Bert’s Box: The Luxurious 2-Bedroom Prefab Home

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  • September 15,2017
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It may be time to finally pull the trigger on one of these prefab eco-friendly mobile homes that can be assembled in one day. The benefits range from less stringent zoning laws, escaping pricey real estate in major cities, and the opportunity to live in remote locations anywhere in the world. Sounds pretty incredible. iReviews has featured the Coodo Modular Home, the Minim Home Tiny House, the Alpha Tiny Home, and the Ecocapsule Smart Home, but none compare the Bert and May Group’s Bert’s Box portable prefab home.

“Prefab no longer signifies compromise on any level.”

Bert and May’s Luxury Home

Unveiled at Decorex 2015, the London-based Bert and May’s Big Box 2-bedroom is a 670-square foot modular home that strikes the perfect balance between high-end modern aesthetics and eco-friendly design performance. Factory built in only 14-weeks, Bert’s Box comes equipped with Crittal windows and doors, double-glazed steel facades, and insulated panels to keep inhabitants warm in the winter and protected from the blazing sun in the summer months.


Displayed at the London Design Festival 2015, the 2-bedroom prefab home features a spacious master suite and a stunning ensuite bathroom. For those interested in being one with nature and showering in the open-air, Bert’s Box comes with a fully retractable wall. Covered in reclaimed black and white encaustic tiles and handcrafted lead-free brassware, Bert & May designed a bathroom that is both elegant and modern.

Open Living Design Concept

The Bert and May Group collaborated with world renown Reed Deer Architects to create the open layout of both the dining and living areas. Combining the perfect mixture of rustic reclaimed timber surfaces with polished marble, the kitchen – like most homes – is the centerpiece of the 2-bedroom Bert’s Box. Strategically designed to incorporate natural light from the outdoors, the open-plan living room and kitchen conveniently step out onto an outdoor patio surrounded by a small garden.


From reclaimed timber floors to encaustic tiles, no detail was left unnoticed in the Bert’s Box 2-bedroom pod. With external dimensions measuring 4.2 x 20 x 3.4 meters (WLH) and internal dimensions at 3.6 x 17.2 x 2.4 meters (WLH), inhabitants have plenty of space to move freely throughout each room – especially with the open layout design features.

Eco-Friendly Packages

Outside of the industrial light fixtures, the fancy timber countertops, and the radiant heating throughout, Bert and May Spaces incorporated eco-friendly architecture throughout their tiny home – even on the roof. Adding an extra layer of insulation, the Bert’s Box comes with a green roof planted with wildflowers – adding an extra element of biodiversity to the home’s personality. Buyers have the option of selecting from two eco-friendly add-on packages. Here is one of them:


This package includes a 2kW solar photovoltaic system from SunEdison’s high performing Silvantis range of panels, with an industry-leading Solar Edge inverter and a single panel solar thermal system from Viridian. The panels of each of these systems are aesthetically pleasing (all black) and will integrate into any location. The SunEdison photovoltaic system will generate up to a quarter of the Boxes’ electricity and hot water consumption (depending on usage) using carbon-friendly solar energy without compromise on aesthetics or load. The systems each qualify for the Government subsidies, which should, in addition to the carbon savings, which you make, provide an index-linked return on investment of up to 8% per annum.

The 4-Step Bert’s Box Ordering Process

Step #1: Pick your Box
From the moment you have chosen your Box, Bert and May are working towards a smooth delivery day. Their desktop survey – assessing access – is the first step. Some customers require a site visit from our technical team and the company will discuss services, infrastructure & connectivity to the Box.

Step #2: Pick your materials
The quality of the materials is what makes the Boxes unique. Select your cladding, tiles, flooring, kitchen, and paints from the full range of materials.

Step #3: Place your deposit
With a 50% deposit, Bert and May will begin the manufacture of your Box. They will agree to a delivery date with you before any money is exchanged.

Step #4: Take delivery
Your Box will be constructed and delivered ready for almost immediate use. Delivery is 12 – 14 weeks after an order is placed.

About Bert and May Group

The Bert and May group is a collection of three companies – Materials, Spaces, and Encaustica – all threaded together by a passion for design, craftsmanship, and discovery. As pioneers of the design industry, the Bert and May Group is a lifestyle brand with a difference. With their unique offering of materials and cutting-edge design concepts, Bert and May are becoming a name synonymous with innovation and originality.


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