• Jacob Wilson, iReviews
  • August 01,2022
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I have never been someone who had time to care about ironing or folding my clothes. With how busy day-to-day life is it’s hard to make time for the little chores that are easy to ignore, and often times clothing goes from the drier right to being stuffed away. I know there are a lot of people out there who also work like this in their daily lives.


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That’s where a device like the FoldiMate tries to come in, trying to offer a way to simplify an already simple task and act as a time saver. Imagine clipping your dress shirt on a rack and having a machine spit it out professionally folded and scented in about 10 seconds.

What the FoldiMate Does

The makers of FoldiMate describe their device as your home’s own personal laundry assistant. The machine is capable of folding most clothing items. This includes shirts, pants, sweaters, towels, and other similar laundry items that you would want to have folded.


All of this is done with the intention to save time. The device has a clip capacity of around 15 to 30 items, a tray capacity of 10 to 30 items, can fold an item in about 10 seconds, and can de-wrinkle items in about 30 seconds.


All of this makes it a device I know will save time. I think time is the most valuable resource there is, and anything that makes saving it easier has value in my opinion. Though, if you think that value of saved time meets the value of this product’s cost will come down to how much you feel you need it.

How FoldiMate Works

If the thought of ironing has you considering shopping for a new wardrobe of wrinkle-free threads, and you’ve got some money to spare on saving a few minutes every day, then I think you might like the FoldiMate – a robotic clothes and laundry folding machine.


The way the FoldiMate works is by drawing clipped clothing into an inner chamber where a series of mechanisms robotically flip, fold, and flatten clothes into shape.


FoldiMate is a type of device designed to sit atop your washing machine or dryer. In order to do this, all you have to do is clip it and feed it post dryer cycle. How well this works though can depend on the size of your dryer from what I’ve found others saying.


Promising a consistent, high-quality folding experience, FoldiMate’s patented technology allows users to clip almost all clothing items. In about a half-minute, you get a neatly folded 9” x 11” (23 cm x 28 cm) article of clothing with the option to treat it accordingly.


I want to bring up the limitations of this device though, as not everything that you pull out of your dryer can go into it. From what I’ve been able to gather what won’t work with the FoldiMate is large linens, small items, socks, or underwear. So, keep that in mind if you’re thinking of purchasing this item.

Is it Worth it?

There are a lot of opinions that circle around the FoldiMate all over the place. For some folding a full load of laundry into the FoldiMite is akin to loading your dishwasher or doing the dishes by hand. To others, the high price tag breaks any desire to purchase it.


With a less than 1% chance of FoldiMate doing anything like ripping your clothes or wrongfully treating your freshly laundered garments, there isn’t much of a chance of anything wrong happening. That doesn’t mean there isn’t the smallest of chances it won’t, but that can be said for your washer and drier as well.


I’ve seen many say this is an ideal solution for those who need a professional fold without the costs of a wash-and-fold service. You may want to do your math and compare the $700 – $850 costs to your local wash-and-fold laundry service rates. Depending on the amount of laundry that needs folding, it may or may not be worth the initial investment.


Unfortunately, FoldiMate requires a rather tedious item-by-item clipping process. For people that do find that the cost isn’t a breaking point, this is most often where they draw the line.


Instead of dumping a heaping pile o’ laundry into the machine, users have to clip each item onto a horizontal rack. That clipping process may challenge the timesaving benefit of a smart folding machine. But if having a consistent professional fold for every clothing item, FoldiMate seems to be the perfect machine.

  • Can handle medium-sized items like shirts, pants and towels
  • Can’t fold small or large items like underwear, socks and bed sheets
  • Clip capacity is 15 to 20 garments
  • Takes 10 seconds to fold one item, 20 to 30 seconds to dewrinkle
  • Dimensions similar to typical home clothes dryer
  • Uses standard 110V / 220V electrical power
  • High Initial Price
  • Size of Machine Won’t Fit Everywhere
  • Annoying Clipping Process
Jacob Wilson, iReviews

By Jacob Wilson, iReviews

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