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  • Journi Gillette, iReviews
  • September 13,2022
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A common misconception about hearing loss is that it only affects the elderly. However, hearing loss can affect anyone at any age and show different symptoms. Some people may hear a slight buzzing sound in their ears, while others cannot hear the people and sounds around them at all.


Hearing loss can make it difficult for you to communicate with others and puts your safety at risk. There are several extra precautions those with hearing loss will need to take, but the thing that will help them the most is hearing aids.


One hearing aid alone can cost over $3,500. However, it is highly recommended you buy a set of hearing aids that will easily take the price up to potentially over $6,000.
HearingHero is a new assistance device that is so affordable that you can purchase it without going through insurance.


Our HearingHero review looks at the pros and cons of the device and the top features as well as where to buy it and its cost.

HearingHero is a simple device that can help anyone dealing with hearing loss.

  • Significantly improves the volume around you
  • Discreet design makes it easy to wear and use
  • More affordable than other hearing aids
  • Includes a money-back guarantee
  • Hard to get a full refund
  • Does not include rechargeable batteries
  • Only suitable for mild to moderate hearing loss
  • Trial period only lasts for 45 days

If you want an affordable way to treat mild to moderate hearing loss, the HearingHero is an excellent choice. The HearingHero features a discreet design, four volume levels, and feedback reduction. Although the sound device has some flaws, most customers will be satisfied with the aid.

Product Features

  • Input Noise Level: Up to 35 decibels
  • Battery: A13
  • Frequency Range: 300 to 5800Hz
  • Weight: 300 grams
  • Size: 41 X 153 X 104 millimeters
  • Battery Life: up to two weeks

What are the Common Signs of Hearing Loss

The symptoms that most people notice vary depending on what caused their hearing loss. More than 30% of those over the age of 65 in the United States suffer from some type of hearing loss. This rate rises to 50% among those 75 and older.


Some also experience a combination of problems in multiple areas. Some of the common signs that someone suffers from hearing loss include:

  • Muffled sounds when listening to people talk
  • Issues hearing certain words or sounds
  • Difficulty hearing a radio or television unless set to a high volume
  • Pain or pressure in one or both ears

You may also notice your loved one showing signs of hearing loss that prevent them from social outings due to them having a hard time following conversations.

Using the HearingHero can help you enjoy conversations with your friends and loved ones again.

Common Causes of Hearing Loss

Two of the common causes of hearing loss are earwax buildup and exposure. If you loved attending music concerts and festivals at a young age, you might find that you suffer from hearing loss later.


This can also affect those who work in the entertainment industry and the construction field as they spend a lot of time around loud noises that can dull their senses and hearing.


Allowing excessive wax to build up inside your ears can also affect your hearing. It prevents the ears from pushing out fluid and other debris and can significantly impair your hearing. Other causes of hearing loss may include:

  • Different types of malformation in the inner or outer ear
  • Frequent or constant ear infections
  • Allergies
  • Some type of foreign object lodged in the ear canal
  • Trauma to the head or ear
  • Certain diseases or medical conditions

If you have a family history of hearing loss and at least one immediate family member who has hearing issues, you have an increased risk of suffering the same problem later in life. Doctors believe that certain genetic factors increase the risk of developing hearing loss too. It’s never too early to look for the signs of hearing loss or to talk to your primary care physician.

HearingHero is a device that can help you hear and get your confidence back.

What is the HearingHero?

The HearingHero is a small device designed to help you hear. It works similar to some of the other hearing aids that are on the market that amplify soundwaves.


The HearingHero consists of a small earbud that attaches to a tube that you place inside your ear. You also get a battery that fits inside to power the built-in amplifier.


Once you adjust the device, you’ll find that you can clearly hear the sounds around you.. The HearingHero also has a discreet design that uses clear and light tan parts, making it less noticeable.


Another nice feature of the HearingHero is the comfortable design. You don’t need to worry about the plastic rubbing uncomfortably against your ears or finding an earbud that fits your ear. Many people find that they no longer struggle to have conversations with others or following along at work and school. The HearingHero can help almost anyone dealing with hearing loss.

The discreet design of the HearingHero lets you hear clearly without others knowing you have it.

How Can You Use the HearingHero?

Using the HearingHero is a snap. It comes with sound tubes that work on your right or left ear and three earbuds. Also called ear domes, they fit inside your ear canal. We recommend trying each dome to see which one feels the most comfortable before you use the device.


Before placing the dome in your ear, attach the sound tube. You just need to place the end of the tube against the base of the dome and push down slightly until the pieces snap together. Adding the battery is the next step, as this ensures that the HearingHero has enough power to run the built-in amplifier.


Then, you will carefully place the dome inside your ear canal and wrap the sound tube around your outer ear. The HearingHero has two small buttons attached to the plastic case that attaches to the tube and fits on the back of your ear. This allows you to adjust the volume of the device when you’re in a crowded public place or a quieter spot.


We recommend trying a few different settings to see which work best for the situations and grounds that you’re usually around. The HearingHero is typically easier to hide than other types of hearing aids are.

While some hearing aids are large and visible, the HearingHero is smaller and has a discreet design.

Where Can You Use the HearingHero?

The HearingHero is also a great choice for those in college or another type of school. You may have a difficulty hearing your teachers in the classroom, or other students talk. Chatting with your friends in the cafeteria can also be difficult because of all the ambient noise around you. With the HearingHero, you can block out some of that background noise and focus on your friends.


It’s also a solid choice for using at work. In just a few seconds, you can adjust the volume and other settings to hear your boss or coworkers. Some of the other places you might use the HearingHero include:

  • When you go out to eat with others in loud and crowded restaurants
  • If you use public transportation and want to stay aware of your surroundings
  • On vacation when you want to enjoy your trip
  • If you play sports in a public park and want to hear other players
  • When you love going to games or tailgating parties and want to make sure you can keep up with the crowd
  • As long as you have mild to moderate hearing loss, you’ll find the HearingHero helpful in a variety of situations.

The HearingHero is easy to use when riding the bus or subway.

Who’s This For?

The makers of the HearingHero recommend the device for those suffering from mild to moderate hearing loss. Doctors define hearing loss on a scale that ranges from normal to profound.


Those with normal hearing can hear a range of -10 to 15 decibels. They have no issues watching television at a low level or listening to the radio with the volume turned down.
Those with slight hearing loss can hear a range of sounds from 16 to 25 decibels. If your doctor claims that you have mild hearing loss, this means that you can hear a range from 26 to 40 decibels. You might find that you need to turn the television or radio up and that you have a difficult time following conversations in loud rooms.


If you are experiencing moderate hearing loss, you’ll hear a sound range of 41 to 55 decibels. This makes it extremely hard for you to hear the noises and sounds that others do, including people talking behind you or the actors you see on the screen. You may need to turn your television up to almost as loud as it goes or add a soundbar to hear clearly.


While HearingHero cannot help those with severe or profound hearing loss, it can certainly help those with mild to moderate hearing loss.

HearingHero amplifies all the noises that are around you to help you hear better.

How Can You Find Out if You Have Hearing Loss?

The top three ways that you can determine if you have hearing loss are:

  • Medical test
  • Hearing loss apps
  • Testing websites

Medical tests require that you meet with a doctor who will administer the test. It usually takes place in a quiet room as you move through different decibel levels and ranges.
Several websites let you take a free hearing loss test without taking a trip to your doctor first. You have the choice between wearing earbuds/headphones or your computer’s speakers.


The site will play some background noise and issue three beeping sounds. You need to click to show which speaker the words came from. Some tests release words and ask you to identify the words that you heard.


Some free and premium apps test your hearing through a cell phone or a similar device. The apps typically ask you to work in a quiet room and press a button to play sounds. You’ll tell the app when you heard the sounds and when you didn’t hear anything.


While apps and websites are helpful, only a doctor can determine your level of hearing loss.

Talking to your doctor is the easiest and best way to find out if you suffer from hearing loss.

What Comes in the Box?

When you buy the HearingHero, you might have questions about what comes in the box or what you get with your order.


The biggest item included in the box is the HearingHero sound device. It has easy-to-use buttons that help you adjust the volume and change the settings based on where you are and what you want to do.


You also get a closed dome and an open dome. Those domes can help you focus more on conversations and block out background noise or hear more of the noises that are around you.


The other items in the box include:

  • Sound tubes: Each box includes sound tubes that fit into both ears. You can purchase new tubes through the website.
  • Cleaning brush: Keeping your sound device clean and clear is the key to ensuring that it works properly. So, a small brush comes in the box to help you clean your HearingHero.
  • Battery: Though the HearingHero doesn’t have a rechargeable battery, you get an A13 battery in the box. It lasts for up to two weeks depending on how often you use the sound device. New batteries are available through the website too.
  • Carrying case: Whether you love traveling or just spend hours out of the house every day, you’ll likely use the included carrying case. It keeps the tubes and all other parts safe.
  • User manual: The user manual included in the package features just a few pages. It goes over how to use and adjust the device and what you can do with the included accessories.

How to Choose the Right Ear Dome

The HearingHero comes with ear domes in several sizes and designs. One of the first things that you should do is choose the size that is right for you. The domes come in small, medium and large sizes. To get a good fit, try:

  • Place the dome in your ear canal
  • Move your head back and forth a few times
  • Get up and walk around the room
  • Repeat these steps with each of the domes
  • Look for the dome that fits snug in your ear without rubbing uncomfortably

Once you choose the right size ear dome, you need to decide between the open and closed designs. Open domes increase the airflow around your ears and allow you to hear more natural sounds. You might opt for this type of dome if you want to hit an amusement park or plan on spending time outside with your friends.


The closed domes reduce the feedback that you hear and increase the volume of the sounds that are around you. This is the best type of dome to choose when you’re in a group setting. While you can hear people loudly and clearly, you won’tneed to worry that background noises will get in your way.

Choosing the right size and type of dome ensures that the HearingHero works right for you.

How to Use the HearingHero the First Time

  • Add the battery: Press down gently on the battery lid compartment to pop it open. Pull the paper tab off the back of the battery and insert it into the compartment. You’ll want to make sure that the + sign on the battery faces up before you place the lid on top and close the compartment.
  • Connect the dome: While holding the dome in one hand, carefully place the end of the tube against the opening in the dome. It only takes a small amount of pressure to connect the pieces. You’ll then place the dome at the opening of the ear canal and push until it feels comfortable.
  • Using the device: Once you have the dome and tube in your ear canal, wrap the tube around your ear and place the sound device. The sound device should fit behind your ear without any discomfort and without causing the tube to hang too low.
  • Adjust the levels: To adjust the sound levels, push the volume wheel button back and forth. It has four settings that range from a minimum of one to a maximum of four. You may find that you need to adjust the volume as you use the sound device in different situations.

Knowing how to use the HearingHero can help you follow conversations easily.

How to Care for Your HearingHero

Caring for your HearingHero is easier than you might think. Especially when you compare its maintenance to the maintenance of similar hearing aids. The only thing that you need to do daily is to wipe it down.


You can use a simple tissue, but this may leave behind some residue. Using a microfiber towel or cloth is a better option because it will remove earwax and other debris without leaving behind residue.


You’ll also want to take out the tube and clean it regularly, especially if you use the sound device every day. The cleaning brush makes it easy to remove earwax and anything else stuck inside or on the outside of the tube.


Included with the cleaning brush is something called a cleaning wire. This wire easily slips inside the tube and runs the full length. You just need to move this a few times to remove everything inside.


We recommend cleaning the tube at least once a week, but you may find that you need to clean it a few times a week. You should also use a carrying case to store the device as this keeps it away from moisture. Excessive moisture can ruin the battery and damage the electronics inside.

The HearingHero can even help you hear more clearly when talking on a cell phone.

Tips for Using the HearingHero

  • Change the volume: If you put in the HearingHero and cannot hear anything, try adjusting the volume. The chances are good that the volume is either turned down or that you need to slightly increase it.
  • Listening for a beeping sound: This sound device monitors the battery and lets you know when it’s low through a rapid beeping sound. That sound will increase until the battery dies.
  • Adjust the hearing program: This device has N and H functions. The N function is suitable for daily use, including when you’re at work or relaxing at home. You should opt for the H function when you want to block background noises such as those you hear when riding the subway or sitting in a restaurant. You can choose the right function by using the switch on the back of the device.
  • Use the right tube: Always select the correct tube based on which ear you’ll use with the device. While the tubes marked in blue are suitable for your left ear, the red tubes go in your right ear.
  • Pull on your ear: When inserting the HearingHero, use one hand to pull your ear up while you use the other to insert the device. This helps open the ear canal and let the device slip inside faster.

The H function of the HearingHero is best for situations where you don’t want to hear background noises.

Should You Buy It?

There are a few great reasons to buy the HearingHero:

  • Money-Back Guarantee: Thanks to the money-back guarantee offered by the makers of the HearingHero, purchasing one is a risk-free process. If you’re not happy within 45 days of placing your order, you can return the sound device for a full refund.
  • Four Volume Levels: Whether you want to follow a conversation in the middle of a restaurant or hear your favorite television show, you can adjust the volume on the HearingHero. It has four volume levels available that you can select after placing it in your ear.
  • Feedback Reduction: Other affordable hearing aids lack this feature. The HearingHero has a feedback reduction feature that works in different situations when you’re around electronics that might cause some type of distortion.
  • Affordability: Getting a hearing aid from your doctor can easily cost thousands of dollars between appointments and the device itself. Even having insurance may result in you paying quite a bit. The HearingHero sells for less than $150, which makes it an affordable alternative to your hearing loss problems.
  • Discreet and comfortable design: Two of the top things that we like about the HearingHero is its discreet design and comfortable fit. The part of the dome that sticks out uses a flesh tone that blends with the natural color of your skin tone to help it disappear against your skin. It also has a comfortable fit with tubes that you can trim for a better fit.

The HearingHero is roughly the same size as your favorite earbuds and just as comfortable.

Cons of the HearingHero

You should also consider the cons of the HearingHero. The biggest issues that we found concern the trial period and the refund policy.


Though the product website claims that you get a 45-day trial period that begins when the sound device ships, the company told some customers that this period began when they placed their orders. As it can take weeks for your package to arrive, you may find that you don’t have much time to try it and see how it works if you want a refund. You may need to contact your bank or credit card to get your money back instead of going through the company.


We also found that some customers weren’t satisfied with the included batteries. Many hearing aids in this price range come with rechargeable batteries and a charger. The HearingHero only comes with one standard A13 battery. Though the battery may last for up to two weeks with limited use, using it every day can kill the batteries in less time. If you go through the official website to buy new batteries, you can only buy them in packages, and will often cost more than it would in a local store.

Other Issues with the HearingHero

  • Doesn’t work for those with lower levels of hearing loss
  • Not suitable for those with severe or profound hearing loss
  • Some claimed that they never received their packages
  • You may find that none of the included domes fit comfortably
  • It can break down after some use

Where to Buy

Why pay full price for the HearingHero when you have so many chances to save money? By using this link, you can visit the official site and learn about any special offers that are available right now. If you purchase today, you can take advantage of an exclusive deal that drops the price of the HearingHero by more than 30%.


If you looked into the hearing aid device in the past and found it was a little too expensive, now is the perfect time to buy. While the device usually costs a little over $230, you can buy it today for less than $150.


Don’t forget to check the website for other products that you can easily add to your order. We recommend the travel case, which has a hard exterior that protects the device from damage and a soft interior that holds all of your supplies. You may want to add the cleaner brush too if you worry about how to clean and take care of the HearingHero. This brush allows you to clean the sound tubes and all other parts daily. The makers of HearingHero also sell battery packs that keep the device running and new packs of sound tubes and ear domes.


Hifisoundy Rechargeable Hearing Sound Amplifiers

One reason you might prefer this set of Hifisoundy Rechargeable Hearing Sound Amplifiers is that they come with rechargeable batteries. You don’t need to worry about the battery dying when you’re on vacation or in the middle of a workday because the batteries last for up to 10 hours.


It takes only 90 minutes to charge the batteries, but you can also use the charging case to easily charge them on the go. These amplifiers come in the form of earbuds that fit into each ear and have a built-in microphone. Some found that they didn’t fit comfortably in their ears though as the buds were too big or small.


QiongSi Mini Sound Amplifier

A highly affordable option for those who have hearing loss in only one ear is the QiongSi Mini Sound Amplifier. It features a tiny earbud that fits into the ear canal and a small outer piece that contains the amplifier and microphone. The flesh tone color of the hearing aid ensures that it blends with your skin tone. You also get a small tube that fits into the device, which allows you to easily remove it at the end of the day. This amplifier proves that you get what you pay for though as many found that it didn’t last as long as they expected.


Bloomed Rechargeable Hearing Amplifiers

When you compare the Bloomed Rechargeable Hearing Amplifiers to the HearingHero, you may notice that the two devices look quite similar.


The Bloomed Recharagble Hearing Amplifiers havetwo buttons on the back to adjust the volume and other settings. It fits behind your ear and attaches to the tube that you insert in your ear. It also has a digital chip inside that reduces noises by up to 50% more than other chips do. This will help you focus on the sounds that you want to hear and not any background noise.


Once charged, the rechargeable batteries last for up to 40 hours.


Maihear Rechargeable Bluetooth Mini Hearing Aids

If you used Apple EarPods before, you will find that these Maihear Rechargeable Bluetooth Mini Hearing Aids have a similar design. Not only does the set come with two white earbuds, but it comes with a matching case that charges the batteries as you sleep.


Each bud has a touchpad on the side that allows you to switch between modes and change to an enhancement program. The hearing aids have a streaming mode for using while watching television or using electronics and a second mode for using during conversations with your loved ones and others.

Final Verdict

Though millions of people need hearing aids, some worry about what others think and refuse to wear them. Even if you decide to buy one, you might find that you can’t afford to spend the thousands of dollars that some devices cost and that your insurance won’t pay for one.


If any of these descriptions fit you, it’s time to consider the HearingHero. Not only does it function similar to expensive hearing aids, but it is much more affordable! You don’t need a doctor’s prescription to buy one, nor do you need to take a hearing test first. It’s one of the top choices for those struggling with mild to moderate hearing loss.


The discreet design is defintley a bonus. The volume button is also very functional, allowing you to adjust the volume for a wide variety of social settings.
Thanks to our HearingHero review, you can now save money on this sound device and get a money-back guarantee that ensures it works well.

Journi Gillette, iReviews

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