s stats. You can easily find a model with a body type similar to yours to see how those jeans will look on you.
How Can You Use Everlane

Men’s Apparel from Everlane

Don’t assume that Everlane is yet another company that focuses only on women’s apparel. You’ll find quite a few pieces designed just for men.

Shirts and Polos

We recommend that you start with a look at the brand’s shirts because you will likely wear these every day or a few times a week. The Performance Button Down Shirt is the only shirt you might need for days at the office. Available for $58, it comes in both light and dark colors such as navy blue and covert green. The Slim Fit Japanese Oxford is another button-down shirt with long sleeves. It sells for $75 and comes in multiple colors as well as designs for taller men. There are also linen shirts that have long or short sleeves. You can bring one home for $50 to $65 and look stylish while you stay cool.
Shirts and Polos

Pants and Shorts

Thanks to the pants and shorts from Everlane, you’ll never need to worry about finding the right pair for a pickup basketball game or a day at work. The Performance Chino for $78 has a classic design that works as part of a uniform or a day at work. With the Denim Cut-Off Shorts for $60, you get a pair that fits just at or above your knee. These shorts come in multiple colors, including vintage sunbleached with a worn-in look and washed black in a deeper shade. We also like the Track Shorts that come in tan and other colors. These shorts have a comfortable fit with an elastic waistband.
Pants and Shorts

Where Can You Use Everlane Clothes?

Though Everlane makes clothing and accessories for men and women, you might wonder if there are any limits to where you can use these pieces. Most products have a casual design that makes them suitable for daily wear. You can grab a tank top to pair with your favorite jeans when you have a daytime date or plan to meet friends for a shopping trip. Thanks to the uniform pieces, Everlane helps you find clothing you can wear to school with or under your uniform. There are also plenty of pieces that fall under the office wear banner. Some of the top places we recommend wearing Everlane clothes include:
  • At the gym or anywhere else you need to work out or exercise.
  • When you’re on vacation and want to make sure that you look stylish and feel comfortable.
  • In the car or on public transportation when you head to work or do other things.
  • At the office when you want to look professional and ensure that you can work a long shift.
  • For running errands on long days when you have loads of things on your to-do list.
  • During special occasions such as parties and work events.
Everlane sweaters are comfortable enough to wear all day.
Where Can You Use Everlane Clothes

Jeans from Everlane

No matter what size you wear or what your daily schedule looks like, you’ll probably find that you could do with at least one pair of Everlane jeans. The Cheeky Collection is popular with women who want to make the most of their assets. The brand designed this collection to fit women with an hourglass shape. Each pair uses real denim sourced from Japan that hugs your curves. Some love the throwback design of these jeans because it reminds them of the denim they rocked in the 1990s. The Cheeky Jeans retail for $88 and come in three colors: vintage sunbleached, medium blue and washed black. You can also pick up a pair with straight legs.
Everlane offers high-rise jeans for women who want a higher waistband. These jeans sell for $88 per pair and have a slightly large leg opening that is similar to a boot cut. Vintage indigo is a popular color option that is deep and rich, but you may prefer the unique green tea color or the washed midnight option. Everlane sells these jeans in both skinny and straight styles. You’ll also find skirts and shorts in the same design for as little as $30.
Don’t assume that only women can rock Everlane jeans. The Performance 4-Way Stretch Organic Jean is a great option for guys. It has a tapered leg around the ankle and a relaxed fit that gives you just the right amount of bagginess. These jeans sell for $88 and come in dark indigo and black for guys who need to wear them with their uniforms. You can also choose from lighter colors for daily wear.
In addition to the performance, Everlane sells these jeans under the athletic and slim categories. With the athletic jeans, you get the relaxed and comfortable fit that you need for hours of use. These jeans are so flexible that you can even wear a pair to shoot hoops. The skinny version eliminates the relaxed fit in favor of a slimmer and tighter fit. Some of the other Everlane denim that we like include:
Denim Chore Jacket ($90): From mucking stalls on the farm to running errands in the city, this jacket can handle all of your chores. It comes in a dark indigo wash with contrasting stitching on the hem and pocket. Denim Jacket ($98): Though similar to the last jacket, this one has a more upscale look. You can choose from two colors and get easy-to-use buttons down the front and multiple storage pockets. Skinny Fit Jeans ($68): Available in two washes, these jeans use classic Japanese denim with a small amount of elastic. The jeans can handle all of your activities as they move in the same way your body does.
Jeans from Everlane

Who’s This For?

Everlane makes clothing designed for customers who want to make sure that they make the right choices when it comes to their clothing. The brand claims that customers can make those choices as easily as they pick out a tee to wear in the morning. Everlane relies on an idea it calls radical transparency in that it is transparent about all of the products sold online and in stores. All factories must go through an extensive check and score 90 or higher on a 100 point scale before they can work with the brand. Among the many shoppers who would benefit from buying from Everlane include:
  • Customers who want to give back as they shop because Everlane donates a portion of its profits to factory workers.
  • Those who are tired of the fast-casual trend of products that only last for a single season and want clothing that will last for years.
  • People who can afford to spend $50-$100 on quality clothing that is durable.
  • Shoppers interested in learning more about why fashions cost what they do through the Everlane breakdown formula.
  • Customers who live far away from an Everlane store but want to buy the brand’s fashions.
  • Anyone on the hunt for high-quality fashions made in ethical ways.
Who's This For
Everlane launched the Black Friday Fund to raise money to protect the ocean.

Should You Buy It?

Among the many reasons why we think you should buy Everlane clothing include:
  • You can pick up essentials that are suitable for any wardrobe and learn how to put those pieces together in new ways.
  • Everlane offers a wide range of clothing that you can wear every day of the week as well as to work and on special occasions.
  • When you sign up for the Everlane mailing list, you get a 10% off coupon that you can use right away.
  • The site has both sale and final sale sections that slash prices by 10 to 50% off or more.
  • Everlane offers information on the factories and people who make the brand’s merchandise.
  • Your purchase includes a donation towards programs that help people and the environment.
  • Many products use recycled materials to cut down on greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Though some customers complained about the clothing’s quality, many found that they were soft and comfortable.
  • Thanks to the models who appear on the site, you can get an idea of how different pieces will look on you before you buy.
  • Once you order, Everlane sends you a confirmation email that lets you track your package online.
Everlane lets you use your account to track packages and request refunds.
Should You Buy It

Cons to Consider

Once you finish our section on “Should You Buy It?.” make sure that you check out the cons of Everlane that might make you reconsider buying from this brand.
  • Many customers wished that the quality of the products they bought was better. Some said that they bought items that fell apart within a few months or a year.
  • Even if you live in the US, shipping can take a long time. It can take up to a month before the brand puts your order in the mail.
  • It’s often hard to get in touch with the customer service department. Everlane encourages shoppers to contact customer service online or through email and doesn’t have a listed phone number.
  • There were many complaints that the brand didn’t offer refunds or that Everlane refused to accept returns.
  • Many products do not use accurate sizing and may run a size smaller than they should.
  • It’s easier to shop the site on your phone or a mobile device than with a computer.
  • The prices are fairly high. We found simple sweaters priced at $100 or more.
  • If you do get a refund, it can take up to three weeks to get your money back.
  • Though the site says that it accepts all types of credit cards, some customers said that the site rejected their payment methods.
  • Some clothing shows serious signs of wear and tear after washing them a few times.
Cons to Consider
Using a delicate cycle can make some of the Everlane clothing last longer.

Where to Buy

Whether you need a few pieces for work or want to upgrade your wardrobe before jumping back into the dating scene, it’s easy to buy Everlane clothing right here. Before you order, we recommend that you enter your email address to join the mailing list. This helps you find coupons to save on Everlane, which is helpful as the brand is expensive. You will also find links to the brand on Instagram and other social media sites. Those links make it easy for you to see how you can rock these styles in real life and put together new outfits.
When you buy Everlane clothing online, you can create a personal account, too. Everlane will remember the orders you made in the past and recommend new merchandise it thinks you will like. Your account helps you keep track of your orders and return items when needed in less time. The official site also has links that help you learn more about the brand’s policies, including why it works with certain factories and how it plans to protect the environment. The “Visit Us” page lets you enter your zip code and find the closest Everlane shop to you for in-person shopping.
Everlane offers both online and offline shopping options.
Where to Buy

The Competition

If you’re in the market for ethically sourced clothing and aren’t sure if Everlane is right for you, check out some of the competitors we found.


Aritzia is a popular online shopping destination for men and women. Unlike Everlane, this site sells branded products from different companies. We recommend that you join the mailing list to stay on top of new product drops and make sure you never miss another launch. You’ll find classic pieces for long days at the office such as blazers and skirts along with denim and leggings that have a more casual style. Thanks to the matching sets category, you no longer need to worry about finding matching pieces. The site lets you buy a complete outfit in the size and color you want.


One of the top names in the sustainable fashion world is Reformation, which adds new styles and products every season. It’s easy to find a comfortable coat that lasts for the entire winter or lined pants that keep you warm. As summer approaches, you’ll find tons of swimsuits along with shorts and tanks. Reformation has an online glossary that explains the meaning behind different terms used on the site and a size guide to help you select the right size. This site claims that its products are so comfortable that you may feel as though you have nothing on your body.

La Ligne

Another option is La Ligne, which sounds foreign but is based out of New York City. Clicking on the “New Arrivals” button will load all of the latest merchandise. You might grab a dress for a special dinner or pick out a sweater that is perfect for wearing to lunch with friends or running errands. This site offers merchandise that changes with each season to help you cope with the weather outside. Though La Ligne offers sustainable clothing, it is very expensive. You’ll find individual pieces such as its top dresses priced at $500 and up, which might put them out of your budget.


The founders of this fashion brand chose the name AYR to show that they offer clothing sustainable for all year round wear. It has an extensive denim collection that includes trendy high-rise jeans with a waistband that sits right on or slightly above your belly button and skinny jeans that fit like a great pair of leggings. Thanks to tees such as the French Fry, you can easily upgrade how you wear your old jeans. AYR also offers tons of dresses and jackets. During AYR sales, you can often get two items and save 20% off your whole order.

Final Verdict

We recommend that you read through our section on Everlane cons because customers had some serious complaints about this company. Those complaints range from poor customer service and long shipping times to high prices and poor product quality. We took those complaints into consideration when writing our Everlane review and are why we gave the brand a lower rating than we planned. On top of those complaints, we found customers who loved the experiences they had with the brand. They liked that the company was upfront about who it worked with and where its clothing came from and that it let them give back with each purchase.
Everlane started the Black Friday Fund in the hopes of working with customers to raise money. All of the funds went into a program designed to keep plastic out of the ocean and make the water safer for marine animals. A similar program allows the brand to use a portion of its profits to support those who work in factories around the world and help them lead better lives. Our Everlane clothing review looked at the available clothing and top factors that make this brand worth your money.