The Plus+ Modular Furniture System by Richard Price

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  • October 25,2017
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With most urban city locations around the world battling over-population, skyrocketing real estate prices, and smaller live-able footprints, maximizing indoor living space has become a way of survival. This is especially true for college students, millennials just entering the workforce, and couples looking to save for their first home. You need to do go where the jobs are at without breaking the bank. And let’s face it, the median size studio apartment in NYC is 550 square feet with an average monthly rental price of $2300. In order to create a bit of office space without compromising your sleeping arrangements, you need to maximize wall space with modular furniture.

Maximize Space with Modular Furniture

Introducing the Plus+ Modular Furniture System. Designed to maximize living space in smaller rooms, the Plus+ is a modular desk unit perfect for anyone looking for creative ways to configure their furniture. The best part: you won’t have to sacrifice aesthetics or material quality. The Plus+ is a modern, yet durable configurations that easily transforms from a desk with three shelves, to a desk with a full-length mirror and three shelves, to a desk with an armoire, to a desk with three shelves and a space-saving seating area.


Created by London-based award-winning industrial designer Richard Price, the Plus+ Modular Furniture System is targeted towards consumers who share their accommodations. Price, who once designed the Optic Augmented Reality Helmet, set out to solve one of the major problems facing urban populations: not enough room. Designed for easy assembly and seamless disassembly, the Plus+ makes the transition from one apartment to the next a smooth experience. The simple snap-together frame system allows for quick assembly without battling through complex instructions. When asked about the inspiration behind the Plus+ designer Richard Price explained:


“At university and into my professional career, I moved house every year for 6 years and my room varied from extremely small to large, unfurnished to partly furnished. Each time I had to reconfigure my belongings, place items in storage or buy new items to match the new space and this led me to think of how I could improve this system which resulted in the creation of Plus+.”

Intelligent Home Decor

Richard Price wants you to “make more of your home,” and judging from the multiple configurations, users are only limited by their imagination while putting together their Plus+ furniture pieces. Capable of being paired with additional modular furniture sections, assemblers will start feeling like an interior designer responsible for their first space-saving project. The Plus+ Modular Furniture System gives complete control over the configuration process – making it highly personal and without design limitations. You also have the benefits of matching the Plus+ neutral colors with most home decor. The modular system seamlessly integrates with any style home.

“Plus+ is a low cost, highly functional furniture system that offers users the ability to personalize their living space with multiple configurations and styles,” Price said in a recent interview with iReviews. “After selecting an initial configuration, it can be adapted to accommodate the changing needs of the user throughout their life, from one home to the next. Available in multiple colors, materials, and finishes ranging from vivid to subtle tones of felt, three types of wood and three shades for the frame, Plus+ offers endless variations and combinations to satisfy personal tastes and match existing room décor.”

From the easy flat-packed delivery/assembly process to an ever-growing list of compatible furniture accessories, Price has made space-saving home decor accessible to everyone. With a release date yet to be unveiled, consumers will have to eagerly await the arrival of what should be a staple in small living spaces across the globe. In the meantime, start measuring that available wall space and imagine the optimal Plus+ configuration that will suit your needs. It will certainly maximize living space.


“The design is based around a simple snap together frame which requires only a screwdriver for assembly and uses the same components across all configurations to reduce part numbers and the overall cost,” Price explained. “This approach also maximises the use of space as the different features are connected, sharing the frame structure. This reduces the use of floor space and allows users to build vertically or horizontally to make the most of the room layout.”

About Richard Price

Richard is an industrial designer with several years of professional experience across multiple sectors including consumer electronics, medical, furniture, homeware, FMCG, and packaging. He has worked on a diverse range of projects with various brands from start-up companies to multinational corporations to produce award-winning designs.


Source: Behance