Hydro Rower Review

  • Jacob Wilson, iReviews
  • December 13,2022
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I want to be healthy, you want to be healthy, we all want to be healthy. Yet, it can be incredibly hard to build up those habits and get into a routine that suits you. Sometimes the traditional workouts everyone is accustomed to just don’t click.


When none of the simple methods work, that’s when I think it’s time to get adventurous. With a product like the Hydrow Rower, an entirely new method of exercise is opened up to you within your own home. This rowing machine offers a lot of impressive features that help to build immersion and offered a routine tailored to people who love the idea of boat riding.

  • Good home workout
  • Unique method of working to break up the mundane
  • Allows for the physical motions of rowing year round
  • Crafted by professional athletes
  • Some find it awkward to use
  • Takes up a lot of space
  • Expensive
  • Won’t work out your entire body

Exercise is incredibly important, but many find the traditional methods too boring to stick to. That’s why any new way to spice up the old workout routines can sometimes be enough to enter people through the gateway to a healthier lifestyle.

Product Features:

  • Physical rowing motion workout
  • 22” touchscreen
  • Bluetooth and Wi-Fi enabled
  • Computer-controlled resistance enabler
  • Simulates water drag

What Is Hydro Rower?

Hydro Rower is a workout machine designed to simulate rowing. This machine was designed by athletes for everyone to get the health benefits of physical rowing even within the comfort of their own homes. There is much more to it than just simple arm motions, though.

The machine is advanced in the way its made. Though it does offer the basic arm motions and drag I would expect, there is more detail that goes into it than I think anyone would have thought a first. To go deeper into what the Hydro Rower does I want to look at its features.

Hydro Rower Features

The basics of the Hydro Rower start with the pull and resistance systems. The simplest way to describe this is that you pull on the machine in a method that simulates rowing. As you pull the machine replicates the drag one would experience going through the water to ensure they are getting the full benefits of the workout.


According to the company, this style of workout can hit up to 86% of your body’s muscles. Much more is going on than a simple pulley system that tugs back, though.


The Hydro Rower comes with what is best described as a dynamic and responsive computer-controlled resistance mechanism. With this system the Hydro Rower not only creates drag but replicates varying levels of drag that one might experience while rowing. It does all this in a dynamic manner meaning that it shifts in and out of different amounts of drags to meet what the system thinks is best for the moment.

The Hydro Rower also comes equipped with a 22” touchscreen with an HD resolution of 1920 x 1080. This screen is used in a lot of ways by the machine both during and between workouts. It’s where most of the setup is done once the machine is properly put in place.


This screen is used effectively alongside the built-in speakers of the Hydro Rower to craft an immersive experience. Nothing quite compares to the feeling of rowing out on open water, but the Hydro Rower is the best way to get that sensation and that workout within your home.


All of this comes along with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi compatibility for the audio as well as heart rate monitors. It’s easy to get most compatible audio devices set up with the rower, and you don’t have to worry about your heart rate monitor being sat off to the side in an awkward to see position.


All of these features make up the bulk of what the Hydro Rower is. It’s a machine that uses modern technology to replicate the workout one would get from being a rower. Along with this, all its extra features ensure that the experience is as immersive as possible and doesn’t grow stale.


Yet, there is still more.

Who’s Hydro Rower For?

The Hydro Rower I feel is best suited for people looking for a new exercise method they know they can get use out of. One of the most important parts of exercising is building a routine, but when you find something boring or too monotonous then it can really start to hamper your abilities.


The Hydro Rower is a unique method of exercise that can refresh and invigorate the ways that some people tackle their routines. It could be just enough to get someone back on the road to good health.

What Are the Benefits of Hydro Rower?

Hydro Rower is a device that comes with many benefits. There are the obvious ones of course. As an exercise machine, it offers a decent way to work out a large portion of your body without the need for a gym.

Along with the basics, there are extra programs offered by the Hydro Rower that can help fill out a routine. Other healthy additions to your workout like yoga can be managed through the screen that comes with the Hydro Rower and helps ensure that all users are getting the most they can out of this expensive piece of equipment.

Where Can You Use Hydro Rower?

The biggest benefit of the Hydro Rower is that it takes a style of workout that usually only seasoned rowers will get regularly and brings it into anyone’s home. This is a product that you buy and put in your own home, and then you don’t have to worry about heading out to do your workout.


It isn’t the smallest piece of equipment, though. Anyone who does look into buying one should take the time to portion off a small section of whatever room they plan to use it in. The last thing you would want is for the machine to arrive and for you to have nowhere with enough space to both put and use it.

Should You Buy It?

At this point, I feel you should have a good idea of if the Hydro Rower is something that you would want to purchase or not. It’s a product that offers a unique style of workout and does so while keeping most of the body active. It might feel a bit like a gimmick, but there are genuine results to be had here.


I will say that the price is going to be the biggest sticking point for people. All the tech that went into making the Hydro Rower doesn’t result in it being cheap, so if you’re on a budget then this probably isn’t the exercise equipment for you.

How to Buy Hydro Rower

The only place you should be looking for a Hydro Rower is from the company itself. They offer a couple of models that can be found on their website page here.


While it could be possible to buy one second-hand, that runs a lot of risks with a large piece of machinery like this. If anything is broken or doesn’t work right you’re out of luck and out a lot of money. If you buy directly from the company then you have that extra bit of assurance that you are getting a product that is up to their standards of quality and in a useable condition.

Final verdict

There is a lot to think about when it comes to buying a new piece of expensive exercise equipment. It’s not a purchase I recommend rushing into even if you have the money to spare. Take your time and think about your needs and what a device like the Hydro Rower might do to fulfill them.


Looking at the product as it is, the Hydro Rower does a decent job of giving a workout that is hard to find anywhere else. The fact that it was crafted with the aid of athletes lends it a special kind of credibility you won’t find in many other products.


Altogether I give the Hydro Rower a tentative recommendation. I can never outright call any machine over 200$ a must-buy for everyone, but that doesn’t mean it wouldn’t be worth the money.


It comes down to what you want, what you need, and if you have the available income to put down such a hefty purchase. It certainly would be worth it for a person’s health if it gets them working out. Health is a priceless thing to have after all.


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