Bone Conduction Ring Turns Your Finger into a Smartphone

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  • July 21,2017
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Whether it’s the Batband headphones, the Zungle Panther shades, or the Marlin swim meter, bone conduction technology can be found in a wide variety of connected devices. By sending vibrations to the inner ear, bone conduction technology is able to drown out ambient noise creating a distraction-free listening experience. Knowing the countless benefits of bone conduction, Origami Labs created Orii – a revolutionary ring that allows users to make calls by simply putting a finger to their ear.

Orii Ring Features

As long as you have a smartphone somewhere in the area, the Bluetooth-connected Orii is capable of making calls, accepting incoming notifications, and communicating with digital assistants like Siri or Google Assistant. The smart ring is worn on your finger and functions just like smartwatch – integrating seamlessly with your iPhone. Without the distraction of taking out your smartphone, Orii vibrates and illuminates its LED light to let the user know there’s an incoming call or notification.


Equipped with noise-cancelling microphones, the Orii ring is not just a cool way to answer your phone – it allows you to talk in loud places while keeping your conversations private. It looks like you’re a member of the secret service even though you may just be talking to your Mom. As with most smart devices, they usually accompany an intuitive app that makes the technology all the more impressive. The Orii app is no exception. Users can set different colored LEDs depending upon the incoming notification or by an individual on your contact list.

Voice Powered Smart Ring

By connecting to either Google Assistant or Apple’s Siri, you instantly have a powerful wearable that listens to voice commands. The “voice powered smart ring” allows you to make calls, send messages, navigate, schedule meetings, set timers, translate different languages, and post to different social media platforms. Triggering Google Assistant or Siri is done by simply pressing Orii’s CapSense button. Just imagine being able to put your finger to your ear and simply asking, “Siri, please translate ‘Where’s the closest restaurant?’ In Spanish and have her reply, “Donde esta el restaurante mas cercano?”


As for Orii’s design, the smart ring comes in three different colors (Sandblasted Silver, Metallic Dark Gray, Matte Black) and is IPX7-rated (splash proof). Made of scratch-resistant anodized aluminum, Orii’s ring can be worn all day and is super durable. One thing for sure: it will certainly garner a ton of questions, especially if you start answering calls like an FBI Agent.

Bone Conduction Technology

With an estimated ship date schedule for February (2018), the Orii ring is poised to disrupt the way our world answers incoming calls and receives messages. Bone conduction technology seems to be the next-best-thing and is a great way to reduce distractions via a screen-free experience. If there is any hiccup, it would be isolated to Orii’s battery capacity – limiting the talk time to one-hour intervals before needing a recharge.


If you can get past the constant charging and the social stigma around wearing a bulky piece of jewelry, you have yourself one of the most innovative wearables ready to hit the market early next year.


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