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What Clients Have to Say
Product Range 98%
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Quality 96%
Comfort 90%
Style 83%

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Advertising Disclosure

Many or all of the companies featured provide compensation to us. These commissions are how we maintain our free service for consumers. Compensation, along with hours of in-depth research, determines where & how companies appear on our site.




Offering scrub bottoms, jackets, and tops that are above the usual standard, Jaanuu is a reputable brand. The product range is wide; compression clothing, under-scrubs as well as lab coats. Medical personnel can also shop for scrub caps, design masks, and lab cart handle covers for use at the grocery store. Jaanuu is a brand that has got it all, leaving you well sorted out on all your needs.

Product Features

About Jaanuu

Jaanuu is a modern clinical workwear and accessory brand that caters to both male and female medical professionals. Scrubs, lab coats, masks, and other accessories are available from this company. Their designs are inspired by current fashion trends, and all of their fabrics are odor-fighting, antibacterial, elastic, and wrinkle-resistant to ensure a comfortable fit.

Numerous magazines and websites, such as Marie Claire and Good Housekeeping magazine as well as PopSugar, DailyMail.com and Refinery29, have featured Jaanuu’s work. We can safely assume that this company is receiving a great deal of attention for its innovative approach to medical clothing, as evidenced by its 270K Instagram followers.

We’ll cover everything you need to know about Jaanuu scrubs, including a general overview of the company, their most popular products and what customers have to say about them.

Functional, comfy, eminently feminine

We’ll also look at how they stack up against other healthcare clothing brands, to help you decide if these scrubs are worth the investment.

Jaanuu Overview

Founder and CEO Shaan Sethi, together with his sister Dr. Neela Sethi Young, have made it their mission to help people look and feel their best while doing good. Doctor Neela, a pediatrician, and her partner founded Jaanuu in 2013 after becoming dissatisfied with the traditional unattractive and unpleasant uniform worn by medical professionals all around the world.

The Jaanuu founders wanted to reimagine scrubs in a way that was both fashionable and functional. Since then, they’ve expanded their product line to include more medical equipment and accessories. The company, situated in El Segundo, California, takes its name from the Hindi word for life, Jaan, “in deference to all that life pushes us to face, accept, and overcome,” according to the company’s website.

Jaanuu provides more than just the conventional scrub shirts, bottoms, and jackets for the medical field. Underscrubs, compression apparel, and lab coats are available for medical professionals to purchase. Also available from Jaanuu are lab cart handle covers that can be used at the grocery store as well as masks and scrub caps for the medical field. This Jaanuu scrubs review will look at some of the company’s most popular products.

Jaanuu Overview

Eco-friendly scrubs for all your needs

A deeper Look into Jaanuu Scrubs

A deeper Look into Jaanuu Scrubs

A deeper insight!

Today, we’ll take a look at Jaanuu Scrubs and see how they compare. In the case that you’re looking for something at a somewhat cheaper price point than FIGS Scrubs, I think Jaanuu is a terrific and fashionable scrub line to try (check out our review of FIGS scrubs to get a better idea of the differences between Jaanuu and FIGS).

The company was founded by two sisters, Dr. Neela and her brother, with the goal of redefining what was possible in the medical apparel market. Jaanuu scrub sets were designed to be “unrivaled in usefulness while simultaneously being aspirational in style,” according to the company. I feel they got it exactly right.

They are, without a doubt, the most “instagrammable” scrubs I’ve come across in my search. The scrubs are extremely well-fitting and have unique designs and cuts that are not currently available from any other scrub company. When I put these on, I have the impression that I could save a life and then go down a Fashion Week runway at the same time.

Scrub Fit

7 out of 10
Overall, the Jaanuu nursing scrubs were a good fit, however, there were a few places where they were a touch too “runway-esque.” I had no problems with them when I needed to move or bend, but they did feel a touch constricting at times.

Scrub Comfort

8 out of 10
The scrubs, on the other hand, were surprisingly comfy! The material flexed and became softer as I moved through it!

Scrub Style

9 out of 10
They appear to be excellent! They’re probably one of the prettier and most trendy scrubs alternatives available, especially when compared to other older scrub designs.

Jaanuu Women’s 4-Pocket V-Neck Top

This impressive Jaanuu scrub top is constructed from the groundbreaking SPINryx fabric, which is both durable and useful. The SPINryx material is incredibly soft, has a high level of breathability, and has a high capacity to absorb moisture.

Blushing pink, black, wine, cell blue, gray, white, navy blue, and royal blue are just a few of the colors available for the Women’s 4-Pocket V-Neck for $42. If you want to personalize your shirt or the tops for your staff, embroidery services are available for an additional $15.

Jaanuu Women’s 4-Pocket V-Neck Top

Women’s performance scrub for the style that keeps you going!

Jaanuu Women’s Mesh-Enhanced Jogger

These Jaanuu scrub pants are extremely on-trend at this point in time. The informal and comfy jogging design allows the wearer to feel liberated from constricting fabric while still maintaining a professional appearance. The Jaanuu Women’s Mesh-Enhanced Jogger is available in a variety of hues, including classics such as black, white, gray, navy, royal blue, and cell blue, as well as some attractive pink alternatives such as wine, blushing pink, and warm berries.

The Women’s Mesh-Enhanced Joggers feature a mid-rise elastic waistline and are comprised of a woven fabric known as EDGEryxTM, which is lightweight and breathable.

Extreme comfort and durability are provided by the 4-way stretch qualities of the fabric. In addition, they are treated with SilvadurTM antimicrobial technology, which makes them fade and wrinkle resistant.

The Women’s Mesh-Enhanced Joggers have nine useful pockets, which are as follows:

Okay, this is the ideal pocket position at this point. The Women’s Mesh-Enhanced Joggers have a price tag of $54.00.

Jaanuu Women’s Mesh-Enhanced Jogger

Absolute trend and comfort to hack those long hours!

Jaanuu Men’s 2-Pocket V-Neck Top

The Men’s 2-Pocket V-Neck Top from Jaanuu is a timeless piece. This top, with its relaxed fit and straightforward two-pocket design, is perfect for men who only need the bare requirements while at work. The V-Neck is designed to provide functional performance, long-lasting durability, and great comfort.

This Jaanuu V-neck scrub top, which is made with EDGEryx technology, is available in a variety of traditional colors, including black, white, navy, gray, wine, warm berry, ceil blue, and royal blue. It’s an absolute must-have for every medical professional’s wardrobe collection.

Featuring Silvadur protection technology, this Men’s 2-Pocket V-Neck has a fade and wrinkle resistance rating of 10 and is available for purchase for $36, respectively. The optional embroidery will cost you an additional $14.

Jaanuu Men’s 2-Pocket V-Neck Top

An absolute classic flaunting a sleek design!

Jaanuu Men’s Drawstring Jogger Pant

Designed to be very versatile, the Jaanuu Men’s Drawstring Jogger Pant keeps up with your hectic lifestyle. Due to the fact that they are created from a durable, sweat-wicking fabric with EDGEryxTM technology, they may be worn to work and then to the gym without feeling restricted. There are six pockets on these scrub joggers for your convenience:

The Jaanuu Men’s Drawstring Jogger Pant is available in a variety of classic colors, including gray, black, ceil blue, white, royal blue, navy, ceil blue, and wine, and costs $44.

Jaanuu Men’s Drawstring Jogger Pant

Stylish, comfy, and absolutely trendy! Elevate your workplace sense of fashion

Jaanuu Signature Lab Coat

This Jaanuu by Dr. Neela Women’s Signature Lab Coat was designed with inspiration from the venerable physician herself. The coat combines precise tailoring with a high-gloss finish for a professional look. Women’s Signature Lab Coat with 7 extremely practical pockets by Jaanuu measures 34.5″ inches in length and has a hood.

The semi-fitted silhouette is finished with a four-button fastening and a center back vent to allow for easy motion. With a fabric that is both liquid repelling and moisture-wicking, as well as an antibacterial finish and resistance to fading and creases, this stylish Jaanuu lab coat is a must-have for any professional.

The Women’s Signature Lab Coat is only available in white (of course), and it costs $149. Embroidery is available for an additional $14 for extra customization.

Jaanuu Signature Lab Coat

Get about your everyday work with style and absolute comfort!

With a distinguished appearance, Jaanuu’s Men’s Signature Lab Coat is a must-have. A blazer-style fit and elbow patches add to the coat’s trendy appeal while keeping it professional in appearance and function. Approximately 36 inches in length, the Men’s Signature Lab Coat contains 5 practical pockets, two of which are large enough to accommodate an iPad. Designed with a three-button front, the Men’s Signature Lab Coat boasts the same center back vent and high-tech fabric as the women’s version. It is available for the same price of $149 with optional embroidery as the women’s version.

Jaanuu Signature Lab Coat

Perfect fit for a distinguished look

Jaanuu Masks

The fabric used in Jaanuu’s masks is the same durable and pleasant fabric used in their distinctive scrubs. The fabric has been treated with Silvadur antimicrobial preservative technology, which provides an additional layer of protection. The use of this technology allows the mask to last longer while also preventing the growth of microbes. 

Jaanuu Masks

Durable, comfortable, stylish!

Jaanuu Masks are recyclable and machine washable, and they have comfy, adjustable ear loops that allow them to fit a huge spectrum of facial and head sizes, including children. They even produce masks for children! The protective masks have received a 5-star rating from more than 17,000 site reviews and are available in quantities ranging from five to ten thousand. The company can also assist you with a wholesale order of over 10,000 Jaanuu units if that is what you desire.

According to our in-depth Jaanuu scrubs review, when you buy packs of masks in numbers of 25 or more, you can save up to 30% on your purchase. There are 16 different designs to pick from with Jaanuu, but keep in mind that your packs will only come in one design, which appears to be the main drawback to this company’s offerings.

Jaanuu vs FIGS Scrubs

FIGS scrubs have a number of characteristics with Jaanuu scrubs, yet they also have some significant variances. In this section, our Jaanuu scrubs review will compare the brands Jaanuu and FIGS in terms of pricing, product diversity, and color options offered.

All of the clothing pieces for Jaanuu and FIGS are available in the same color options, yet the styles of their scrub tops differ from one another. FIGS’ pricing is slightly higher than Jaanuu’s, although the difference is not significant. For a side-by-side comparison of two identical items:

Jaanuu vs FIGS Scrubs

Jaanuu and FIGS; which is better?

$12 is the suggested retail price for the FIGS FIONx Core Mask, which comes with two interchangeable filters and a bendable nose wire. Comparatively, the $25 per 5-pack Jaanuu Masks, which are purchased in a pack and do not include a nose wire or filter, are available for purchase. FIGS masks are available in only five basic colors, whereas Jaanuu masks are available in 16 colors and patterns.

Remember to read our comprehensive FIGS scrubs review for in-depth information on the company and its products!

What Clients Have to Say

In the Better Business Bureau’s (BBB) grading system, Jaanuu receives an A+ rating. The company has received 31 complaints, with 29 of them being resolved. The majority of the complaints on the Better Business Bureau website are about shipment issues and difficulties contacting Jaanuu customer support.

The following is an excerpt from a Nurse.org evaluation of Jaanuu scrubs: “They fit beautifully, and for once I don’t have to take the length off or feel as if they are too short.” I adore that the pockets on both the pants and the tops are large enough to accommodate all of my nursing gear! The cloth is extremely soft, elastic, and extremely comfortable! They are true to size, which is the nicest part!”

What Clients Have to Say

Customer Review

Customers have complained about the masks being too loose to provide enough protection for a child’s face, multiple shipping troubles, including not getting an order, and difficulties in reaching Jaanuu customer support, among other things.

In an interview, a nurse was asked the following questions and this is what she had to say:

Q: In what ways are Jaanuu Scrubs different from others you’ve worn?

A: “It is impossible to find a better combination of style and comfort than these scrubs. They are incredibly soft and conform to every single curve on my body perfectly. According to my observations, there is not a single person on whom Jaanuu scrubs do not perfectly fit. They provide an instant confidence boost, knowing that I am able to be comfortable in my business wear while also looking fantastic!”

Q: What do you love most about Jaanuu scrubs?

A: “My favorite thing about them is that they can fit anyone of any shape or size! They don’t have the typical “boxy, square” appearance of scrubs. They draw attention to my curves, and I am able to show off my physique as a result. They are also incredibly long-lasting! Despite being washed numerous times, they still manage to maintain their new-look appearance!”

Q: How do Jaanuu scrubs fit in general?

A: “For once, I don’t have to trim off the length or feel as if the pants are too short because they are so well-fitting. I adore that the pockets on both the pants and the tops are large enough to accommodate all of my nursing gear! The cloth is extremely soft, elastic, and extremely comfortable! And the best part is that they fit perfectly!”

Q: Are Jaanuu Scrubs really that comfortable?

A: “They are incredibly comfortable. I’ve grown so accustomed to them that it’s been a long time since I’ve donned any other type of scrubs. Once you’ve gone Jaanuu, there’s no turning back! For the most part, I think they’ll last me a very long time”.

Q: Are you likely to recommend Jaanuu scrubs to a friend?

A: “Yes, I already suggest them to everyone I know! They believe I’m being paid to talk about Jaanuu, but I can’t stop myself from doing so. It’s impossible not to comment on how adorable and comfortable they are.”

Is Jaanuu Worth it?

In light of the large number of favorable Jaanuu reviews, the company’s competitive price, and their innovative designs, the author of this Jaanuu scrubs review recommends that you purchase their uniforms. In the event that you are a medical expert or simply someone who wishes to purchase their masks, the likelihood of being dissatisfied with your order from this firm is really low.

Dr. Neela, a medical professional herself, has meticulously developed Jaanuu uniforms with medical professionals in mind, in recognition of all of the overtime and above and beyond duty doctors who deserve only the best. This Jaanuu scrubs review gives it a thumbs up!

Is Jaanuu Worth it

Is Jaanuu worth all the hype?

Jaanuu Scrubs Promotions, Discounts and other Offers

When placing your first buy on the official website, you may take advantage of the Jaanuu scrubs promo code: WELCOME15, which will save you 15% on your purchase.

Also available is the Share & Get $25 program, which implies that for every $25 you gift to friends, you will receive an additional $25. Your friends must be first-time consumers on the site and spend a minimum of $75 on their first order in order to qualify.

Jaanuu Scrubs Promotions, Discounts and other Offers

Save save save! Take advantage of the various offers and promos!

Where to Purchase Jaanuu Products

Jaanuu scrubs can be purchased directly from the company’s website, Jaanuu.com. You can also place an order for Jaanuu scrubs on Amazon, or on eBay, or both.

Despite the fact that this Jaanuu scrubs review discovered their gear and accessories on a few other websites, I would recommend visiting their official website so that you can take advantage of the promotional coupon.


What is the size range with Jaanuu Scrubs for both men and women?

Jaanuu scrubs are normally true to size; however, the fit and style of individual pieces can vary depending on the design and material. The sizing at Jaanuu is incredibly thoughtful, and the company offers several various sorts of fits, including slim, semi-fitted, and relaxed.

Following your selection of your desired fit with the assistance of the Jaanuu fit guide, select your typical size and refer to the Jaanuu scrubs size chart for accurate measurements of your body.

Women sizes:

Scrub tops are available in sizes XXS-3X, and scrub pants are available in sizes XXS-3X. (regular, petite, or tall lengths). Scrub jackets and lab coats are available in sizes XXS-3X.

Men Sizes:

Scrub tops are available in sizes XS-3X, and scrub pants are available in sizes XS-3X. (regular, tall, or short lengths) Scrub jackets and lab coats are available in sizes XS-3X.

Do Jaanuu masks really work?

It promises to have the “softest, most comfortable reusable face masks” available on the market. Millions of masks have been sold by this company! Face masks from Jaanuu are designed to be breathable, comfortable to use for extended periods of time, and easy to remove.

This Jaanuu scrubs review must point out that Jaanuu face masks are not intended to be used as a substitute for medical-grade protective gear. Aside from that, Jaanuu masks do not provide particulate filtration, and they are not intended to give protection against germs, viruses, or other microorganisms.

Can I wash my Jaanuu mask?

The masks by Jaanuu are reusable and machine washable. Machine wash inside out on cold with like colors, using a non-chlorine detergent. Dry cleaning is not recommended. You can either tumble dry on a low setting or hang the garment to dry.

What is shipping like with Jaanuu?

All domestic (US) orders over $50 are delivered free of charge. In addition to providing you with a tracking number through email when your product arrives from Jaanuu, they will also send you an order confirmation via email. The order details will be available under the “My Orders” section of the Account section if you checked out as a guest during the checkout process.

What is the return policy at Jaanuu?

In the event that you are dissatisfied with your Jaanuu scrubs order, you have 30 days to return them. It is necessary that all returned items be unwashed, undamaged, and with the original tags remaining attached in order to be eligible for a refund in full.

Currently, exchanges are only available for items that are a different size or color than the one you originally ordered. Exchanges for new items are not possible at Jaanuu. If you’d like to swap your item for another, you can return it for store credit instead of a refund. Once your return has been processed, a shop credit will be applied to your account, allowing you to proceed to make the purchase of the item you choose.

In our Jaanuu scrubs review, we discovered that there are two choices for returns:

Returns are free in-person inside the United States if you start at the Jaanuu return page and input your Order Number and ZIP Code. Jaanuu will then provide you with a QR code and lead you to a Happy Return spot where you may drop off your items using contactless technology. Once you arrive to a Happy Returns location, your refund will be processed promptly and given to the credit card or bank account that was used to make the purchase.

Returns are always free via mail. Navigate to the Jaanuu returns page and log in using your Order Number and Postal Code to complete the process. Once your return has been received (usually within 6-8 days), Jaanuu will send you a confirmation email alerting you that your refund has been processed successfully. You should expect the amount to reflect on your original payment method within 3-5 business days.

Contacting Jaanuu

Customers can reach Jaanuu customer support Monday through Friday from 6 a.m. to 5 p.m. PST if they have any questions that weren’t answered in this Jaanuu scrubs review. You can get in touch with them using the following information:

844-542-2688 can be reached via phone or text.

Sending an email to [email protected]

Making contact with Jaanuu’s chat service, which may be accessed through any FAQ topic.