Liberty Home Guard Review

  • Spencer Pines, iReviews
  • August 02,2022
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What is Liberty Home Guard?

If you ever bought an expensive electronic before and purchased a warranty? A home warranty is no different. It allows you to file a claim and get help for an expensive repair that you could not otherwise afford on your own. Let’s say that you have a refrigerator that suddenly starts making funny noises and is running hot. With a home warranty, you can simply contact the provider and file a claim to have someone come out and inspect the refrigerator. Liberty Home Guard offers several warranty plans that you can use to cover a brand new home or one you had for years.


Liberty Home Guard offers three plans that let you pick one based on what you want covered and how much you can spend on a plan. These plans start at only $1 per day, which is significantly less than you would pay to repair or replace one of your appliances. You can choose a plan that covers just your appliances or one designed for your home’s systems, like heating or AC. There is also a third plan that covers both. Check out our Liberty Home Guard review to learn about the benefits of these plans and where to buy along with how to sign up.

Liberty Home Guard serves and protects your home through three different warranty plans.

  • Available in 45 states
  • More optional services than others offer
  • Has customer service reps available 24/7
  • You can file claims in two ways
  • All work comes with a 60-day guarantee
  • Need authorization to choose a contractor outside of the network
  • Service fees are high
  • May not cover the total cost you face

Though Liberty Home Guard isn’t our favorite warranty provider, it still offers a lot of features that we love such as 24/7 support and an online Customer Portal. You’ll also find tons of services that you can add for coverage ranging from swimming pools and hot tubs to carpet cleaning and locksmith calls.

Product Features

  • Customer Service: 24/7
  • Work Guarantee: 60 days
  • Price: $1/per day and up
  • Plans: Three; Appliance Guard, Systems Guard, Total Home Guard
  • Service Call Fee: Starts at $60
  • Response Time: Usually within 24 to 48 hours

How to Get a Liberty Home Guard Quote

You likely want to know much it costs to get a home warranty. We know that the cost varies due to factors such as where you live and the plan that interests you. That is why we recommend that you get a free quote to see the total cost of your warranty. You can call (866) 924-3037 to speak with a company rep who will ask a few questions and then determine your rate. An even better way to get a free quote is through the website.


The site asks for a mobile phone number and gives you the option to skip this step. Entering your phone number gives you a $200 discount that you can use on your future policy. You will also need to tell the site the type of home you have and whether it is more or less than 5,000 square feet. Once you answer those questions, Liberty Home Guard will tell you how much your warranty will cost. You may notice that you qualify for certain discounts.

You just need to share a little information about yourself and your home to get a quote from Liberty Home Guard.

What Do You Get with the Liberty Home Guard Appliance Warranty?

Liberty Home Guard offers three warranty plans that help you cover your home. One of these is a policy designed for your appliances. While similar services ask you to pay extra to cover appliances like your washer and dryer, Liberty Home Guard covers those under this plan. If you have a washer that leaks water onto the floor or a dryer that you need to use multiple times to dry your clothes, this warranty will cover your repairs.


In addition, you will get coverage for any ceiling fans that you have. Liberty Home Repair can help you find someone who can handle a fan that wobbles and shakes when it runs or one with a lightbulb that flickers when you use it. Whether you just added a new fan or find that an old fan exhibits some problems, you can file your claim. Some of the other appliances covered by this warranty include:

  • Built-in microwave oven
  • Stove
  • Oven
  • Dishwasher
  • Refrigerator

Liberty Home Guard simply asks that you wait until the end of your waiting period before filing a claim. You also need to guarantee that the appliance showed no signs of issues before you bought your home warranty.

The company covers most of the problems seen in ordinary ceiling fans.

What Does the Liberty Home Guard System Plan Cover?

When you sign up with Liberty Home Guard, you can choose a system plan rather than the appliance plan. This covers all of the common systems found in your home such as your electrical system. An electrical system allows you to use energy to power appliances and other devices. You need it to watch television and play video games as well as cook meals. With the system plan, you can file a claim and get someone to fix any problems that you have with your electrical system.


You also get coverage for issues regarding your plumbing system. There are few things worse than heading into the bathroom and finding that sewage is backed up into your shower. Liberty Home Guard guarantees that you can get a licensed contractor to inspect the damage and decide on the best course of action. If your home has an HVAC system, you’ll like that your warranty covers it. Liberty Home Guard also offers help for your heating system and water heater when you buy this type of policy. No matter what type of system you have, you can contact the company and find a contractor who can handle your job as soon as possible.

The system plan covers your AC and all other systems in your home.

Comparing the Liberty Home Guard plans can help you choose the best one.

How Can You Use Liberty Home Guard?

You can use Liberty Home Guard in the same way that you would any other type of warranty. After you become a customer, you get access to the Customer Portal online. You get a username and password that you use to sign in to your account. This lets you check out your billing information and see your next payment date as well as a list of all the claims you filed in the past. As soon as you notice any problem, you can file a claim in a few steps:

  • Visit the Customer Portal.
  • Log into your account.
  • Click on the green “File A Claim” button.
  • Pick on the type of system or appliance that you need repaired.
  • Fill out the information about what you saw and why you think that you need help.

Liberty Home Guard gives you the option of going through the site or talking to a customer rep over the phone. If you choose the online option, you will need to check frequently to see when the company assigns a contractor to your case. A phone rep will help you pick a contractor from your available options. You can also pick the date and time when the contractor will come to your home.

You can easily file a claim online with Liberty Home Guard.

Where Can You Use Liberty Home Guard?

Not only can you use Liberty Home Guard to cover your primary residence, but you can also use it to cover a secondary property, such as a vacation home. You don’t need to be rich to have a second home. Some people own small cabins or houses on the lake that they visit a few times a year. With this warranty, you can buy a plan that covers two or more homes. It also allows landlords to cover the homes they rent to others. Keep in mind that the policies only cover certain types of damage and will not cover damage done by your tenants. You’ll need to go through your insurance for help with that.


Once you become a Liberty Home Guard customer, you do not need to be onsite to file a claim. Let’s say that you’re on a business trip hours away from home when your spouse calls to tell you that the refrigerator stopped working. You can quickly pull out your computer and file a claim online, even if you won’t be home for days. The company will also let you file a claim over the phone. You can file claims for secondary homes in the same way.

Get coverage for a vacation home and anywhere else you don’t live full time.

Who’s This For?

Anyone who owns a home can use Liberty Home Guard. A good example would be a first time home owner, as they spend quite a bit on their down payment, they may not have as much money in the bank as they might need. Liberty Home Guard offers plans that cover anything in your home that was in good shape before you bought it or that the former owner included. This can range from an HVAC system that suddenly stops working to ceiling fans that start shaking when you run them after a few hours.


Don’t assume that you can’t get a warranty if you’ve only lived in your house for a few years or longer. As long as you can wait until the end of your waiting period and have proof that the item worked before you signed up for Liberty Home Guard, you have the right to file a claim. The services that the company offers also make it a good idea for real estate agents who sell homes for their clients. Anyone who wants to avoid unexpected repair costs in the future will want to sign up for a home warranty like the plans from Liberty Home Guard.

From tiny homes to large mansions, Liberty Home Guard covers all types of houses.

When to File Appliance Claims

You may need some help deciding when to call with a warranty claim and when to put off the repair. We’ll go over some of the common reasons to call Liberty Home Guard with help for your appliances.

Washing Machines

Whether you have a new LG washer or an old Kenmore model, repairs can take more money than you expected. Liberty Home Guard recommends calling at the first sign of an issue. Your problems can range from clothes that come out of the washer still dirty to water that leaks onto the floor. The contractor can determine what caused the washing machine problems and what needs fixing. Your warranty covers the water inlet valve and level switch as well as the agitator that moves the clothing inside.


When your dryer dies, you need to either head to a laundromat or leave your clothes out to air dry. You might be lucky enough to have lines outside where you can hang your clothes, but not having a washer is still a major inconvenience. Liberty Home Guard offers coverage for dryers from all major brands. You might need to file a claim because one of the buttons fell off or your dryer needs to run for twice as long. Some of the repairs covered by your plan include those to the blower and drum.

Built-In Microwave

Both older and newer homes often have built-in microwaves. Most place these over the stove, but you may have one built inside your cabinets. Many people do not realize how much they use their microwaves until they break down. With a Liberty Home Guard policy, you can file a claim if some of the features of your microwave stop working or you need to run it longer. The repairs that the contractor does are guaranteed for up to a full year.

Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans can help you stay cool when it’s hot outside without relying on your air conditioner. When you hit the switch and the fan doesn’t respond, you might think that you need to replace the entire unit, which can cost $200 or more. Liberty Home Guard covers all of the ceiling fans in your home and recommends that you file a claim at the first sign of an issue. You might find that the light stops working or that the fan runs but the light doesn’t work. Other covered problems include fans that make a lot of noise when they run and speed settings that stop working.

You get coverage for the ceiling fans located in all rooms through your warranty.

Stove and Oven

You might have a stove that sits on top of an oven or two separate appliances located in different spots in your kitchen. No matter what type you have, you can use your policy. You may need to call because one of the burners on the stove stops working or the oven fails to reach a high temperature. Instead of eating out or dining on microwave meals, you can have a contractor fix the stove or oven in a few weeks or less. Liberty Home Guard can often get an appliance contractor out even faster.


Not only does Liberty Home Guard cover the refrigerator in your kitchen, but it can cover any other refrigerators that you might have such as the one you keep filled with cold drinks in your garage. One of the most common problems you’ll see is that the refrigerator runs hot and cannot maintain a cool temperature. This may occur because the coils are either dirty or broken. Liberty Home Guard covers both standard refrigerators and those with built-in ice dispensers as well as modern smart refrigerators.


Washing your dishes by hand can take a lot of time and leave your hands feeling dry and dirty. Though having a dishwasher can make your life easier, you also need to worry about what would happen if the appliance breaks. You can encounter problems such as dishes that come out caked in soap and water spots or a dishwasher that stops adding water when you run a cycle. While dishwashers often last for up to 10 years, you can make your dishwasher last longer with a good home warranty. Liberty Home Guard helps you find experienced contractors with dishwasher repair experience.

Garbage Disposal

There are many things that you cannot put down the garbage disposal, such as meat bones and grease. Most of the other meal prep trash you have can go down the disposal instead of the trashcan. You may find that the garbage disposal makes loud knocking sounds every time that you use it or that it spits out garbage. The disposal can stop working when you push the wall switch, too. Liberty Home Guard allows you to repair the disposal or replace it. Your contractor may find that it’s too old or needs too much work, which makes a replacement a viable option.

Your Liberty Home Guard warranty covers your garbage disposal, too.

How Liberty Home Guard Can Help with Your Home’s Systems

When you decide on the Systems Guard or Total Home Guard, you get coverage for your home’s systems. We recommend that you take a look at how the company can help you repair those systems.

Electrical System

One of the most important systems in your home is the electrical system. Even a minor problem can lead to an electrical fire and cause outlets to produce sparks. Liberty Home Guard offers coverage for this system that covers most minor problems before they become serious issues. Power surges can kill some electronics and trip your circuit breaker. There are also plans that cover fixtures that release a lot of heat and power outages that kill the power to your home. You can also file a claim if you have constant problems with your fuses or breakers.

Plumbing System

Your plumbing system carries away waste from your home and provides you with clean and safe water. If you notice that your toilet frequently overflows, you may need to call a plumber. Many of the other problems that you notice may require a contractor who you can get through your warranty. One example is a whirlpool tub that stops producing the bubbles you expect to see. Liberty Home Guard will cover all of the repairs that the motor needs. Even if you think that your warranty doesn’t cover the repairs that you need, you should call to make sure.

Air Conditioner

An air conditioner provides the comfort that your family needs, which is why you hate it when it stops working. Not only can the AC stop producing cold air, but it can release warm air that makes your home feel even warmer. With a Liberty Home Guard plan, you get coverage for all of the problems that your AC may have. A licensed contractor will examine the system and find out if you need a new compressor or ductwork repair. Your warranty will cover some of the repair costs and leave you with a smaller amount that you can easily afford.

Liberty Home Guard covers most HVAC and AC systems.

Heating System

In the same way that you depend on your AC to stay cool, you rely on your heating system to stay warm on cold days and nights. Many older homes use a forced-air system with vents that cause the heat to rise to different parts of the home. Other homes use ducts that work with a furnace. No matter what type of heating system you have, you can trust that Liberty Home Guard covers it. The company covers both heating units and HVAC systems that include heating elements to make sure that your home has the coverage it needs.

Water Heater

Having a water heater helps you get hot water on demand. You can use it to wash dishes, wash clothes, and in your shower or tub. Standard water heaters have a tank that fills with hot water and provides a set amount. Tankless water heaters feature coils at a high temperature that the water runs over to heat up before it reaches you. Liberty Home Guard covers both types of heaters with its warranty plans. You just need to file a claim and meet with a contractor.


Many homes have ducts that work with HVAC and similar systems. Those ducts ensure that warm or cold air moves from the different elements to reach all areas of your home. You may find that dirt and other debris inside the duct stops the flow of air or that an animal built a nest inside one of your ducts. Though insurance will cover some of the repairs that you need, you also have the option of filing a warranty claim. A licensed contractor can determine if your warranty covers the required repair and help you fix the problem.

Your warranty helps you cover the cost of repairs to your ducts and vents.

Optional Services from Liberty Home Guard

In addition to the warranty plans that it offers, Liberty Home Guard offers tons of optional services and coverage that you can add to your policy, including:

  • Smoke Detectors
  • Wine Coolers
  • Septic Systems
  • Swamp Coolers
  • Jacuzzis
  • Lighting Fixtures
  • Home Spas
  • Well Pumps
  • Sprinkler Systems
  • Central Vacuum Systems
  • Ice Makers
  • Swimming Pools
  • Grinder Pumps
  • Water Softeners
  • Ejector Pumps
  • Floor and Carpet Cleaning
  • Trash Compactors
  • Sump Pumps
  • Generators
  • Saltwater Pools

Even if you add multiple optional services to your plan, you can still save money with Liberty Home Guard.

Who Would Benefit from Liberty Home Guard?

  • People who want to buy new appliances in the near future.
  • Those who own homes and don’t have money set aside for repairs.
  • Real estate agents who want to make certain houses more appealing to buyers.
  • People who plan to sell their homes and want to find more interested buyers.

Both buyers and sellers could benefit from a Liberty Home Warranty policy.

Using Liberty Home Guard for Locksmith Calls

Out of all the companies we looked at, the only one to cover locksmith services was Liberty Home Guard. You need to select this optional service when you sign up and make sure that it’s part of your plan before filing a claim. It’s easy to lose your keys for any reason. You might leave them behind after eating in a restaurant or be the victim of a thief who steals your purse. If you leave in a hurry, you might lock the door behind you with your keys still inside. As long as you have locksmith coverage on your plan, you can file a claim with Liberty Home Guard.


Liberty Home Guard can cover the cost of replacing your lock or rekeying it. Rekeying the lock is often cheaper than replacing it. The locksmith will use a special tool to change the tumblers and mechanisms inside. This allows the lock to work with a new key but not any old keys that once matched it. It can cost $150 to $200 to rekey your lock, but replacing the lock can cost $300 to $500 or more. Liberty Home Guard can cover either choice that you make with a locksmith.

The right optional service will cover all of the locks in your home.

Pest Control Through Liberty Home Guard

Another benefit to choosing Liberty Home Guard is that you can add pest control to your plan. Have you noticed bees buzzing around your yard and found a hive outside? Your pest control plan will cover the removal of those bees and any other pests that you may encounter. If you live in an area with a cooler climate, you may encounter a mouse problem. Field mice often look for homes and use them as a warm place to live out the winter. When traps alone aren’t enough to take care of your mouse problem, feel free to file a warranty claim.


Your plan covers all of the common pests that can infest your home. Many people do not realize that squirrels can squeeze through any space the size of a quarter. You can use your warranty to get help with squirrels and other wild animals. Liberty Home Guard ensures that a contractor or exterminator can spray your home and remove any pests. It takes less than 30 minutes to file a pest control claim online. We recommend that you add this service if you saw signs of pests in the past.

Mice may not be as cute when you see them running wild through your home.

Liberty Home Guard Gutter Cleaning and Roof Repair

Another reason to choose Liberty Home Guard is for the protection you get for your roof and gutters. Your roof consists of underlayment, which is a material that touches the surface of the roof. Shingles or tiles go on top of it. Any rips or tears in the underlayment can allow leaks to form. If you ignore a leak, you risk the repair costing much more in the future. Your roof may develop leaks due to poor ventilation or water that spills out of your HVAC system. Liberty Home Guard allows you to file claims and have roofers determine what you need to repair a leak.


You also have the option of adding gutter cleaning to any of the three plans. You usually need to clean them at least twice a year, which will require a lot of time and effort along with a ladder and other tools. When you add optional gutter cleaning to your warranty, Liberty Home Guard lets you get the gutter cleaning that you need a few times a year. This can prevent roof and foundation damage as well as damage caused by different leaks.

You can cover both your roof and gutters through Liberty Home Guard.

Should You Buy It?

Before you decide whether to invest in a Liberty Home Guard warranty, take a look at the top features that we found:

  • Liberty Home Guard offers three different warranty plans that protect everything you need at prices that start at as little as $1 per day.
  • You can submit your claims over the phone or through the online Customer Portal at any time any day of the year.
  • In most cases, the company will get a contractor to your home in 24 to 48 hours.
  • Thanks to the free online quote option, you can see how much coverage costs based on the size of your home and other factors before you buy.
  • Once you request a free quote, you can sign up right away or wait until later. Liberty Home Guard will even send you an email reminder that lets you know your quote is still valid.
  • The A+ rating that the company has with the Better Business Bureau lets you know that thousands of past and current customers are happy with their warranties.
  • You get a guarantee on all of the work done in your home for a full 60 days. The guarantee starts as soon as the contractor finishes the job.
  • Liberty Home Guard does not require that you sign a lengthy or complicated contract. You can cancel whenever you want, even if you signed up for a year-long warranty.
  • You can pick from dozens of optional services to make a custom warranty, including coverage for pools, gutters, spas, electronics and carpet and floor cleaning.

Coverage from Liberty Home Guard serves as a warranty for all areas of your home.

Cons to Consider

Despite having many things that we love, Liberty Home Guard also has some issues that you need to learn about before becoming a customer. One thing to keep in mind is that the service area only covers 45 states. While this is an increase from the coverage previously available, it may mean that you can’t get a plan in your state. Another issue is that the company requires that you buy other types of coverage to protect everything in your home. Though some find that one of the three plans has everything that they need, others say that they need more coverage.


Some customers also reported problems with the contractors they hired. Liberty Home Guard works with thousands of contractors but may not have enough professionals working in your city. This means that you may need to wait longer than 48 hours for a service call. If you want to work with a contractor who is not part of the network, you need to call the company and fill out a special form. Only after getting authorization can you hire that contractor. Liberty Home Guard will not cover outside contractors without authorization. Other cons of choosing one of these warranty plans may include:

  • You may find that you reach the maximum amount of coverage available early in the year and that the company won’t cover any other repairs.
  • They may refuse to cover some repairs and claim that they are outside of your policy.
  • Some customers waited more than a week for the company to find a contractor for their repairs.
  • You need to pay a minimum of $60 for a service call, which can rise to $80 or more.
  • Many customers had problems getting some of their items replaced when repairs weren’t possible.

If you live outside of a major area, you may have a hard time finding a contractor through the company.

Where to Buy

Click here to learn everything that you need to know about Liberty Home Guard. All three of the plans start as low as $1 per day. You’ll find that the price rises as you add more services, but you can still get a good plan for $100 or less per month. Liberty Home Guard offers 24/7 support for those who need help and allows you to file a claim with a rep over the phone or through the Customer Portal online.


We like that the company works with a range of contractors in cities across the country. People living in five specific states cannot get coverage through Liberty Home Guard. Using our link also lets you get a free quote in only five minutes or less. You can get quotes for all three plans and can decide which one to buy. As long as you keep the site open, you can sign up and pay the quoted price whenever you want. If you need a good warranty and want lots of options that you can add, use our link to check out Liberty Home Guard.

Get coverage for your kitchen and all other rooms through Liberty Home Guard.


Select Home Warranty

Select Home Warranty offers three different plans that cover your appliances or systems along with one that includes the features of both plans. If you choose an annual plan and pay for a year in advance, the company rewards you with two extra months of coverage for free. You get 24/7 claims coverage and loads of support from phone and online reps. The company often offers discounts, too. When you go to pay for your plan, you might find that you can save as much a $200 in the next year. You can also add optional services for less than $4 per month.


America’s First Choice Home Club

A good option for those who want a home warranty is America’s First Choice Home Club. This company offers the solid protection that you need for appliances along with all of your home’s systems. You can file a claim at any time of the night or day and reach a rep who can answer your questions quickly. Instead of serving as a warranty customer, you join an exclusive club of members. Members qualify for lower rates when they get security systems from ADT. Every time that you check the site, you’ll find other discounts that you can use such as promo codes for your favorite stores and shops.


Choice Home Warranty

If you want a company that has years of experience and a large contractor network, go with Choice Home Warranty. Customers turned to the company for help more than 4.2 million times since it opened. When you file a claim, you’ll find more than 14,000 contractors ready and eager to help with your problem. Not only can you find a contractor who works with your favorite brand, but you can find one who is available in the next few days. Choice Home Warranty has plans suitable for all types of homes and optional services that you may want to add. Most customers pay $100 or less every month for a warranty through this company.


American Home Shield

You may want to turn to American Home Shield because this company offers optional services that you won’t find anywhere else. A good example is the electronics plan that covers everything from your televisions and computers to video game consoles and tablets. If you want to save more money, you can combine multiple plans and services for even more protection. American Home Shield works with both current and new homeowners who need more help than other services offer. You can even work with them to design a plan that has all of the coverage that you want at a good price.


First American Home Warranty

A solid choice that many go with is First American Home Warranty. With multiple available plans, the company makes it easy for you to get basic coverage or one loaded with extra features. Thanks to a large contractor network, you won’t have any problems finding a contractor in your city who is familiar with the brands in your home. Customers can choose a payment date for their plan instead of paying on the first of every month. You simply need to link a card to your account. Many also love that First American Home Warranty puts all of their contractors through a background check before working with them. No matter how many systems or appliances you have, this company can help you save money every year.

All of these companies offer warranty plans that fit your budget.

Final Verdict

Liberty Home Guard developed a strong reputation as one of the top providers of home warranty plans. Though you may find some faults with the company, most customers were happy with the experiences that they had. Not only can you choose a plan to cover just the appliances or systems that you have, but you can choose the Total Home Guard plan that combines the two types of coverage into one convenient plan. You’ll also find tons of optional services that other providers don’t offer such as hiring a locksmith to rekey a lock or getting someone to come out and clean your gutters.


Liberty Home Guard also gives you access to customer service reps who are always available. Whether you file a claim at three in the morning, in the middle of a busy holiday weekend or in the early morning, you’ll find someone ready and willing to talk through the issue with you. You have access to the online Customer Portal to check on claims that you filed and view your payment information, too. Read through our Liberty Home Guard and check out our detailed reviews of the competition to make the right choice for your home today.

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