I have never been someone who had time to care about ironing or folding my clothes. With how busy day-to-day life is it’s hard to make time for the little chores that are easy to ignore, and often times clothing goes from the drier right to being stuffed away. I know there are a lot of people out there who also work like this in their daily lives. That’s where a device like the FoldiMate tries to come in, trying to offer a way to simplify an already simple task and act as a time saver. Imagine clipping your dress shirt on a rack and having a machine spit it out professionally folded and scented in about 10 seconds.

goTenna Mesh

I’ve seen the GoTenna Mesh described as a walkie-talkie on steroids. The question I want to ask though is do people believe it lives up to that hype? Designed for a more off-the-grid style of usage, GoTenna Mesh uses smart protocols and radio waves to connect to fellow Mesh users up to three miles (4.8 km). The range can be boosted up to 2-3 times that distance if you relay your signal through others. This is one of the biggest features on offer, as the more people who use it the bigger the network can get in a given area.