At 179.3 mph, Drone Captures Guinness World Record

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  • July 20,2017
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Already considered the NFL of drone racing, the DRL (Drone Racing League) is on a mission to bring its sport into the mainstream limelight. On the heels of the DRL raising $20 million from broadcasting network Sky and Formula 1’s Liberty Media Corp, the company has a serious shot at making professional drone racing a worldwide phenomenon. With the 2017 DRL season already underway as of June 20th, the DRL Techops team wanted to showcase the revolutionary technology that will someday become the future of drone racing.

RacerX Captures World Record

What better way to garner the respect throughout the drone industry than breaking the Guinness Book of World Record for top speed. Using the technology featured in its Racer3 drone, the DRL designed the RacerX quadcopter which is only 1.76 lbs (800 grams), has propellers spinning at an incredible 46,000 RPM’s, is powered by a 42V power train, and comes equipped with two 1300mAh Tattu Lithium polymer batteries. The end result: a drag racing drone capable of reaching top speeds of 176.6 mph.


After numerous fiery crashes, the DRL team was finally ready to break the Guinness Book of World record for the “fastest ground speed by a battery-powered remote-controlled quadcopter.” With parts made out of 3D printed TPU, carbon fiber, copper wire, and fasteners, the DRL Techops team field tested the RacerX outside of NYC with two GBWR official representatives in attendance. Shattering the minimum requirement of 128 mph and solidifying its spot as the GBWR holder, the RacerX quadcopter reached an average speed of 163.5 mph flying back and forth over a 100 meter (328 foot) course. No flames. No malfunctions. Just pure speed.

The Future of Drone Racing

The 163.5 mph Guinness-certified RacerX quadcopter is the future of drone racing. The Drone Racing League is the perfect combination of “e-sports Formula 1 with a touch of virtual reality.” Can you imagine the viewer excitement when they experiencing hairpin aerial turns at speeds reaching close to 200 mph? By integrating some of the top VR headset technology into the mix, you have yourself an incredibly immersive racing experience that no other sport can duplicate – not even NASCAR.


As the premier racing league, the DRL takes pride in being at the forefront of drone technology. Just like Formula-E (electric car racing), it’s also a playground for manufacturers interested in testing their products. In order to prevent a fiery crash at the finish line, the DRL Techops team knew that when its RacerX approached speeds close to 200 mph, it needed an 80-degree camera tilt for it to stay airborne. This type of knowledge can be passed down to other manufacturers looking at developing high-speed drone quadcopters. The DRL track becomes a laboratory for innovation and the test bunny is simply the newest drone on the scene.

The 2017 Drone Racing League (DRL) Season

The Racer3 is already turning heads at the start of this year’s 2017 DRL season – reaching top speeds of 80 mph. ESPN’s coverage of DRL season continues from the Munich Playoffs on July 19th to the London World Championships on July 28th. Just imagine the popularity of the sport once the quadcopters are capable of reaching speeds of 200+ mph.


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