Marlin Swim Meter

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  • January 31,2017
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Whether you’re a triathlete attempting to shave off time during the swim portion of your next event or a recreational swimmer trying to stay fit at the local lap pool, Platysens Marlin swim meter is designed to improve performance. It does this through voice feedback using the latest bone conductor headset technology.


Marlin’s Bone-Conductor Headset

While swimming, Marlin is consistently giving you play-by-play updates on your pace – whether it’s tracking the number of laps or time analysis. Consider Marlin a personal swim coach that is capable of giving you updates while swimming alongside you. Intuitive enough to not distract the swimmer and at the same time, the headphones provide instant data around your performance.


Lightweight and rechargeable, Marlin tracks your swim performance by GPS when swimming in open water. When training in an indoor pool, where there is no GPS or reception, motion sensors monitor your performance and keep track of metrics. Reviewing your data is as simple as connecting your Marlin to your smartphone via Bluetooth. You have an instant snapshot of your day’s performance and can seamlessly compare it to the stored data from previous swims.



Whether you’re competing against yourself to stay in peak physical condition or against fellow competitors during a triathlon, Marlin gives you an immediate edge. From instant performance updates to limiting distractions, Marlin is designed to keep you focused on swim strokes and not your watch. Platysens’ bone conductor headset is optimized for speech playback underwater and can seamlessly clip to a variety of Google straps. Swimmers never have to worry about earplugs falling off mid-swim.


With a 1PX8 waterproof rating at approximately 5 feet (1.5 meters), Marlin has the choice of two modes: Open Water and Pool Mode. Open Water Mode allows users to track total distance and time, navigate with off-course warnings, and calculate distances from the next waypoint. The Pool Mode keeps track of lap count, lap time, stroke rate and total swim time.



What makes Platysens’ device revolutionary is its ability to incorporate bone conductor technology into an underwater device. The “conduction of sound to the bones of the skull” limits disruptive ambient noise caused by competitors or one’s own swimming commotion and allows for complete focus on performance. If you’re an avid swimmer, Marlin is a device that will give you laser sharp focus while swimming and give you performance data right after you get out of the water.

  • Open Water Mode
  • Pool Mode
  • Real Time Speech Feedback
  • Swim Activity Tracking
  • GPS Navigation
  • Bluetooth Technology
  • Bone Conductor Headset