Keysmart Review 2021



Durability 97%
Ease of Use 95%
Cost 99%
Available Colors 97%
Construction 97%
Key Compatibility 99%

Advertising Disclosure: Many or all of the companies featured provide compensation to us. These commissions are how we maintain our free service for consumers.  Compensation,  along with hours of in-depth research, determines where & how companies appear on our site.

Advertising Disclosure

Many or all of the companies featured provide compensation to us. These commissions are how we maintain our free service for consumers. Compensation, along with hours of in-depth research, determines where & how companies appear on our site.




The best way to organize your keys is with KeySmart, which can hold up to 10 keys. It is both lightweight and easy to use and reduces the needed space for your keys. You can make the gadget even more functional with the addition of optional accessories available from the manufacturer.

KeySmart Review

As technology changes, the need for simple tools and equipment changes too. Many car manufacturers now allow you to open your car doors and even turn on the engine without inserting your key first. This saves you the hassles of digging through your pockets for the right key. As long as you have the key on your body or in your pocket, the door with automatically unlock when you get close. That same key can also turn on the engine without requiring that remove it. Though you may not need a bunch of car keys, you likely have other keys that you carry daily.

Whether you’re a keyholder or manager at work or have other duties, you might have a few keys that you need for work. Those keys combined with the one you use for your home and any others that you have all take up room on your key ring. 

KeySmart Review
Over 2 Million Customers Love KeySmart

Thanks to KeySmart, you now have an easy and convenient way to both store your keys and organize them. As most people carry a minimum of five keys, having an organizational tool comes in handy. You can see how this tool works as well as the benefits of buying one online in our ultimate KeySmart review.

What is the KeySmart?

Swiss army knives are popular with campers and outdoor enthusiasts. Though these little tools look like ordinary survival knives, they have multiple tools hidden inside. It takes only seconds to release the tool that you need for the job at hand. One reason you might like KeySmart is that this gadget has a similar design. It uses a patented S-shape that allows you to store keys on each end. You’ll alternate the placement of each key when using it to ensure that the keys slide out smoothly and don’t rub or stick together. Durable steel posts sit on each end to keep the keys from falling off too.

Available in several different colors, KeySmart is now available in a new design too. This new design added stronger steel posts and comes with an attached loop. That loop lets you add the key fob that you use to unlock your car doors and pop the trunk or turn the alarm on and off. KeySmart can hold up to eight keys when used with the expansion kit, which comes free with every purchase made through the link we included below. This organizational gadget is compatible with all types of keys, including longer and shorter keys as well as foreign keys.

KeySmart is one of the only key organizers available that has room for your keys and a key fob.

What is the KeySmart?

How Can You Use the KeySmart?

Do you remember taking tests at school and hearing the janitor walking down the hallway with his keys jangling from a large chain? Even if you carry just a few keys, the sounds that they make when bumping against each other can drive you crazy and leave you wishing that there was some alternative to storing your keys. Mike, the man behind KeySmart, had some frustrations of his own. After coming up with the initial design for KeySmart, he spent months working on that design and changing it to fit his needs as well as the needs of others. Mike decided to use both aluminum and stainless steel to create an organizational tool that was both durable and light.

Before we look at how you put keys on this gadget, we wanted to make sure that you understand how you can use it. This simple tool has two posts that sit on each end and both a frame and a case. You need to remove the case to access the posts and add your keys. When KeySmart first appeared on Kickstarter, it was so popular that Mike made enough money to leave his job and focus on the product. You can use KeySmart to organize the keys needed for work, home and anywhere else you go.

How Can You Use the KeySmart?

KeySmart can accommodate smaller keys such as those you need for a storage unit. If you need to move in the future or just want to store items away from home, you can add the key to your unit to this gadget.

Where Can You Use the KeySmart?

Though some people have just one or two keys that they carry every day, the average person carries at least three and up to five keys. If you take a look at your keyring right now, you might find yourself surprised at how many you carry. You might have a key to your front door and a second to your back door, garage or outdoor storage shed. Those who open or close their workplaces may have keys to open the safe and registers as well as the front door of the business. With KeySmart, you can carry any key that you need and have some space leftover.

KeySmart is a tool that you can use for personal and professional uses. Professionals may want to use one to store the keys they need at work and another for their personal keys. Janitors and security guards can benefit from this gadget because it helps them organize the tools they need to open every door in a facility. You can also use this if you want to keep track of the keys for all the vehicles that your family has. It comes in handy if you have extra keys for your loved ones too.

You can save yourself and loved ones the expense of hiring a locksmith when you invest in KeySmart. It allows you to keep spare copies of keys in a safe place in case anyone gets locked out.

Where Can You Use the KeySmart?

How to Add Keys to the KeySmart

  • Remove the two screws from the KeySmart, which you can do with a screwdriver or penny
  • Organize your keys from the shortest to the longest
  • Place the shortest key on one of the posts
  • Add an extender on top of that key
  • Move to the opposite end and add your next key
  • Repeat these steps until all of your keys are on the KeySmart
  • Set the top of the case back on the KeySmart
  • Add the screws with the gasket pointing down and tighten

Though the makers of KeySmart do not include instructions in the packaging, they offer a simple online video that you can watch. We recommend watching the video once to see how it works and then playing it a second time to ensure that you can follow the steps. You may find it helpful to play the video as you assemble the KeySmart too as it allows you to follow along with the person in the video. This also lets you pause and go back if you have any problems. Depending on how many keys you have and the size/length of those keys, you may not need to use the extenders that come free with your purchase.

Who’s This For?

If you use a key fob to start and access your car and carry just one house key, you probably don’t need this gadget. KeySmart is for those who carry multiple keys and are tired of the hassles of them. Not only can those keys weigh you down and stretch out your pockets, but they can produce enough noise that you get a headache. With KeySmart, you have space for all the keys that you need but won’t hear them jingling and jangling as you walk around. This is a great gadget for vendors who set up at fairs and festivals too. It gives you space for the keys needed for your vehicles, trailers, storage units and more. Others who would benefit from KeySmart include:

  • Security guards
  • Managers
  • Janitors and custodians
  • Teachers

Teachers at all levels often need multiple keys that allow them to unlock classroom doors and storage cabinets. Science teachers and those who work in other fields need to keep some supplies and equipment safe from their students. KeySmart ensures that they can get quick access to any of the keys that they need in seconds and that they still have room for any personal keys they carry.

Who’s This For?

Teachers are just one of the professionals who can benefit from KeySmart gadgets.

Should You Buy It?

To help you decide if KeySmart is the ultimate tool for organizing your keys, we’ll go over the pros of the product and some of the reasons why you will want to buy this gadget.

Good Choice for All Keys

As KeySmart can handle all types of keys, it’s a good tool for anyone who uses keys at work and in their personal lives. Not only can it accommodate the keys that you need for cars and buildings, but it can hold the longer foreign keys that you might have and any shorter ones that you use. Those keys can include the tiny ones designed for use with the padlocks that you use on a trailer or shed and the small keys that lock your toolbox. You’ll also have space for a storage unit and filing cabinet keys.

Lots of Accessories

One thing that we like about the KeySmart is that it works perfectly as-is and with the addition of any of the optional accessories. Do you like camping but hate dragging along a huge flashlight? With the addition of a nano light, you can see clearly and leave your flashlight at home. The bottle opener is similar to those found on Swiss army knives and can open any type of bottle. You also have the option of adding a flash drive, quick disconnect/connect or pocket clip and paying extra to upgrade to a titanium KeySmart that is more durable.

Tips for Assembling Your KeySmart
  • Start with the shortest and thinnest keys
  • Try rearranging the placement of the keys on each post
  • Add any accessories that you want after adding the keys
  • Keep the screws in a safe space to keep track of them
  • Use a penny to remove the screws if you don’t have a small screwdriver

Compact Design

Other key organizers are so heavy and bulky that they take up more space than an ordinary keyring would. A nice feature of the KeySmart is that it is compact. It uses the same design that made Swiss army knives so popular, which allows you to fold the keys and make them fit inside the organizer. Those keys will not stick out or slide from the case unless you want one. At less than 0.3 ounces, the KeySmart is also lightweight enough that you can carry it in your pocket or toss it in your purse without worrying about the extra weight.

Strong Warranty

When you use the link on this page to buy one or more KeySmart gadgets, you get many bonuses, including free shipping in the United States and a strong warranty. That warranty lasts for a full two years after your purchase date. Unlike other products, this warranty does not require that you go online and register your KeySmart either. You just need to keep track of the paperwork inside the package, which lets you contact the manufacturer and take advantage of the warranty. It covers both defects caused during the manufacturing process as well as damage during shipping.

How to Use Your KeySmart Warranty
  • Check the paperwork inside the package for your order number, which you’ll find in your email too
  • Write a short email about the problem you had and why you want to return the KeySmart or seek a replacement/refund
  • Chat with a KeySmart representative through email or over the phone
  • Package your KeySmart and add the return label to the box
  • Send the KeySmart back to the manufacturer
  • Wait for the manufacturer to process your request

Aircraft Metal

Some of the other key organizers that you see for sale use a cheap or lightweight form of aluminum. Not only does the aluminum develop scratches from the keys rubbing against each other, but the aluminum can also bend or warp. KeySmart uses the same type of stainless steel and aluminum used in the construction of military aircraft. That guarantees that the metal can stand up to anything. You don’t need to worry about scratching the frame when you keep your keys close to your wallet or the case breaking if you drop the tool. This metal can last for years.

Some of the other features that we love about the KeySmart and think you’ll like include:

  • Sliding design: Thanks to the sliding design, KeySmart makes it easy for you to slide the key out that you need. This design works with larger keys such as the Chubb keys used overseas too.
  • Key fob loop: The addition of a stainless steel loop on the end of the KeySmart allows you to add the key fob to operate your main vehicle. You can use that fob to unlock or lock the doors, open the trunk, turn your alarm on and off and even start the car or roll down the windows.
  • Long lasting: While other key organizers can fall apart after a few days, KeySmart lasts longer than the competition does. We found a few users who complained that it broke within a few weeks, but most used it successfully for months or longer.
  • Fun colors: Why settle for a boring or bland key organizer? When you buy the KeySmart, you can choose from three different colors for the upgraded organizer: red, black or blue. Each color has a durable finish that won’t chip or flake and comes with the KeySmart name engraved on the front of the case. KeySmart is also available with a titanium upgrade that has a shiny silver finish.

The KeySmart is a good alternative to a traditional keyring.

Should You Buy It? - Aircraft Metal

KeySmart Cons

As much as we liked the KeySmart when trying it, we know that some shoppers had a different experience. That is why we wanted to spend a few minutes going over the cons of the KeySmart. Some of the common issues occur when you buy the wrong version. Our review focuses on the new and upgraded KeySmart, but you’ll also find those sold under the Classic name and other names. Those tools still help with key organization but do not include as many features. You should carefully read the description to make sure you buy the right one or click our link to buy the KeySmart directly.

Some customers found that the KeySmart didn’t hold as many keys as they expected. Instead of holding between eight and 10 keys, it could only accommodate four to six keys. If you use longer or thicker keys, you won’t have enough room for more keys. Others found that they needed to remove the included extenders to have space for their keys, which made it difficult for them to push the keys in and out. A small handful of customers complained that the case broke when they tried to put it together or within the next few weeks too.

Other Problems with the KeySmart
  • The optional accessories are quite expensive
  • You need to watch an online video to assemble it
  • It can loosen as the keys move
  • Some said that their keys fell off
  • The included loop for a key fob isn’t very strong
  • The warranty doesn’t apply if you buy from third party sellers

Where to Buy

KeySmart is an affordable organization tool that you can buy right here today. The retail price for a single gadget is $19.99, which does not include the additional shipping and handling charges that you face. If you buy three or more KeySmart tools, you don’t need to pay for shipping and handling unless you live outside of the United States.

With these bundles, the price of each gadget drops significantly. If you opt for the even pack, the price per tool drops to less than $12 and gives you free shipping. Not only can you use the gadgets to store and organize the keys that you carry, but you can give the extras to loved ones as gifts. The makers of KeySmart let you pick the color or colors that you want for each tool too.

How to Buy KeySmart

Buying KeySmart gadgets is easy when you use this link, which also lets you take advantage of the bundles and special pricing deals. To place your order for the KeySmart, you just need to click on that link.

  • Check out the prices for the individual gadgets and bundle packages
  • Decide which you want to buy and click the bright orange “Select button”
  • Click on the color that you want for the frame
  • Add any of the optional accessories that you want for each KeySmart
  • Hit the green “Order” button to see your total

Once you get through these steps, the site will ask how you want to pay. If you pay through PayPal, you need to log into your account and authorize the site to take your payment. You can also click the “Pay With Credit Card” option and pay with a valid card. The site gives you the chance to enter your home address or the address where you want the product shipped. It will then update your total to show you whether you qualify for the free shipping bonus, which is available for anyone living in the US. Most shoppers received their KeySmart orders in seven business days or less.

Shipping Outside the United States

If you live outside of the United States, shipping may take longer. You should wait at least 12 business days for your order to arrive.

Optional KeySmart Accessories

KeySmart is more than just an organizational gadget because it also serves as a handy tool that you can use on the go. You can add different accessories to the KeySmart gadgets that you buy. When you checkout, the site asks if you want to add any of these upgrades to each gadget, which lets you select which you want to use on your tool and those you buy for others. We’ll look at some of those accessories and how you can use them along with why you might want them.

Flash Drive

Do you often need to transfer data between two devices or computers? If you’re in college, you may need to save work on your home computer that you’ll use at school or share with classmates. Those who do work projects at home may need to save files that they’ll use at the office. The makers of KeySmart now offer a 3.0 flash drive that fits on the gadget and won’t take up much space. This flash drive provides 16 GB of storage, which is enough to hold hundreds of photos and videos in addition to documents and large files that use different formats.

Nano Light

Another handy tool that you can add to your KeySmart is a nano light. This light features a durable case made from stainless steel that will not rust when exposed to rain and other types of moisture. You don’t need to worry about accidentally breaking the flashlight if you carry it in your pocket. This light emits a powerful beam as soon as you press a button and can illuminate the entire area around you. It attaches to a loop added to the side of the KeySmart and still gives you space for your key fob.

Bottle Opener

Anyone who loves camping and hanging out with friends knows what a hassle it is when no one brings a bottle opener to the party. While you can try to open a bottle on the bumper of your car, you risk cracking or scratching the paint. KeySmart now offers a bottle opener that you can add to the loop on your gadget. This bottle opener pops out and uses a durable type of metal that can open any bottle without damaging the glass or plastic. That metal bottle opener slides inside the case when you’re done to ensure that it doesn’t scratch or poke you.

Quick Disconnect/Connect

You may find that you need to grab your keys in a hurry and that you don’t want to wait precious seconds to scroll through them. That is why the quick disconnect/connect accessory is so helpful. This stainless steel accessory is easy to use. You just need to push down on the side to slip the loop over anything you want to attach to the KeySmart, including a purse or backpack. The opposite end features the same design and helps you connect the KeySmart. It takes only seconds to disconnect the KeySmart when you need it.

Pocket Clip

Those who sleep late and need to get out of the house in a hurry may want to add the pocket clip to their orders. This secure clip keeps your keys attached to the KeySmart and your pocket. It ensures that the KeySmart doesn’t slide out when you’re running around the house or hiking a popular trail. You don’t need to worry about digging through your bag to find it or struggling to get the gadget out of your pocket either. This clip works in other areas too such as the rack you have next to your front door or your drawer at the office.

Titanium Upgrade

The brand new KeySmart is available with a titanium upgrade too. While stainless steel is quite durable, titanium is even more durable. This upgrade lets you carry your KeySmart gadget to the beach or through the jungle as easily as you would carry it around work or on a city street. It uses a laser to engrave the KeySmart logo on the front of the case and includes titanium posts and a matching frame. Even if you skip this upgrade, you’ll still get a great tool that can handle your key organizational needs.

  • Flash drive – $25
  • Bottle opener – $3.99
  • Nano light – $20
  • Pocket clip – $4.99
  • Quick disconnect/connect – $4.49
  • Titanium upgrade – $18


When looking at the competition, you’ll find key organizers made of leather as well as metal. These organizers have some pros that make them good alternatives to KeySmart and cons that will make you want to keep searching. We’ll go over the competition to the KeySmart below.

EM Compact Premium Key Holder

One of the main alternatives to the KeySmart is this EM Compact Premium Key Holder, which uses a durable type of metal usually used in aircraft construction. Like the KeySmart, it places the keys evenly between two posts and features a rugged metal case and frame. The minimalistic design makes finding the key that you want easy and cuts down on the space you need to carry it. This key holder comes with a key chain that you can add and remove as needed and a detachable pocket clip. It also has rubber washers to keep the posts secure.

Northwall Smart Key Organizer

With the Smart Key Organizer from Northwall, you get the durability of steel and the beauty of leather. It features a strap made from rich brown leather that has a metal loop for attaching to your pocket or bag. The Swiss army knife design helps you find the key that you need and allows you to carry up to 10 keys. The three included steel bolts let you pick the size necessary for your keys. Northwall backs your purchase with a strong warranty and good customer service that lets you seek a refund or return later.

Idakey Zinc Alloy Key Chain

Though this Zinc Alloy Key Chain from Idakey has a basic design, it can do many of the same things that the KeySmart can. Designed to function as a multitool, it includes a built-in bottle opener that can open any type of bottle and an LED light that works in any condition. That light is nearly as bright as the optional one that you can add to your KeySmart. Two keyrings made from a zinc alloy are strong enough to withstand most conditions and allow you to separate your work keys from your personal keys. It cannot hold as many keys as KeySmart can though.

KeySmart Pro with Tile

A popular alternative to the upgraded KeySmart in this review is the KeySmart Pro with Tile, which comes from the same manufacturer. The biggest change between the two tools is that this one comes with Tile, a tracking tool that can keep you from losing your keys. It also comes in a new Star Trek design that sci-fi fans might love. To use Tile, you need to download an app to your phone or a similar device. This app allows you to see your missing keys on a GPS map or send a signal to the device that makes it beep. Many people prefer KeySmart without Tile because they don’t need that feature, which adds quite a bit to the total cost.

Final Verdict

The more keys that you need to carry, the more problems you’ll face. Not only do those keys make a lot of noise when rolling around in your bag or pocket, but they can also poke or stab you. Some people even develop scratches and raw spots from where the keys rub against them. Another risk is that you might have issues finding the right key in the heat of the moment. While you can use stickers or paint to mark your keys, you still need to dig through the ring to find the right one. KeySmart is an alternative that serves as one of the best organizational tools around.

Thanks to the stainless steel posts and durable design, this tool keeps all your keys stored and ensures that you never lose one. You can store eight keys on the tool, and some found that it could hold up to 10 keys. With the optional accessories, KeySmart becomes the perfect multitool for using as you work in your garage or camp away from home. We hope that our KeySmart review will make you become one of the more than two million people who bought and used this organizational gadget for their keys.